Saturday, September 22, 2012

Almost One Week Later...

My flowers!

And the insides are a soft subtle pink and tons of buds aren't even open yet!

So over the two books at a time thing...into this Dystopian thriller!

Ok...I am obsessed with my slow cooker this week...and I must be in a hearty meat eating mood...Slow Cooker Barbecued Beef is slowly cooking was rubbed in brown sugar and pepper...then a sauce of molasses and spices and tomato paste and onion and garlic was poured on top. Yum!

We were supposed to go out to dinner but I just cancelled...there is just something so delightful about staying home...perhaps because we have been away and are off to Maine in a few weeks...but...I have always loved being home! Den is out and about laying down mulch...I am not mulching!

Tomorrow we are taking a road trip...about an hour a delightful farmer's market in a quaint little town called Emmaus.

Bad news...Den says Lucy has to stay home...she came the last time but he doesn't want to be "bothered" with her this time.

What do you mean I'm not going? Huh?

Poor little be continued...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Even More Randomness!

Finished this was so lovely, so sweet, and such a calm and relaxing reading experience...a summer stay with a great uncle on a lake in Ohio, friends, books, an old mystery that leads to a new adventure...lovely!

Still reading this and this...don't ask why...I hate two at a time reading with a passion...and both are dystopian sort of so my head is spinning and I am mixing up worlds and having freaky nightmares!

Lucy and I need a walk and a break...I really think I am reading too much...deciding between making Marcella Hazan's amazing pasta literally simmer two cans of tomatoes, some butter and an onion cut in half which you toss away later...the onion...not the's light and ever so yummy...

or using our Groupon to Kyoto...not far from us...we have saki chilling and we are hungry for miso soup, sushi and tempura veggies...but I am prepped and ready for pasta so...

However shall we decide?

Off to find more local apples and mums and pretty much local everything!
Oh my!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sheer Randomness!

Finished this...kind of odd and weird...kind of historical and weird...kind of weird and weird. Not a fave but it was interesting...and

This is food...seriously! From a pinner on Pinterest!

This makes me hungry...seriously...pumpkin, praline crunchy stuff, white creamy stuff...mmmmm!

I want these...seriously!

I actually don't feel like reading today. Now that's a strange feeling for me. But I am semi reading this...

Now that is what I call random!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lights Were Out!

It seemed like forever but I think we lost power for only an hour or two...just before dinner...which was in the slow cooker and was fine.

Thank goodness for backlit iPads...I was able to finish Insurgent and everything electric popped back on in time for the news.

This is what we did! Because of course we don't have a generator or anything other than mood candles! We are so practical!

I am enamored with my slow cooker this time of year...yesterday I made Stuffed Pepper Soup...if you love stuffed peppers...this soup tasted just like stuffed peppers...yummy!

Today I am making another Pinterest recipe...Rotisserie Chicken In A Slow Cooker!
Oh boy!

Since I finished this...and oh my was it paced...nail biting...will it be a movie?

I am deciding what to read next...and Sept. 18th was a great...uh release day! Thank you Amazon Kindle preorders that I am addicted to!




I am wishing for a calm, no wind, no thundering pelting rain kind of day!
And if it's not too much to ask...I wish the power would stay on! We reset clocks, lights, etc. three times yesterday!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Every year on our anniversary Den replicates my original bridal bouquet...which was a huge bouquet of only white roses with stuff trailing I think...and ribbons...

My this year bouquet! It's bigger than I am!

Anniversary cupcakes!

Still reading this...

Trying to keep her from eating my roses!

Another view!

My house smells so rosy!

Oh Happy Day!

I thought I was going to read this...

But instead I chose this...and after a few confusing pages...I am right back into Tris's dystopian world...and loving it!

Today is our anniversary! I expect a huge bunch of tea roses...white...just like my wedding day bouquet...and we are going out to a semi romantic dinner...wink wink!
Den took the day off so we could play...movies? aquarium? lawn mowing?
We thought about jumping on a train to NYC...for lunch and back again...we are that close but...that did not happen! We are too lazy...oh well. Plus Lucy didn't want us are not allowed on Amtrak...and Lucy loves celebrations! Here she is presenting us with her version of an anniversary gift...thank you, Lucy Grace!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday, Sunday!

Today involves...these...OMG...and they will dunk the doughnuts in chocolate if you want...obviously Den wanted...

It also involves a whole "lotta" this...

Important note...that is Pellegrino water in front of me not beer!

And one of us is enjoying the streaming sun in the sun room...she's in a basket of pillows!

I am almost done with this...

And antsy to start this...

Happy Sunday!