Friday, November 11, 2011

Cozy Mysteries...Key To A Reading Slump?

I don't think that I even really knew what a cozy mystery was.  But now I do.  They involve eating and tea and bear claws.  They involve sleepy towns and lake houses or cottages by the sea.
They involve housekeepers and following in love with a side kick or antagonizer.
They involve sexy bits that are implied but still juicy to read...nevertheless.
I think I love cozy mysteries!!!

I know that I have read them before...Goldie Bear in the Aspen catering ones.  The Lillian Jackson Braun ones.  The teacher in Boulder ones.  Maybe even the ones that come in abc order.  And yummy English ones...Deborah Crombie and Louise Penny...though she might not be English.
I have not read a really unputdownable one until this one...
Dark Lake.
Louise Gaylord.
She is a character.
You have to watch the YouTube video.
Right here.

Speedy Summary…
Allie Armington …lawyer/licensed private investigator…is off to visit her beloved Aunt Sallie at her lakeside compound.
Upon arriving she finds chaos within the cottage and Aunt Sallie down below…not really moving.
Aunt Sallie’s daughter, Arlene, is in one of the bedrooms…sort of out of it…drugged, disoriented, unsure of what has happened.
It is obvious to Allie that a crime has taken place.  Now she has to convince everyone else that Aunt Sallie’s demise was not a suicide.
My Thoughts About This Book…
What a romp!!!  I think that this might be one of those yummy cozy mysteries.  I became immediately involved in the story. I loved the lake surroundings, totally enjoyed Allie’s character, loved the food descriptions.  I am craving a bear claw now because that is what Allie ate almost every morning with a hot cup of coffee.  Allie has some issues with the family…an accident that happened years ago but in spite of that…she has stayed close to her aunt and her cousin…Sallie and Arlene.  Allie is determined to find out what really happened and that leads her down a path that involves drug dealers, more deaths, and even a love interest.
It was so much fun to read this book.  It was such a relaxing suspense filled mystery.  The author skillfully teases us with glimpses and hints about who the real villain is…and trust me…there could have been a ton of potential bad guys.  The ending is a burst of action and surprise.  I had a clue and then I didn’t and I was finally quite surprised at the outcome.
I have not read this author’s work before this book.  But I am now a huge fan.  Sometimes a mystery is just the most perfect kind of book to read.  This one was sheer perfection.
I will be attaching myself to more books in this series.
I am not even sure what a bear claw is...but I kind of really want one!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Hoodie Time Again...

I could be wrong but I think she really likes wearing these.  She doesn't struggle any more when I try to put it on her.
She actually walks around with it on.
Before she wouldn't even move.

She had the idea to turn to the right.

It was also her idea to do a low to the ground shot.

I really think she is looking at a some sort of insect in this shot.

And in this one she clobbered the bug.

Totally claiming her space with me for not letting her get off of the deck swing.

What on earth am I doing to my sweet girl?
I can't seem to help

A Family Saga...Sad, Soulful and Lovely...

Quick summary...
This is the story of two sisters, Mabel and Bertie. They live sort of at the turn of the century with their mother and stepfather on a farm. They are not wealthy. They all work hard. Mabel...the older harder than anyone to protect her little sister, Bertie. Mabel has given up school and has given up her purity to keep their stepfather from going near Bertie.

In those days no one talked about this issue and there seemed to be nowhere for Mabel to turn other than to devise a plan to keep Bertie safe. This plan has consequences that affect both of them for the rest of their lives.

My Thoughts...

This author has a way of weaving an amazingly sad and powerful story about the lives of these sisters. The actions of Mabel forever changed Bertie's life. She was never as kind and loving and sweet because of what she perceived was done to her by her sister.

I loved this book and it was absorbing but it was also very sad...just so very very sad. Bertie was profoundly hurt and changed by Mabel. Mabel tried and tried to reach Bertie but it was no use. Bertie shut her out magnificently...she refused to read mail and lived with the belief that her sister betrayed her.

Each daughter within this family and then the granddaughters all seemed to have issues with the men in their lives. I had to ask myself if they were shaped subtly by the tragedies of their mothers and just had no way of making good choices in their lives. There are babies born out of wedlock and divorces and an intolerable amount of really mean men.

All of this made this book an interestingly tangled reading experience.

I truly enjoyed reading The Sisters but it was one of those experiences...for me...where I had to shake off the mistakes and sadness that many of the characters were caught up in. There was joy and delight, too...and eventually...contentment.

I loved the family timeline. I referred to it many times as I became engrossed in the lives of these strong characters.

A truly amazing first book.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Waiting And Waiting And Waiting And More Waiting...

It is actually almost scary how close we are to having our master bath ready.
It is painted.
Shower door is installed.
New towels are ready.
Choosing new fixtures tomorrow.
We are ready.
Except for one thing.
Al...the tile guy...forgot to caulk the underside of something in the shower.
He is coming today to do it.
So I am waiting.
Lucy is waiting.
Dennis is waiting but not at home.
We are all waiting.
I have an inability to function when I have to wait for someone.
I couldn't work out because what if he came early...he didn't come early.
I couldn't vacuum...what if I didn't hear him.
I can't take a walk or leave to get groceries which we need desperately...obviously.
I can't listen to my music...I wouldn't hear him.
So...I am waiting.
Lucy and I were on the deck so I put a note on the front door to yell or come to the back of the house.
Al is still not here.
I should have asked him to be more time specific than just...can I stop in on Tuesday.
Oh well...
I did get vast amounts of laundry done. 
I set the table for dinner at 9 o'clock.  And I have nothing to make for dinner.
Our contractor called because he is holding on to my new kitchen island and we have not picked out the countertops yet.
I think that we are the kind of homeowners who can only do one thing at a time.
Very very slowly.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Am Reading These This Week...

Minutes ago I finished this book...And I want more...thank goodness for trilogies...and thank you Amazon Vine!!!

I also have this to read for Amazon is a family saga...I love family sagas..

This cookbook was filled with menus...lovely lovely seasonal organized menus!!!
Thank you again to Amazon Vine.

I love reading books on my iPad...and these are from NetGalley. Both are mysteries. Both are intense fast paced books...

My personal goal is to get all of the above read, reviewed and tucked away. I want to read only what I want to over Thanksgiving break!

I think goals this week will help/force me to stay on target and get some stuff done.

I even made a checklist on my iPad!!!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lucy's Terrible Horrrible No Good Very Bad Day...

That quote was taken from the book about Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day!!!

And it is all my fault!
Here is why...
I accidentally sprayed her mouth with linen spray instead of tooth spray...
I know that sounds weird but they were both in my night stand drawer and it is very difficult to spray a cat's mouth...and this is a great herbal spray that helps keep her mouth plaque has no taste...the little linen spray bottle was next to the spray bottle and I just reached in and grabbed without looking and sprayed...
Then when I smelled lavender I knew what I did.
So then...panic...frantic behavior...howling...
And that was all from me.
The good thing was that she was squirming so much I sprayed her face...mostly.
The bad thing is I rushed her to the bathroom and tried to flush her face...her eyes...her little mouth...
I think I did a good job of that because we were both soaked.
I am still watching her in case we need Poison Control but I think she is fine...
To reward her we husband thought...he would take her out on the deck...she loves to walk it and step in leaves and fake hunt our squirrels.

I was inside and heard my husband screaming for help...I raced out to find him with a beautiful huge friendly dog who lives way way way across the sign of Lucy...but I soon see her on the far side of the deck with her tail five times its size. She sees me and jumps over the dog and into the house. We still haven't seen her and it is an hour later.

Poor Lucy...
But she smells like lavender...all over the house!!!

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