Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Fun!

Oh me oh my...sometimes I do believe I title my blog posts the way I used to do bulletin boards in my 2nd grade classroom! Everything was puffy letters and exclamation points! See!

Today is an errand day! Den and I rarely make mistakes but...we totally goofed up Valentine's Day gifts and everything is going back! I bought short sleeves instead of long for him...I was distracted by two baby vultures who were hitting the glass windows and setting off the alarm at J.S. Banks...they were abandoned!

And he bought me a bracelet of a weird color! And the kind of earrings I NEVER wear. So...packed up and sent back to Chan Luu...sorry Chan Luu!

I will choose a bracelet that suits me plus no earrings!
After errands we are off to a late lunch or early dinner here...Mrs. Robino's! I have a GroupOn!

Reading and loving this! Everything that happened happened 5 years ago but it is really hitting everyone now...key issues...infidelity, a baby, an adoption! is sooooo will love it!

Friday, February 15, 2013

We Have A Long Weekend...Yeah!

Dinner last night...House Of William And Merry!

Den and I rarely have the same entree but last night was the exception...we had Black Grouper With Lobster Risotto...yum!

Dessert...lemony lusciousness! We split!

Home today...all day! Watching Top Chef and Southland and the new James Bond that just came out.

After our amazing dinner last fresh...we are craving McBites for lunch!

Our bad!

Reading this...

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Won't You Be Mine?

More lovely red things from all over the web!


This one from Nars is my favorite. It's called Lizard Red!

Dresses...lovely red ones from Free People!

Sweaters from BlueFly!

Scarves from Nordstrom's!

I love red!

My Valentine has been away all week but is on his way home right now! We are going out to our favorite casual place for dinner...his presents are ready...and it snowed last night! I woke up to a white blanket of snow. Tonight calls for my favorite kind of winter outfit...similar to the one above! Plus a hat and mittens!

Baby, it's cold outside!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Everything Is Coming Up Red!

My favorite red things this month are...

These red shoes from Gentle Souls!

These red bags from Nordstom's!

These red bracelets from Chan Luu!

So...will you be my Valentine?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Books And Boredom!

Reading this...I love this author but if you don't read the books in order...confusion reigns!

I am taking one book at a time...and not really planning what I am going to be reading next. Right now...that works for me!

I really feel as though I should be cleaning something but I am just not in the mood...after running some errands...I am going to relax with my book.

I am very boring lately! But my most boring months are January, February and March. I am not buying anything and we are planning things...trips, concerts, garden stuff...but we are not actually doing anything. Lucy even seemed bored with me yesterday...I proposed a play idea and she yawned at me...actually yawned!


This is Lucy looking bored!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Reading This And That!

I am a much happier well adjusted reader lately. I am not making promises, not committing to deadlines, and if something doesn't get read...well it just doesn't get read or gets read on my terms!

I just finished and reviewed this for Edelweiss! This is a yummy English book in a lovely country setting with a bit of fantasy, a bit of mystery and a bit of sadness. I loved it!

Now I am reading this...a lovely English publisher contacted me and now I have this book...I love books like this one...I love this cover. I just started it and will tell you more about it tomorrow.

Even though I don't like reading two books at a time...this is my spare while my IPad's a really olden days kind of kings and knights and commoners quest book and I love it. I know I am loving a lot of books lately but I truly only try to read books that I will love and enjoy. I like being a happy reader. If I don't like it...I stop and keep quiet! Lol...doesn't this look all medieval?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Well...we watched the entire Downton Abbey...Season 1...loved it...

Today we are starting Season 2...but I read an overview and it seems sad...much sadder than Season 1...I don't do well with sad...sigh!

Sunday supper is in the refrigerator...roasted chicken, roasted Brussel sprouts and an itty bitty container of macaroni and cheese...all from our fave little gourmet market...brownies are just out of the oven for that snack we need while watching the Grammies! Organic brownies plus organic icing...I love this brand!

Happy Sunday!