Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's 1:44 And...

We are on Episode 3...Season 1 of Downton Abbey. We are still in jammies. It's freezing cold outside...we had toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch...we are sipping fizzy water and munching chocolate covered almonds. Lucy is in a tuna induced slumber...we may just sit here and watch the entire first season!

Perfection on a snowy Saturday!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rain...Lots Of It But No Snow!

Just what I didn't want...rain...I am not in a grand mood today...

Plus I blame Den for my fall into fast food hell...

By the time he got luggage and car...all hopes of a normal evening were was 8:30...Lucy and I were watching Idol...we have eaten nothing...and here is the very bad thing...we eat very healthy and as organic as we can foods 99% of the time...and I gave in to mass produced most likely tortured chicken nuggets...and French Fries...does natural cut count? And they were so good! Darn! I blame was his fault for being hungry and driving sat Wendy's!

I need to go on a Master Cleanse ASAP...who knows what carcinogens are lurking in my body? From that delicious fast food dinner!

That's why I am mad at myself...oh well!

There are 22 ducks swimming in my yard...there is so much water that I can't even get out to feed them...just one more reason why this is a terrible horrible no good very bad day...

This is what rain that is supposed to be snow does to me...makes me cranky!

Finished this...odd but good...

Getting ready for this...

Staying in is truly horrible...have no clue what to make for dinner...this is what happens when I don't cook all week...sigh!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Together Again!

Den has been in Las Vegas...sending me annoying pictures of awesome dinners, houses on the golf course where he is playing...and lots more warm weather stories.
He is working and exhausted but he is on his way home now...flying into freezing temps, rain, blustery winds and snow! Yeah!

It's been lightly snowing on and off...but not enough to count...darn it! I need more!

Reading this...I am trying to work my way through some of my Vine books...this one is about some London detectives who find a mysterious artifact and now can tell where all the evil and bad guys are...I just love books about far so good!

Off to get toes and nails done before the storm! And for a few provisions...should chocolate be high on that list?


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Want To Be Snowed In!

There is talk of a blustery snowy storm coming our way...ooooh...I just can't wait! I hope this doesn't turn around and bite right about now...everyone in my area is out buying snow shovels...milk, bread, and more! The roads are a mess and everyone is running scared...except for boots are ready, my hat is mittens are out, too! Bring on the snow!

Just about finished with very good! A mother's quest to prove that her beloved 15 year old daughter did not commit's deliciously good!

I am eating this delicious concoction of Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries, walnuts and organic honey...some business friends of my husband sent us the's so yum! I am overusing the word delicious today...sorry!

Lucy is patiently waiting for her share of the yogurt! Well...sort of patiently!

Keep your fingers crossed for snow!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Tease Of Snow Is Not Enough!

All my outside animals are fed...and I am sipping coffee...Golden French Toast...yum!

I finished this...a cold shivery mystery that takes place in Lake's filled with cozy drinks and soups and stews and lovely cabins and snow and skiing and a body found frozen in a lake...the lake was frozen, too. It's quite a lovely wintry mystery!

Reading this...a first novel by this author...and it is really good...a busy single mother...who is a high powered called to school to pick up her daughter. But...before she gets there her daughter jumps off the school's roof...or was she pushed? So far it's really beautifully written and sad and lovely.

Other stuff...

I am totally in love with BB are a few I love shopping at Sephora and for them. My stuff gets here overnight! They are light amazing moisturizers...with a hint of a yummy!

More other stuff...

I am obsessed with red lipstick. I can not un obsess myself! Here are my new faves...all of these are moist and feel lovely on! The middle one is called Red Lizard...I love that name! The bottom one is a fat crayon stick...that self sharpens. Winter and red lipsticks just seem to go together!

I am watching Downton Abbey...I am just on Season 1...I finally get why everyone loves it...I am hopelessly hooked!

I sort of have a free plans or appointments...I kind of love that!

What's your favorite kind of day?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Tour!

And you know how I feel about pressure...oh me oh my...
this was a good one! Loved this book!

The Aviator's Wife
Melanie Benjamin

My " in a nutshell" summary...

This is a novel about Anne she met and married Charles Lindbergh and the life they shared..the joys...their sorrows...their tragedies.

My thoughts after reading this book...

My first surprise was the gentle way this novel reached out to me. From the start I understood that Anne Morrow felt differently about life. She wasn't as pretty and popular as her sisters...she was quiet...introspective...probably a bit insecure about herself. She loved to write. She was the daughter her parents could count on. And she was the daughter that Charles Lindbergh felt he should spend his life with. I think he felt that she "got" him. And he struck me as an odd duck...undemonstrative...analytical...driven? Perhaps compelled to find just the right wife for his life. One sentence from the novel sticks in my head...they met and married without either of them using the word love.

I think that I knew about Charles Lindbergh without really having any curiosity about his life or his wife. We used to live in St. Louis...every time we went to the airport we saw a replica of the Spirit Of St. Louis...but it meant nothing to me. The Aviator's Wife gets "down and dirty". Charles Lindbergh was not a nice man...he probably had OCD...he ran his life by rules and regulations. He was difficult with his children. He seemed emotionally removed from his wife and his family. He had issues with the government and wanted to live in Germany. Anne put up with all of this. She didn't seem to want to do everything he asked but she did...even when she knew she really shouldn't. She suffered for him and with him and I am not sure why. I have my thoughts about how she felt about him at the time of his death...and I know one thing...she didn't want to be buried next to him...what does that tell you...hmmm.

What I loved about this book...

Oh me oh my...I loved that era, I loved Anne, I loved Anne's mother, I loved the way Anne did whatever her husband asked her to do...she was devoted to him...but I am not sure wasn't wasn't fear...I think she felt that it was her duty? I loved the way she woke up the day after her marriage...after a passionate romantic night...and she was afraid to hug or kiss him...she patted his arm. And he was sitting on the deck of their honeymoon boat waiting or her to make him breakfast...she had never cooked a day in her life!

What I did not love...

If this is the real Charles Lindbergh...he was a total creep! Anne was a saint for sticking with first...I thought it was weakness but now I think it was strength that made her stay.

Final thoughts...

I loved this author's way with words...her research...this book was a novel that felt like real life. I loved every word of it!

Next up?
Your guess is as good as mine!
I need a vampire dystopian something or other...perhaps this?

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It snowed last night and we have ducks! There are over 25 ducks in the unfrozen part of the pond...they occasionally walk over to the bird feeders and eat seeds. We put out cracked corn for them, too...the two specks in the top picture are two ducks making the long walk to the feeders. I love ducks!

There's a fire in the fireplace and sticky ribs in the oven.

I had to buy 10 avocados yesterday because no one at the store could figure out how I could buy just five.

The sign said ten for $10.00 or two for $4.00. There was no middle ground so I am making a huge amount of guacamole! It's heart healthy!

My goal is to finish this has been a beautiful reading experience.

What might you be doing today? Lol...