Saturday, April 23, 2016

An Interesting Development...

So we were at the beach yesterday and today. Yep...this lovely beach town barely two hours away that in our entire lifetime here we never went to. We went to Maine, we went to California but we never bothered with a beach town barely two hours away.

We spent all day yesterday with Shannon...our knowledgeable real estate agent. We took notes, we looked at villas, condos, townhouses, single family homes and cottages. We have a ton of information and a ton of things to think about.


Sell here. Live full-time there. Build a regular house there.

Keep here. Live part time there. Build a smaller house or townhouse there. No maintenance. Just drive there and relax. We would keep bikes there, too!

Sell here. Live there until we really decide where we want to be even if it's in a smaller house for a while.

We still don't have any answers but we think we are getting closer.

Bethany is the kind of beach town conducive to walking and bike riding. There are beaches where you drive your four wheel drive car right onto the beach.

But, again, we still have no clue!

I leave you with a few of the places we saw yesterday!



Have an awesome week end!




Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Day!

Roxie cuddling someone else!
A sort of liquid lunch!
Fortification at the end of the day.
Our view!
We had an interesting and very full day!
Off to read...

More chat tomorrow!




Thursday, April 21, 2016


No trauma at the dentist's! Whew! I hate dental trauma!

Finished was really good...Boston, a wealthy attorney, tons of lattes and lots of murders...some infidelity tossed in for good measure, too...

Now reading is every bit as creepy as it looks but really good.

Still loving gets better and better...

Off to watch a Columbo with Den...this one stars Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek! I can not tell you why I am so taken with this show! There must be hundreds of them!




Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Day Of Rest And More White Socks?

Today we are not mulching!

That's the good thing. But the bad thing is that we have dental appointments at 2:15...ick.

But after that we are taking ourselves to Victory Brew Pub for a late lunch/early dinner.

And now...since those old photos have been unearthed and rescued...I have to share one more...that's my second grade classroom in St. Louis...check out those white socks! What was I thinking? Plus I had really poofy bangs!

And this old photo...this is our house when we lived in St. Louis...but...see that bunny on the TV? I can't find it anywhere. I probably would not have even noticed that I can't find it but now it's making me crazy. I want that bunny! I loved that bunny! It was my favorite bunny!

Where is my bunny?

The sad thing is that while we are in the midst of cleaning out the basement...we found two huge moving boxes that we never ever unpacked from our move from St. Louis.

Should we be afraid to open them? Could my beloved bunny have been packed away for all these years?

Oh my!


This one was a speedy read and totally ridiculous fun that involved Dominatrixes, Drag Queens, a daughter who thinks she is a dog and a pregnant pig!

Starting this...

“Though the swiftly moving plot offers plenty of surprises, it’s the realism with which the author, a seasoned Boston criminal prosecutor who’s now a legal consultant for TV shows, depicts varied worlds from Brahmin glitzy to Roxbury gritty that will make readers eager for Abby’s next adventure.” –Publishers Weekly

Still loving this...I read it long into the night last night...

Off to floss really well!





Tuesday, April 19, 2016

So...Day 2...We Mulch Even More...

There has to be a rehab group for over mulchers. Somewhere to take your gardening gloves, rest them in your lap and sit and talk about your mulching issues...your over mulching issues!

I need to sign Den up for that.

This year Den says he is just lightly touching up the beds. I bet we have more mulch than soil from years of over mulching. I think he finally realizes that we really don't need that much mulch! But the mulch pile still looms...high and heavy and imposing. He says he barely ordered any mulch at all. Hah!

This is one year ago but it looks almost the same today. We barely had snow and all the mulch is still there! I need a mulch break! Seriously...this family needs a mulch break! Just one spring without pieces of mulch spilling through the back hall and into the kitchen...sigh!

I need Den to shout out..."I am Den. I am an obsessive over mulcher. I need help."

What I am reading right now...

I so love this book! Irene is a librarian but not an Overdrive card stamping one. She has to find manuscripts and books and docs that are hidden all over time and place. She might have an assignment to leads her to a stack and then she enters a portal to another magnificent fantasy world. She is a fantastic character...brave and ironically funny. She now has an assistant...Kai...and they are working together. Their team antics are amazing! It's fantasy that feels real. A bit Harry Potterish but older...and so clever. It's the first in a trilogy.

But according to Patty's Rule...this is on my Kindle and I can only read it at night.

My daytime between mulch breaks...

A private investigator who has a precocious six year old daughter, a hippie mom, a husband infatuated with drag queens and a dead this author wrote my favorite set of Maine mysteries...The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries. What would you do if your mom replaced your Fritos with seaweed snacks?

Off to check on the mulcher!




Monday, April 18, 2016

Such Lovely Books!


So...Saturday...our goal was to clean out the two downstairs closets. One was in the entry way hall way, the other was in the back hall way...I knew that the entry way one would be Den's distraction because he had no clue that I have been stashing 20 years worth of photos in a bin buried in there. Oh my!

He looked at and reminisced over every photo! It's where we found this hidden gem!

I used to have a poster...seriously a poster sized blow up...of this photo with my first Siamese kitties...Sam and Katie! It was for Reading Is Important week at my school. I was the queen of white socks...I wore them with everything!


New books!


Swimsuit Body's actually a mystery...first in a series...

Hope And Red...mystery, fantasy, dystopian...

Start Where You I need one more self exploratory journal...

Towers Falling...a novel 15 years after 9/11...

aunty lee's chilled revenge...a cute mystery...

The After Party...Texas socialites? This author wrote the Yonahlossee Girls Riding Camp...which I loved...

The Summer Guest...big, bold, historical...about Chekov's journal...

The Midnight Watch...a novel of the Titanic and the Californian...a nearby ship that did not help...

Dodgers...a coming of age book...

Plus this was a surprise from's not the start of summer without a Jane Green book...


I am reading this book right fantasy about a almost Harry Potterish...and also reminds me of Deborah Harkness and her Discovery Of Witches...I am in love with this book!


Finished these over the last few days...

This book was so beautiful. Rural PA, just after WWI, Annabelle is bullied by Peggy...sooo heartwarming...not the bullying but the family involved.

A fun light beach book...
This is the book I thought I would love but I didn't love it the way I thought I would.

Today is Mulch Day!

I really hate Mulch Day...

Have a great day...