Thursday, December 23, 2010


I am writing just a brief review of Matched. This was truly a wondrous book filled with beautiful thoughts and words and meaning. It reminded me of the Hunger Games but no one in Matched ever went hungry. Rather…food was prepared and delivered in portals…hot and steaming and ready to fulfill all dietary needs for each citizen. Clothes were chosen for each citizen and everyone wore the same thing…no shopping allowed. Cassia…one of the main characters…lived a regulated life…as did her family, her friends, and almost every other citizen. Their time was regulated, their studies were regulated, and their leisure was regulated. Citizens were classified as anomalies or aberrations or normal. Infractions of rules were not tolerated. Citizens followed government directives. All of this was done to preserve this existing society. All of this was done in order to prevent this society from totally falling apart.

Illnesses were eradicated, family size was regulated, and by the age of 16 you were matched to your perfect match…in a once in a lifetime ceremony…no questions, concerns or anxiety…your match was the perfect one. You lived your life until you were about 80…and then you were eliminated in a humane and peaceful manner.

It was amazing…this book…I was lost in it…and it was fascinating to see bits of this society begin to crumble as Cassia struggles to understand why her match may not really be her match. Ky and Xander are also fascinating characters within this novel…both are crucial to Cassia finding just a bit of strength and struggling to decide who her true match should be.

Again…I loved this book…it was quietly addictive. And of course it ended with questions so I am sure there will be a sequel.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday And Setting the Pace For The Week...

Windows are washed...I have been so busy that I forgot to even blog about it...Saturday was a marathon " Let's get Christmas out of the bins and into the house" kind of day.  It is sort of a slow process because things have to be taken off of shelves and hutches and mantels in order to fit all of the Santa's and Snowmen...we were wiped out by the end of the day but we were done...lights are on, tree is done and this week should just be idle shopping and going out to lunch and seeing movies...and just having fun.  We are going to a holiday show and I want to see the lights in Hershey...we have certain traditions that must be followed...I really don't bake tons of cookies but I do make really yummy buttery sugar cookies that you have to cut out and bake and sprinkle with crystally sugar flakes...we are staying at husband is exhausted...he needs sleeping in and long leisurely mornings with newspapers and tons of freshly brewed coffee.  We are going to Simon Pearce for Christmas Eve is on the Brandywine River and it is beautiful...we will sip martinis and talk about what we will do on Christmas Day...I always buy new pajamas for both of us...a set for Christmas Eve and a set for Christmas Day...yummy flannels and neat long sleeved tees for him and soft stretchy tights and oversized comfy Victoria Secret sleepshirts for me and on Christmas morning we will zip off to Church...a beautiful old one that we love and come home to bagels and lox and creamed cheese and either champagne or Bloody Mary's...and open presents and be thankful that we have each other and life is good.