Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Wonders Of Social Media!

It's amazing to me but out of frustration I tweeted both Home Depot and Ridgid about our sad generator story. Surprisingly both responded and asked us to email our specific information to them. It seems that both companies have departments that catch comments on FB and Twitter. We have called both companies and were not helped at fact Home Depot referred us to the place that "fixed" our generator...hmmm...we don't expect anything to happen from these emails...we are prepared to call this a $2000.00 loss and get a new generator. There are people near us who are still without power. A branch can fall here and we lose power. There was a period of time when a PECO executive lived in our neighborhood...and...we never lost power...but...who knows if that's could just be one of those...hmmm...neighborhood stories?

We were wiped out yesterday...kitties and humans. Our steaks are still in the refrigerator...we were too tired to eat them...Den coughed all day yesterday...almost as if running up and down the stairs and outside in the rain...caused a setback but he is better today. We always sit in our driveway and watch the fireworks from the botanical garden next door...but we weren't in the mood. It's truly amazing how something like power loss...can be exhausting!

We were both in foul foul moods yesterday...quietly foul...but happier today!
This is one tired kitty...Lucy is upstairs sleeping in her room...Den is mowing...I am resting/reading with

Happy Saturday?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy July 4th...But...

I hate this thing!

We just spent almost $300 to make sure it works and it does not work...we lost power last night at 6:30...why? The wind blew. We did not have power again until 8:30 this morning. The generator runs for 20 minutes and stops...when it runs we had AC, water...WE COULD FLUSH...the refrigerators was heavenly...but after 15 minutes of bliss...we were in darkness. We took sponge baths with my makeup wipes...we are never prepared for anything! We each ate two melted Haagen Daz bars for dinner. Not a good orange water ices erupted all over the freezer. I am throwing this generator cost a fortune and it's worthless...totally...worthless...anybody want a generator?

It's amazing how horrible life can be without power. We wore headlamps, we brushed our teeth dry, we sweated! Whoever says girls don't sweat is totally wrong...I was a sweaty mess. We both had headaches and as sick as Den still is...he was out in the rain every half hour trying to start the generator. We went to sleep without one ish...and woke up without power at eight ish...we are totally wiped out!

But...we saved most of our groceries...we are getting ready for a yummy hamburger on the grill...we are showered, sprayed, clean...and we smell good again. One of the grocery stores near us lost their generator power and are tossing everything out of the store! Den ran in for something we forgot and people were walking around dazed...looking for food!

When we move I am only moving where there are underground power lines. Who knew how important this would be? And inland...way inland!

Reading this and not moving...we haven't eaten real food since noon yesterday!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stuff! Just Random Stuff!

Love this cover up! It's made of towels and is at Urban Outfitters!

Bought these for Den...

Want these Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Free People...wink...wink!

Love these!

Dinner tonight!

Or this...but the top one is easier!

Had this yesterday...fresh local juicy tomatoes with fresh burrata cheese...a really soft good!

My baby...too cute!

Finished this...really good...made me hungry for NYC and fresh pasta!

It's kind of quiet around here...I don't want to jinx

Happy Thursday! Off to do some July Fourth shopping!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Soooo Good!

This book is so good! I could not...and I know I say this tons of times but this book is literally UNPUTDOWNABLE! It's especially relevant now because the weather is so hot...parents are distracted and far too busy...and really important things can be babies in hot cars. So...this book is about Ellen...the social worker...her family...and a little girl...Jenny...who accidentally finds her way into this family...for a few days, anyway. Relevant...important...thought provoking...

Plus this lovely author already retweeted my review! Authors are my rock stars!

Reading this...I needed a total change of pace!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Books! We Might Be On The Mend!

Lots of prescriptions are on Den's inhaler, cough syrup...really strong cough syrup, and antibiotics...diagnosis...bronchitis! None of us are getting much sleep...I sneaked out of our room last night and went to the bedroom at the far end of the second favorite room in our house...the one with our original white wrought iron bed but I was awakened every few hours by kitties looking for me...jumping on me...and staring at me...trying to figure out what was up. At one point they were both on my head...fighting!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better yet...this is Den's off work week and normally those weeks are fun filled but this is not a fun week...we are just hoping he feels better by the Fourth Of July! Fingers Crossed!

Just finished this...strangely oddly good...and it's about anthropologists in a sort of love triangle in the 30's...after reading this book? Never do I want to go anywhere near any kind of steamy mosquito insect snake ridden jungle! Yikes!

It's in the 90's here! Hot! Humid! Hazy!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Monday Report!

New lovely delicious books! This is a bookish summer!

Rough week end here...Den coughed and coughed and coughed...I am just not good with sick people...that I know and love...

I am not good at feeling heads for fevers when that said person says he is freezing yet he has the temp at 66 and two fans on!

I am really not good at is listening to that same person tell me how much he coughed all night.

I am so not good with someone coughing and then commenting on their own coughing.

I am not good with someone who continues to talk about how bad he feels. Sigh! Den is at the doctor now...who will tell him he has a chest cold.

I am also not good when sick people insist on being with me when upstairs in bed with the door shut is better for everyone! Double sigh!

Not a fun weekend at all! I made my sick boy waffles! His appetite is not affected by his illness.

Should I be making chicken soup? It is so hot and humid here today...I can't even imagine it.

Stay well everyone! Happy Monday!

Oh...reading this...mystery...really good!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Reading's of those books that I love from the very first pages.

From the book jacket...

"WE ARE CALLED TO RISE is a story about a child's fate. Told in the disparate voices of an immigrant boy, two woman, and a young war veteran, it is a story of great tragedy and tremendous hope. It challenges us to think about our responsibilities to each other and reminds us that compassion and charity can rescue us, even in our darkest moments."

Finished this...loved it! Quirky characters, college campus, a sweet little boy, a feisty mother-in-law...this book was amazing! It's a must read! I love quirky, funny, sad, sweet characters. This book has them all! Wait until you read about the backpack! And Harry Potter! Oh so good!

Den came home SICK...I can't believe he is coughing and hoarse...cold and flu symptoms so this weekend has been a dud...that's why I have been reading tons...he hasn't been hungry and is pretty much miserable...sigh!

Read this one, too but I did not like it...not sure why...

The all good Tonks do...are spending their nap times with Den...he is either comfy or feverish...Tonks love a hot!

Happy Sunday! Stay well!