Friday, April 3, 2015

Oh My! Too Much Dinner!

Last night we met 5 other couples for dinner.  We ate at Talulah's Table...a small local shop/ restaurant which I might have talked about before.  It is a year long wait for a reservation here because you have to know 6 couples who all want to spend a small fortune on dinner but not get to choose what you can was a sort of friendly business gathering so I knew some people and did not know some people. 

It's a lovely shop by day filled with unconventional foods.  It's the place where Den accidentally bought a box of pasta for $ day it's filled with coffee and tea drinkers, scone eaters, chatters.  You can pick up cheeses and breads and oniony fig jams and all natural beeswax birthday candles.  It's fun and lovely and a place to shop for specialty foodie stuff.  At dinner Talulah's becomes candle lit and music filled and almost enchanted.  You just hang your wraps on store hooks and tuck your purse on a shelf somewhere.  Each course is announced and explained...and presented...there are lots of small courses.  Last night we had handmade gnocchi with spring green pesto and and duck...ick...I slipped mine to Den...and the cheeks of something...and lots more...breads are all hot and different and know where every local egg and pat of butter came from.  You bring wine...Talulah's gives you suggestions and we had a different small vineyard wine...with every course.  One of the wines was so reserved we won't ever have it was fun and lovely and today I have a headache and I want carbs...I am a very moderate drinker, too.  I just usually take sips but this was a lot of!  

Last night's menu...

This was my cheese course...after cheeses we had baby buttermilk donuts on a tart purée of fruits and ice cream...lavender,  I think!  

And then we had handmade Truffles...and we each got a cookie to take home...Den just ate mine!

And...that was dinner!

Today we are binge watching tv...we should have run errands but we are too lazy!

Reading this...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's A Very Windy Day!

Finished this and I actually really enjoyed's just summery and beachy and blueberry filled fun...who wouldn't love a summer spent in Nantucket?  It has its flaws but it is what it is...light and just a bit predictable...but again...still fun.

Now I am reading's fun and light, too!

That's it!  Nothing much is happening here today!  We wanted to work outside but it's been really windy all day long!  I yearn to fill pots with pansies!  I need to make an Easter basket filled with treats.  I need to think about a special Easter Dinner...but right now I am not in the mood!  Just in a lazy reading that's what I am doing!  

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's All About The Bowl!

This bowl!
And these cookbooks...

And some of their recipes!

I literally could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out of a big white bowl!

The Bowl And Spoon Cookbook is by Sara Forte.  She is also an amazing "clean" foods blogger.  I may never set a plate down on our table again!  

That's my Thursday!  

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where Is The Sun?

Den and I spent the day doing unexciting, buffing wooden floors, laundry.  The sun came out for a was beautiful and something we have not seen in ages.  We think we are sun deprived and mildly depressed.  We are blaming day after day of no sun.  We want to play outside, skip, dig in dirt and plant...and then sell our lovely house and move to Charleston where the kitties will say..."meow y'all?"

I oddly want to plant two of these!  My dream is sitting Den outside with tiny little scissors to make me one...or two...isn't this a boxwood?  This one is from a blog I love called Gardenista!

Reading much as I love these Nantucket books...these are getting kind of tired?  I just started so I am hoping for more unpredictable excitement!  Although I read a review that said the food descriptions and the Nantucket descriptions more make up for everything else?  I hope so!
I hope it's sunny where ever you are!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Many More Books!

Still reading this...but it's so deep and thought provoking and delightfully dysfunctional.  Yum!
These are new...oh how I love NetGalley!

I want to read them all right now!

Have a lovely Monday!