Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hmmmm...The Difference Between Us...

My husband's idea of what to do on a rainy cold Saturday...

Go out to breakfast
Order mulch
Pick out granite
Hit home Depot
Stop at Whole foods
Lunch out...The Whip?
Get new cell phone
Get new house phone
Hunger Games?
Bed Bath and Beyond for new bathroom fixtures
Organize basement

Patty's idea of what to do on a rainy cold Saturday...

Linger longer with my iPad
Linger longer with my book
Linger longer with coffee
Wander downstairs for toast and more coffee
Wander back upstairs for more lingering
Think about getting dressed for downstairs lingering
Order something for dinner while still lingering

Lucy's idea of what to do on a rainy cold Saturday...

Prevent anyone from moving by laying across them and when they do move lay across them again only firmer

How's your Saturday taking shape?

Friday, March 30, 2012


A stylist at my salon is becoming an expert at doing a "Katniss Braid"...apparently tons of people here are going to the movie in costume...still...

I wish...I was that brave!

But my hair is long enough for the braid...I just have to figure out how to do it...

So hard...

And I want to see the movie but it's spring break here for the next two weeks and it's still crowded...people are seeing it a second time before I have seen it a first time.

So not fair...

We have learned that we love going to movies at odd ten in the morning on a one is there and it's so wonderful.

But...I doubt if that will happen with Hunger Games any time soon...

So sad...

Still reading Julie Kagawa's new book...

So yummy...

When I finish it...any minute now...I am starting this...

I read the first few pages and I am smitten with the is lovely...I read a quote somewhere that compared this book to The Lovely Bones...not sure about that yet...

but I will know soon...

So...that's it!!!

Are you anticipating the week end?

We are...with a sneaky little smile!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gotta Have...Gotta Make...Gotta Love...

In my never ending quest to come up with a blog format that I is my new Thursday format...see title above!

I have to find these shoes...everyone every where in the world has sold out of my size...
I don't even care that I will fall out of them when I walk...right now they are at Anthropologie...but not in my size...

If I can't find them...I will settle for these...I think...

But this is a safer option...

I also just have to make this...little teeny tiny baby Lemon Tartlets...the recipe is on Pinterest. The top is Italian meringue.

Oh me oh my...

And here is my "gotta love"... my shameless posting of Lucy photos...I guess if she was a child I would have to blur her face!!!

But seriously...she is watching tv with me!!! American Idol...

You "gotta" love that!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sipping More Soup?

My friend Elisabeth posted this soup yesterday.

It is a little bit chicken and a little bit spice and a little bit herbs. One third of our little family swears he has a chest cold so I am making this for him today.

You can find the recipe on Elisabeth's and thrift finds...she makes the most beautiful food.

Reading this...I haven't read a YA vampirey book in ages...this is from is extremely good. It is even sort of Dystopian...with vampires ruling a world depleted by a plague...sort of scary good with a spicy heroine emerging. I love this author's work.

Lucy and I are trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the fact that our roof is going to be replaced soon...our across the street neighbor is getting hers done now...the houses in our neighborhood have been undergoing roof replacements over the last two years. Our development is two small unconnected blocks...the blocks are far apart due to common ground and two ponds. Our development used to be a dairy farm. Last year I heard sort of soft pounding all around me...but my neighbor called and said that when you are in the house it is so loud you can't hear anything!!! My neighbor Jane lives in the original farm hand's house....they have added and added on to it to make it this unique house...she has porches and a loft and a barn...the barn is so cool...they are always doing something to their dwellings!!! Another neighbor lives in the original farmer's house and another in an 8,000 square foot dairy barn...the dairy barn people live in an apartment within the barn as they work their way through their renovation...the rest of us live in regular ordinary houses that were always meant to be dairy cows in sight.

I saw this on Pinterest today. I wonder how fast I can build it...but I want a bathroom and a tiny kitchen.

Lucy saw this on Pinterest today...and she's been so good about getting her Chakra adjusted that I bought it for her...more about the Chakra

I'm make soup, read, and offer my neighbor a home away from home!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Got To Be A Soup Kind Of Day...

This is Mel's Meatball soup with pasta and peas. Mel says the meatballs can be your favorite recipe and the pasta can be orzo.

I have been yearning for this soup ever since I first saw this photo. The recipe is on Mel's blog. It's easy and our favorite meatballs just happen to be the almost homemade ones made by our Country Butcher.

So this soup is on the menu!!!

Just finished...a wonderfully meandering dysfunctional family saga...loved every word. It made me want a trip to the Berkshires. It made me think about how much fun the Fourth Of July was for my family minus all of the dysfunction.

Of course...

Up next?

Still deciding...

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Monday, March 26, 2012

I am on point!!!

At least I would be if Amazon Vine had not tempted me with these babies...

I am weak...what can I say...I am weak and I love to read and thank goodness I can multitask and read reasonably quickly...and I love Amazon and Amazon them!!!

Here we go..., money, power, London!!!

Suspense filled murder mystery!!! Gruesome? I love gruesome!!!

Literary thriller in Vermont!!! Love it already!!!

A princess and a powerful magician!!! Need I say more?

A little girl with tons of faith dealing with the bullies in her life!!!

Love, loss, and change within a family!!! A restless Irish family!!! Drama!!!

A pilot's wife...some kind of life altering event...yummy!!!

Now...what are you reading this week? We want to know!!!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let's Just Relax!!!

Every Sunday we have a wonderful yet ordinary routine...breakfast, papers, movies, iPads, books.

It doesn't really change and we like that it doesn't. It's pleasant and relaxing and easy and fun.

We like staying home on Sunday...that is until about five ish when one of us...not me...says...shouldn't we be doing something useful?

Since this same question is asked every Sunday...I should come up with a really amazing answer...

and yet I have none...

I think we are doing something useful!!!

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