Friday, June 20, 2014

Roxie Blue! We Love You!

We know now that she really loves us...this sweet kitty has lived in California, Florida and now here with us...we have never ever had a kitten that we didn't actually meet before buying/ people say that your kitten should choose you! Lucy chose me and our bond is strong...but we chose Roxie...without seeing her in person...well in kitten...and after she was loved by another person. We even changed her name! We did everything we swore we would never do with Roxie...she flew by herself from Florida to Newark...we fell in love with her without even touching her. But some how we knew she was meant to be with us. Den and I think we have been earning her trust and love. I don't even think she even liked me at all in the beginning...she wanted her other person. But lately...she needs to touch us...she follows me everywhere. She purrs at us. She races to the door when we come in...she knows every inch of this house...her house. She finally looks in our eyes when we tell her how much we love her. She has a rightful place in our little family. She sits by me when Lucy gets her pills...she stays with Lucy when Lucy uses her inhaler...she walks up to Lucy gently now rather than somersaulting into her...I even saw her walk Lucy to the litterbox room and wait for her patiently...too funny! Den much as we love Roxie Blue...that she will never be as smart as Lucy. Roxie still doesn't know on which side a door opens, if curtains are closed she doesn't know how to push her head through to look out but she is still a baby...she watches everything Lucy does and she will learn!

Roxie loves Lucy!

So...we all fit together...the four of us...we belong to each other. Whenever I walk down the hall or go into a room...I have a tiny kitty pack of two behind me. They both like sparkly things...Roxie steals glasses and Lucy eats plants...Roxie hates catnip...Lucy adores it...they both love Greek yogurt...Lucy adores fruit...Roxie won't touch it...and any glass or straw will be attacked by Roxie while Lucy seems to look at her with shock and awe. Roxie takes the highest perch on the kitty towers...Lucy used to but now her little arthritic limbs keep her on the lower ones. They love to be brushed side by side on the kitty lounger in our bedroom and they sleep side by side in their separate beds. It's all we can ask for. If Lucy is in my lap Roxie is touching her and as close as she can be. I see clearly the difference in their ages...Roxie...limber, agile, fast, learning...Lucy Grace...gently aging...slower, a bit cranky..watching her now is like seeing a beloved friend getting older.

They are fun and we love them and we take every day with them with gratitude as long as the four of us can be together.

This is the photo that made us want her!

Just off the plane!

Together at last...Happy Saturday!

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Fantasy...And Roxie Blue!

Reading good...there is a girl...Marni...and her mother was a princess who walked into this forest and had Marni...I am not sure...positively sure yet...but I think her father is a because of this...Marni's grandfather...who is the king...abdicates his throne...takes Marni to a hut at the edge of a forest and grows flowers. His son becomes the King. Whew! the forest keeps moving toward the kingdom and when Marni goes into the forest she sees all kinds of magical stuff that call to her to stay in the forest. No matter where Marni goes...this special dragon flower grows...and I can't put this book down!

Sectional finally came! We are off to arrange the deck!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random Stuff! A JoJo Moyes Giveaway! sectional arrives...I think!

Finished this! Loved it! Leave a comment for a GIVEAWAY from Penguin! Winner will be chosen tomorrow! Did I say that I loved this book? I loved it!

Just got this from this cover!

Reading this...

Happy Thursday! Hopefully I will be lounging on my sectional soon! Hopefully!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No More Peas, Please! Bring On The Books!

Almost finished with my JoJo Moyes's so clever...such a relaxing joyful reading experience!

And there are so many more books to read! Thank you, NetGalley!

Our fresh local peas were so good but I am over them! I think I bought hundreds and hundreds of peas and after popping them out of their shells...this was the result!
I barely had a cup of peas! I did have a pea shelling assistant. Roxie Blue was fascinated with peas!

Off to walk! It's really hot here...and humid!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Day!

Den is working today...the house is tidied, dusted, swept, and organized. I am not going anywhere or doing anything all day long...reading, relaxing, staying cool. It is really warm and humid here and will be that way for a few more days. Everything is planted and watered outside...we even weeded beds!

Reading and loving this...lovable characters...interesting situations...I am all in!

Please have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Very Busy Monday!

Do you ever have days where you just run around way too much? You do? Good! I needed to know it wasn't just me!

We ran around for vegetables and fruit! This is such a juicy time of year! More local English peas...fresh local green beans...yum! Garlic scapes! I do not even know what these are!

Not my hand in the peas!

Delicious cherries!

Yummy grapes...

Plus I needed...needed to plant an herb pot! Here it is!

That long tiny plant is a banana mint! Oh my!

Books! NetGalley came through with these beauties! Time to jump on the hammock and read!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Stuff!

And we are stuffed...with cheesy grits and Mrs. Wickersham's eggs...local eggs that are so delicious...

Reading this...a really good mystery!

Watching these two walk in circles because they want to sit on the deck. They are relentless...I imagine when a dog wants out that dog would bark...when Lucy wants out she paces, jumps into my lap, stares at me, jumps down, screams once then does it all over again. Roxie just squeaks...and paces and squeaks and paces...and it's all just to get into the tent!

We are just relaxing today!

Happy Sunday!