Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday's Frivolities!

Den worked all day yesterday and had a party after work so today is sort of a play day. I am reading and blogging while Den watches Fury...I am glancing up at it every once in a while and it's intense...too intense for me. We are making linguini and turkey meatballs for dinner. I say we because now Den helps! It's so much fun! It's like having a friend over all the time...the friend who does everything you want them to do! I can get him to open cans and chop stuff and wash pots...he is the sous chef of my dreams!



Coloring...I am mildly obsessed with coloring...I am an outliner and a filler
I have a coloring buddy! But we had to establish colored pencil!
Plus I had to buy Den a more masculine coloring
Just for
Reading these over the next few days..


Peace out until Monday! Have an awesome week end!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts...

Sometimes when I wake up I think...I have to call my mom...I really need to talk to her...but then I quickly remember that I can't. I don't track years and dates the way Den does...he will say to me...did you know that this is the anniversary of your mom's death...and I will have no part of me remembers that day...or it might be that I just don't really want to.

But...thinking of my mom makes me realize that first...years and years ago...Den's mom died...and then years and years later my mom died...and then a few months later my dad died...and then a few years after that Den's dad died...and now we are orphans.

But sweet things about our parents always pop into my head...Den's mom always heated our first cat Sam's food and presented it to him like the "grand kitty" that he was...Den's dad would invent toys for him...and we never went to their house without bringing Sammy with us. My dad always gave my kitties tuna...and my mom would put blankets in the dryer for them and neither parent would move if a kitty was in their laps. Lucy loved my mom and my mom would pop Lucy in her stroller and walk her all over our little town...talking to her all the way. Silly little sweet things that I never want to forget.

Dancing with Den's mom at my wedding...the first time I met her she made me her famous pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream...not knowing I hated pancakes...I ate them!

At my wedding with my mom was so lovely! She always had great thick hair! She kept chunks of amazing Italian bread at the ready so that while her pasta sauce was cooking...we could dunk chunks of bread into it...the day after Den and I were leaving to live in California...I remember walking onto the plane, turning and seeing my mom crying and clutching her rosaries...praying for a safe flight...barely three months later my dad flew me home because I was so homesick!

Den's mom and dad visiting us when we lived in Santa Clara. I had lots of time to spend at the pool.

My dad "briskly" walking me down the aisle...
The last time they were both really hale and mom hated when we let that back door slam!

So...thank you for bearing with me with my memories and photos today!

Peace out!




Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A "Let's Stay Close" Kind Of Wednesday!

It always amazes me when people talk about cats being aloof. We were away for two nights...we didn't leave until Sunday at noon and we were back on Tuesday by three. I am writing this with Roxie tucked into my lap and Lucy tucked into my arms...they were miffed when we first walked in yesterday but have not left our side for a moment since then. Lucy slept in Den's arms all night...which she never does. They have helped me unpack, they have jumped in and out of suitcases, they have investigated everything that we unpacked and brought they are satisfied. Whew!

We were barely gone for three days but it felt like more and it was truly relaxing! The only thing I really hated was the bed at the was about five feet off of the ground and I had to literally run and jump into it...once I was in it was heavenly...the best mattress ever...but the jumping was exhausting!
But it was worth it! We were relaxed! Den more than me...probably!
Finished this...really good, sad, captivating...
Reading this...
Enjoy your Wednesday! Peace out!



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On Our Way Back!

We have been relaxing, reading, for the last few's called the Inn At Perry Cabin in St. Michael' the Chesapeake's an amazing place...yesterday we had lunch outside by the water...last night we had tornado and hail warnings here...but we were in the inn's pub having dinner...

We had meatloaf for dinner...this meatloaf...that apparently is such a secret recipe that people/staff
stalk the chef to try to find out what is in it.  One of the staffers says that all she knows after years of stalking is that he uses four prime different meats...sigh!  Yukon gold potatoes that were like silk and brocollini completed was so good!  The pub was so reservation...great service...Den had a Scotch after dinner that he says he will never ever forget.  We are barely two hours from home!   

Finishing this...

Just snagged these...can't wait...totally love both of these authors.  I have read everything that they have written!  

Missing these two but we have had updates about them twice a day...

Happy Tuesday!

We are home...I think they missed us!  That's me that they trapped!

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's Monday!

We were at a banjo/gospel/story teller concert yesterday afternoon at a very odd/unique place...called Ram's Annapolis, Maryland...not too far away from us.  It was strange yet oddly good!  Of course...Den loved it!  You sit at tables with strangers who become great friends really quickly!  Annapolis is such a cool town...every time you turn around a cute runner...from the Naval jogging through town.  

Reading these...both really yummy!  
Some new books...

There is an extreme difference in the way I pack for an overnighter and Den does...I believe in that " just in case" philosophy!  Lol!
Happy Monday!