Saturday, November 26, 2011

Game Day!!!

My sister's house has a huge upper level of bedrooms and bathrooms and connecting rooms that she basically doesn't use...her master bedroom and bathroom are downstairs.

The upstairs was always her kids' space...her kids are in their own houses so the upstairs is my haven...and Lucy's...she is exploring bins and boxes as I type.

I only have a few precious moments to hide out. The game is on and I am totally out of

Time to go cheer!!!

Go Buckeyes!!!

Lucy resting in our room...she is used to the shouting!!!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Ohio State And Who?

Ok...I am from Ohio...I should know who they are playing tomorrow...
Everyone around me does.
We are going to a party that involves double sets of ribs and brisket.
It also involves football.
Two different grills.
Something called a big green egg for smoking meats.
Lots of people wearing red Ohio State stuff.
I just saw an Ohio State jack in the box and an Ohio State dancing doll.
I hope to slip into a corner tomorrow while the game is on to read.
I have a date with a four year old tomorrow.
I promised him he could play Angry Birds on my iPad.
I have sort of hooked him on it.
My bad.

I love love love Thanksgiving!!!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


After seeing Breaking Dawn...I think I am now a member of Jacob's team.
Good bye, Edward.
Hello, Jacob.
I saw Breaking Dawn today with my husband.
He is officially a TwiDude.
He was the only male in a small sea of women.
But as long as he has popcorn and a cherry coke...
he is good to go.
I loved these books...I know...silly...but I loved this movie.
Bella in her gown...all of the white flowers...the island honeymoon
nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I loved it. I fell for it all.
Everything was tastefully done...even the broken bed.
Well, actually the shattered, smashed, and irrepairable bed.
I don't know why but Jacob part time werewolf seemed to be the only sensible person in the entire movie.
His nods and winks and silent thoughts to all of the Cullen's...totally awesome.
Jacob was the man werewolf.
He sort of saved the day.
And when he imprinted with Renesme...priceless.
And of course they found the most beautiful baby in the world to be Renesme.
I have read that other people who saw the movie hated the werewolves sort of thought talking to each other...but that was my husband's favorite part.
We had some stimulating conversation about this on the ride home.
Why did he like that...what about Bella's dress...does Jacob keep clothes in the woods...
that kind of stimulating conversation.
Another thing I have learned about going to the movies...lately...
sizes are sort of skewed.
I don't know what I got but I could not even carry it with one hand.
Pretzel bites?
So not bites...more like mountainous rolls.
I emptied 17 mustard packets into my pretzel bowl before we could go in to the movie and I ate 2 of them.
I am still sipping my Sprite.

Am I the only person in the world who loves previews?
I want to see Snow White and the Huntsman and Hugo and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

It is so nice to put on comfy clothes and cuddle inside and watch movies but going out to them is so much fun.
Especially in the middle of the day.
With a guy who is not afraid of being called a TwiDude...

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

One Amazing Mystery...

I cannot even begin to write about how intense, exciting, nail biting, absorbing and incredible this book is...whew!!!
It is complex and it is loaded with complex characters.
I literally could not stop reading it.  I started on Saturday and finished it yesterday.
Thank God for football.
I do not remember one thing my husband said to me all day long yesterday.
I don't even know what we ate.
This book is that good.
It is not out until January 17th.
My copy came from Shelf Awareness and Putnam Books.
Once I finished this book I checked my Kindle and I did read another book by this author.
I didn't make a connection because the book I read did not involve the major player in this book...a detective named Kathy Mallory.
But now I know that this author has scads of other books with this character.
You know what that means...
I will have to go back and read every book in order.
I hate out of order reading.
But I loved this book.
The story involves murders, cover ups, private school bullies, wealthy divas, blind lawyers, drug addicts, agoraphobic wives, nosy neighbors and so much much more.
And a tiny little girl with Williams Syndrome who is the heart of the story.
I just can't stop talking about the book here.

My real dilemma right now is whether or not I should just immediately read another Kathy Mallory book...or take a break for a bit.

I think I have to pay attention to my husband for a few days so maybe not another Kathy Mallory book for awhile.