Saturday, March 2, 2013

Today Is The Day!

We are twenty minutes away from the arrival of the...

After 2 weeks of watching downstairs TV on an itty bitty flat screen...we may just hug the Geek Squad as soon as they ring the doorbell. Seriously...I may have to be restrained!
Because one of us did not want to wait 6 to 8 weeks for the Ethan Allen stand that I wanted...we compromised but this one had to be put took hours and hours and Lucy and Roxie and I heard lots of not so nice words and mutterings like...can you please get that cat out of here? And...I am busy now, Patty! And...%#+*¥ where is that screw?
Not a fun evening! it is!

And here is the rest of it...

My house is a mess! Everything has been moved around to clear the way for the infamous Geek Squad!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

An Explanation?

New much as I love change...I sometimes do not love it. I think I might have mentioned that my dear friend and nail technician is now involved in a new career and her time at my salon is now some evenings and every other Saturday...all times when I don't want to be at a enter nail person...I am down with Heidi! Why do my hands look crinkly?

And...since it looks like every single photo I have taken lately is from our duvet the has been! There is no TV downstairs...because the old one blew up so we have been hanging upstairs...tomorrow the Geek Squad arrives with all of our new stuff...we can't wait...we cancelled dinner plans so that we can watch every show we have missed...2 Southlands, 2 Top Chefs, and I think the last Twilight is out tomorrow plus streaming from Amazon Prime and Downton Abbey...we are going to be in TV overload! And the last James Bond...OMG!

Den does not want to leave the house tomorrow!

Still reading this and it kind of reminds me of...those Southern lawyer books...but is even better...

Can I just say how much I love Free People? I often show their very cool Indie Boho clothes on my blog and someone from Free People saw it and sent me a cool coupon! I am off to shop now...decisions...decisions!


Perhaps this?



This is the perfect time to think about Springish clothes!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Have Been Claimed! girls are still in the beginning stages of their relationship. Lucy seems to be trying to ignore Roxie...Roxie looks at Lucy as if to can you possibly ignore me?

I am in the middle. A friend of mine said that it's all about claiming me...they both want me and have not figured out that I love them both. We are teetering on the edge of a happy kitty relationship. The key is supposed to be play. Den and I have never played so much in our entire lives...we own creative kitty play! Until everyone gets along we are not going anywhere. No travel...nothing...Roxie goes to her room when I leave the house. My girls need supervision. Their steps are tentative but better each day. I think!

Reading this...

Some days I am just in the mood for a mystery...this starts off with a murder on Cape Cod, a rape in Palm Beach, an influential good does this sound?

Nails later...homemade pizza for dinner...creative play and team building with Lucy and Roxie Blue...once I wake them up!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Stuff!

After giving up red meat for a while...I made this for dinner last night...sigh...a free form meatloaf! It was so yummy! Mine looked just like this one...sort of...

It's called...Mom's Meatloaf! It was adapted from Ben Bettinger, Portland Penny Diner, Portland, OR.

My brother has started a wine blog. He calls it John Uncorked. He writes about wine...duh...and he writes about it beautifully!

Making this oatmeal banana bread today...from Joy The Baker. Looks yummy, doesn't it?

I want to shop...but we are between's the point? Saving up for Eileen Fisher...I have to have these very weird pants! So my style!

Reading this...scary, chilling, so very good!

Off for more coffee!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Books!

I bought a few...Edelweiss sent me a few...NetGalley sent me a few...Amazon Vine sent me a few...but...

I love them all! Look at all of the lovely covers!

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Monday, February 25, 2013


Finishing this...

Contemplating these...

Making soup and sandwiches for dinner...Elisabeth's soup...chicken and veggies and broken spaghetti!

Sandwiches from The Kitchn...tuna melt with capers and hard boiled eggs and olive oil mayonnaise.

I think I will have a more normal week...TV coming, kitties settled, dinner at our favorite place on Saturday, Geek Squad installing new equipment so no yelling, kitties more settled, ordered that bag, nails getting done, not afraid to leave Lucy and Roxie alone...I think...and house soon back in order!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

TV's, Kitties, And Life in General!

Since our big TV totally broke on Monday...yesterday was designated as Best Buy day. I went with Den, looked at what he wanted, nodded my head and then went to their huge media center room, found one of those awesome media chairs that are so comfy but that I would never allow in my house and finished my book...
That was the best TV shopping I have ever done!
By next Saturday the old TV will be gone, we streamlined a lot of our audio stuff and Geek Squad will install everything. We will use one remote not the 500 we use now...and hopefully life will be more normal!

And then once Lucy stops hissing at life will be more normal!
And once I have time to actually put my house back in order...things will be more normal.
I am just praying that this chaos is not my new normal!
Happy Sunday!