Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yarn Bombers Hit Brooklyn?

These are Yarn Bombers...I want to be one. 

Can you imagine walking outside and delightfully discovering that someone has put a yarn flower in one of your plants or done something really cool to your bike?

I yearn to be the Yarn Fairy who attaches lovely yarn flowers everywhere...until it rains or snows and my neighbors scream at me...

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Respond To Cute...

Today's first cute photo is...

This is an actual single serving of Coffee Cake In A Mug!!!  I believe it originated from a blogger named Jaime who was not overly fond of chocolate but wanted a sweet treat.
It is like playing with an Easy Bake Oven again.
It looks so yummy!!!

Today's second cute photo is...

This garland just appeals to me.  It is different torn pieces of Halloween fabric knotted on a rope.
This is from a site called Six Cherries On Top.  The blog author gives directions on her blog.   It is really fun and easy to scissors required!!!

Today's third cute photo is...

These babies are teeny tiny little apple pie cookies...the recipe can be found on

That is my fix for cute for today.
Well...perhaps just one more bite of cute...

She put herself in between folded

How cute is that?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Think She Has Us Under Her Paw...

I think that I am being held hostage by my beloved LucyGrace...
We have never had just one cat.  Cat people know that cats...especially Tonkinese ones...who I might add appear to be sneakier and more clever than other cats...
 are better in groups of two.
They have someone else to play with.
They learn to share.  Yeah...
They don't scream at the top of their lungs when they don't see you and scare you to death.
You can actually leave out your really best earrings and not find them on the floor almost vaccuumed up...Yikes!!!
You don't always have to travel with them.
Covered elastic bands actually stay where you put them.  Not where Lucy puts them.
She likes snapping them.  We wake up with them strewn all over our bed.
You do not have to come up with new toys and games and fun things to do because you feel so guilty that your cat only has you to play with.
They just might stop screaming in the house when they are slightly ignored.
You can sleep through the night without a sandpapery tongue trying to kiss you good night after you have been asleep for four hours.
You can eat dinner or brush your teeth or read without feeling a slight nip at the tender part of the back of your leg because eating dinner or reading or teeth brushing does not fit into Lucy's plans at the moment.
You can stay downstairs and watch television or movies after 8 o'clock.
I hate to say this but Lucy's screaming determines our bedtime.  She will walk relentlessly up and down the stairs until she hears the tv being turned off...then she will race up the stairs to her favorite room in the house...our bedroom!!!
We have always been told that you should not play with your cat before bed teaches them bad habits.
Hmmm...a little too late for that bit of advice.
Anyway...this is our first time with only one cat.  We have been trying to decide what to get and when for 3 years now.
We want her to love him and not have her feelings hurt.
We already have him named.  We want a baby boy Tonk because they are clumsy and lovable and big and they will continue to allow Lucy to be the Cat Princess that she is.
We have to take the plunge...seriously...for all of us.
I can't even remember what it is like to go away without Lucy with us...we drag her almost everywhere.
She has her own suitcase, backpack, stroller, harness and four different kinds of carriers.
We need another kitty.
I used to look at these photos and I look at them and wonder what she is planning to do to us next.
We are her minions!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sometimes Being Homesick Is A Good Thing...

One of the foodie blogs that I love to read is Serious Eats.
It is an amazing source for food thoughts and food recipes and restaurants all over the country.
I was reading an article about beer pairings with Mexican food and this recipe was posted in the article.  It is for beef enchiladas that also have this sort of chile gravy sauce.  Actually the enchiladas are cheese but they are smothered in this sort of chili gravy. I have linked you to the recipe here.
I made them for my husband on Sunday and he loved them.  They were really not difficult to make at all. 
But I did notice that the recipe came from a blog I read called The Homesick Texan.  She is Lisa Fain and I think she is living in NYC now and her blog has always been delightful and a tribute to the food that she loves.
And now she has a cookbook!!!
She has blogged about all kinds of foods from Mexican cookies to pimento cheese spread.
I have loved her blog for such a long time and now I love her cookbook!!!

Blogs are amazing, aren't they?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I Am Reading This Week...

For some reason I have four Amazon Vine books to review.
I try to keep really on top of Vine reviews because I really love Amazon Vine.
I am hoping that they will send me a Kindle Fire to  I do not know why I want one of those but I do.
I am tired of pressing a side clicker to read books on my is exhausting.
And for some unknown reason my iPAD2 and my Kindle3 will not sync any more.
Apple, Amazon and I have tried everything there is to try but there is no syncing in this town any more.
Very sad.
I have discovered that I really love reading on my iPAD2 more than on my Kindle3...
There is something that I love about a back lit screen and with a non glare skin on my iPAD2...I can read anywhere.
Reading in bed at night on my iPAD2 is heavenly.
The new Kindle Fire is rumored to have a touch screen that requires you simply touch the screen anywhere and it will turn.  That is even less effort than on an iPAD2.
I am a lazy reader.
New discovery on my part.
Holding a book hurts my hand.
I am so used to reading on my iPAD2 so much that when I do switch to my Kindle3...I continue to touch the screen to turn pages.
Yet one more reason why I really should get a Kindle Fire.

Books I am reading this week from AmazonVine include...

Wonder Struck has the most amazing illustrations.

When She Woke... from the author of MudBound.  Plus I love anything mildy dystopian. 

I can never resist a dark tale told in London...what could be better?

I think I have my hands full...literally.

This one was a bundle of three books sent to me by the author and publisher.  It is really extremely fast paced and exciting...

One of these days I need to read something calm and soothing.

I did buy a few books for my Kindle...there are just too many amazing books out there.
I also added the Reeder app to my makes reading blogs and posts quick and easy...I love it!!!
I am beginning to think I read far too many blogs but I have no clue how to cut back.
But with my Reeder I can read them faster so it is all good...
I think.

Can't wait to buzz by to see what everyone else is reading this week.

Too Many Pumpkins For Patty...

I don't think I can ever have too many pumpkinny things.
I am waiting for this book from Homespun Hearth.
It is called Haunted Threads.
I have 21 days left this month to craft some more pumpkins.
I think I can do it.
Thank goodness my crafting moods don't last very long.

It came...I am looking at it and trying to decide what to make...there are too many pumpkins to choose from.
I am feeling some crafting pressure.
That is not good. 
I will have just enough time to get it made,  put it out and put it away again.