Friday, December 14, 2012

A " Glimmer" Into Some Past Lives!

My " in a nutshell" summary...
Paige touches an object and sort of becomes that object's owner...learning and sharing and reacting as that person...for awhile.
My thoughts after reading this book...
Hmmm...Paige has the "glimmers". If she slips on boots, a ring, an article of clothing...she sort of becomes the person that the object originally belonged to. She experiences their lives. In this book she buys a pair of vintage boots and becomes Delilah...17 year old madly in love with William...Delilah. After this experience she is Paige again...doing a favor for her sister. She tries on her sister's engagement ring...and discovers her sister's secret. Yikes! Then...her mother brings her a family heirloom and she becomes Emma...her mother's great grandmother...I think. She discovers Emma's dilemma. All of these " glimmers" involve romantic issues.
Paige always comes back to herself and her glimmers don't seem to take very long but they are always insightful and the characters are connected. And for some reason after living Delilah's life she becomes an amazingly good cook!
What I loved about this book...
I truly enjoyed the glimmer episodes...especially Delilah's...her story was teen aged angst...lots of cooking...and I was left not knowing her outcome until much later in the book! I also loved the recipes at the end of the book. I actually enjoyed the writer's writing style. She was fun and I loved that!
What I did not love...
Romance...true not a genre I usually choose. I think because of the fantasy aspect I truly did enjoy my time with this book. I am not sure book two is in my future but I loved this one.
Final thoughts...
I found this book to be a fun romantic ( but not overly weirdly romantic ) reading experience. I enjoyed Paige's fact...I enjoyed Paige. She was a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and a back in time traveler! So...if you love or need a fun romantic romp...this might be a great book to choose!

Patty's life...
Still decorating...still wondering about our tree although it is perfect...and it's me! It has one lovely branch that has sort of tied itself into a knot! I love that! There is something so lovely about a tree in the middle of a room!
See how tiny it is!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yesterday went as planned...we drove to the farm to get our lovely Fraser Fir! We loved the first one we saw but that still meant that we had to walk around and look for an even prettier one! We decided that we still loved the first one so we bought it and a spray for the mailbox and were happily on our way home!

However...we should have known that something odd was happening. It only took the farmer ( by helpers) to get the tree up on the top of the car, it didn't shift on the ride home and Den easily brought it in the front door by himself. It took minutes to put it in the tree stand. There was no yelling, dropping, sawing, and holding it up for hours in the stand while someone else screws and adjusts and screws it in again! We didn't even have to ask each other if we were sure it was straight was straight and it was far too easy!

Then we realized why...this is the smallest tree we have ever had! We have high ceilings so we usually get a really tall tree. If we put the tree in the sunroom we can get a 12 foot tree but lately we have been putting in the living room because we can then see it all of the time. Even in the living room the tree is usually big enough to cause yelling and hysteria! But not this year! I think this tree is still close to 9 feet but it looks small to us and the process was just too easy! Oh me oh my! I think next year we go back to the

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love My Schedule...Still!

Right now...this moment...I am on schedule and loving it!

I am reading this...I truly didn't love this at first and stopped reading it but then I picked it up again and I love it...I hate giving up on a book.

Next I am reading this...I already sort of started it and it's fun!

And this...I love Christmas books!

In betwixt times...don't you love that word which I am sure I am not using correctly...
I am Christmas shopping...bin unpacking...and thinking about making cut out cookies...with icings on them!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Just Want To Stay Home Today!

And I am...when you have a keratin can't get your hair wet for at least 48 hours...your hair will almost be at least an inch longer...and smoother and straighter if that is what you want. It's flat ironed into your hair...a small piece at a time...but once you get through this it's wonderful. For hair dries faster and stays straighter without a lot of fuss. I love the no fuss it stays that way for a long time.
I am getting closer and closer to my Katniss braid! Once I wash it for the first will be shiny, too...this is hours after the keratin is in...I am curing! stylist so patient with my questions and my hair...he even came in on his off day to do this and he was barely grumpy! It was fun being in a quiet salon on an off day! His dad was there cleaning...we were all chatting...and the hours flew by!

Reading this...kind of a romantic mystery...a fun change for me!

Still putting out pieces of Christmas...still making little scenes and emptying bins...still trying to keep certain Santas away from Lucy! Exhausting! And my efforts aren't working!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Christmas quilts and pillows!

Just finished this...sooooooo good!

Read these for cute...

Off to spend the next three hours getting keratin in my hair...I am tired of spending an hour flat ironing...keratin fixes this for me but I hate getting it! You can't wash your hair for 48 hours or get it wet, etc. but once it's done it's so worth it!
Deciding what to read next is always fun!



Or this?

Happy Monday!


According to this Sunday's NYT...these are the books to read this year.
I read and read and read and read but I have not read any of these! Oh well!

It is a rainy Sunday here. We were off to get our wreaths early this morning. We wanted to get our tree but it was too too wet...we will go back on Wednesday. Stockings are hung...Lucy has stopped attacking the Santas and we are settling in for an afternoon of reading and football. the mood strikes us...we are emptying more Christmas bins and hanging up
our stockings.

And Lucy's stocking...ho...ho...ho...

Happy Sunday!