Friday, December 31, 2010

A Teeny Tiny Itty Bitty Book Review For Losing Faith...

My last little review for 2010...

Losing Faith could probably be best described as Realistic YA Fiction.  It is the sad story of a young girl who gets caught up in a supposedly harmless youth group at her church.  This involvement gets extreme and deadly.  The heart of the story is this young girl's sister...Brie.  She is determined to find out what really happened to her sister.  She is facing this and the sadness and despair of her parents while trying to deal with her feelings about the loss of her sister.  Brie is steadfast and determined to understand what happened to her sister and is relentless in her quest for the truth. 
Brie is not the best and kindest person before she loses her sister.  As she works through the tumultuous aftermath of this tragedy everything in her life is forever changed.  She loses old friends and gains a new friend in someone she would never have bothered with before.  The book is not at all preachy but is just an awesome accounting of one of life's tragedies and how one young girl deals with it. 
It has lots and lots of teen angst, some dark gothic characters, young love...and a bit of a surprise ending...all in all a yummy little book.  I sped through it sort of nonstop!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Bit Obsessive With Kindle Preorders...

I do buy a lot of books for my Kindle...but even I was surprised at my Kindle homepage a day or two ago...apparently every single book that I had preordered months and months ago was published on Dec. 28th!!!
With shock and awe I had purchased 10 books in one day!!!  Actually...I think they all downloaded in about 10 seconds...and...incredibly...I bought 2 the night before!!!
Is this a Kindle record?
Should I be proud?
Lucky me!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today Is My Baby Brother's Birthday... he isn't actually a baby brother...but today is his birthday...Happy Birthday To My Brother Jim!!!

I think about his birthday today because when we were all at home...we had Christmas...and then three days later we had another party and more presents...for him...and cake!!!  I think I loved his December birthday more than he did. When he was really little I remember my mom laying him down on her bed and asking me to watch him so he wouldn't roll off...of course I got distracted and he rolled right off of my mom's bed and I thought I had killed him...he was fine.  He was such a pain to me as a baby brother...he would not take his afternoon nap unless I read him a story and sat with him...his favorite book was a huge green book of many different stories and poems...and I had to read to him...he would not fall asleep in his room...he took his nap on our front screened in porch on the glider and I had to help my mom out by sitting on the glider with him and reading to him until he fell asleep.  I remember this as pure torture...his favorite story was called "Quack, Said Jerusha"...this was the story of a mother duck and her rhymed and I know I read it to him every single day.  Once he finally fell asleep I could read my own stash of books...but I couldn't leave him until he woke best friends in all of the world lived two houses down...and after an hour of Jimmy napping...they would begin to gather on our front steps to await his we could resume playing.  One time we put him in an old baby carriage in their garage.  He slept soundly there for 2 hours while we jumped rope in the driveway.  I thought this a rather wonderful solution until my mom found out and I wasn't allowed to put him in there again...ever...hmmm.
Once he got to be a little bit older...I still sort of had to watch him...but he just sort of followed us around and played our games with us and was cute and funny and fun to be around.  My best friends only had girls in their family so having Jimmy hang with us was different and fun for them and fun for Jimmy, too. 

My baby brother Jimmy is all grown up now...he is an engineer...he travels the world...he has a wife and two daughters in college...sadly...he barely remembers Jerusha and napping on the glider and the girls he played with in our neighborhood.  But...he will always be my baby brother and I really don't even mind that I can still recite every single verse of Quack Said Jerusha...even in my sleep.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thoughts Of Christmas...

Presents have been opened...and are stacked be put away soon...and Christmas Day is done...the upcoming week promises lots of snow and lots of comfy days and nights filled with reading and games and football and relaxation.  I don't really want to change anything that we do...I love the way we prep for the is fun and traditional. I love the way we play in the week following Christmas.  I like when things in my life stay the same without too many major changes.  I miss not being with my brothers and sister at Christmas but it is just overwhelming to try to get together for this holiday.  We are my father's children and we all love being in our own cozy houses at this time.  When my mom and dad were living...not too long ago...we were always there...all of us.  We played in the snow with babies and toddlers...we went to movies...we had New Year's together.  It was hard to leave.  Now it is hard to go back.  The little town that I loved and grew up in just feels sort of empty without my mom and dad.  My mom and dad would wait patiently for us to all finally get there...and when we left they would follow the car out of the driveway and stand there waving.  Now my sister Paula waves good bye to us from her front door and some other family lives in my parents' house.  Other people sleep in my old bedroom and play in the yard and sit on the front stoop. I hold on to the memories because that is what I do.  Once upon a time my mom and dad were young and strong and here.  Then...they got older and older and more and more frail and they aren't here any more.  But I know that they live on in all of their children.  I cherish and hold on to that.   

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!