Friday, February 7, 2014

Home! And We Have Power!

We are exhausted...really truly mentally and physically exhausted. All four of
we walked into our house to lights on, TV on, and's been two days...just two days but we are so tired.

I have to figure out what to do about the refrigerator...stuff in the freezer stayed frozen...but I can't even think about that now...I really truly can' most houses in our area...if you don't have don't have water either because the pumps don't work. No showering, no flushing, not a drop to drink. Sigh! We try to keep big bottles of water in the basement but this ice storm took us by surprise...we have a generator but it's not installed phone wasn't even charged and everything was a total mess.


So...all four of us were off to a hotel...where we had room service and showers and wine and ice cream!

And we watched TV!!! And we read email!!! And all four of us slept in our great big comfy bed in a warm room! Whew!

When we woke up we had more coffee and walked next door to a real live Bob Evans where I had cheesy grits and eggs and toast and Den had pot roast hash with poached eggs. And all of this was 20 minutes away from our house. Amazing!

Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue love Marriott Residence Inns!

Happy Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Did You Miss Me? I Missed You!

No showers, no hot coffee, no comfort, no warmth, no entertainment, and no warmth...did I say no warmth? Den was away...the day before the power went out...and...the power went out at 5:17AM Wednesday morning...he did not get home until almost 10 last night. We still have no power but we do have a generator that scares us. Right now the temps in the house are around 40 degrees. Trees are down everywhere...nothing around us is open. I used up every inch of battery power in my Laptop, my iPad, my Kindle and my Gameboy DS...I wore a hat and mittens for 12 hours...I cried...I admit it...I sat in a heap and cried my eyes out.

I am still totally miserable and want to move anywhere where power lines are underground!

Two good things...I read this book...which is freaking amazing...seriously...a mystery that took me by surprise! I am talking as good as The Silent Wife...The Husband's Secret...Gone Girl good.

And these two did this! Look at Roxie's teeny foot on Lucy!

Stay warm! I am trying to...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow...And Cookies!

This was how we looked yesterday! Oh my! And...we still look this way today! And next in store for us is another round of icy snow and then some more on Sunday! It's amazing! Thank goodness for books and homemade cookies with tons of melty chocolate and peppermint tea! And warm kitties to snuggle with...Den came home early yesterday and while he worked at his desk...I snuggled into a chair in his study...Roxie hopped up onto my lap and we read peacefully for an was lovely!

This is a one pan one bowl amazingly chewy cookie from Cookie Madness!

Reading this...and it's perfect! Body parts are being found all over parts of London's quaint little towns. A leg with a shoe attached...a head...a hand...some parts are new and some parts are old...the finding out who did it part has just begun...yum!

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sad Day But...

As I have stated to least 2200's a football game...who really cares?


So over it...

We are in the midst of yet another amazingly beautiful snowstorm! I love it! So does my little Roxie Blue...she loves watching it!

Finishing up this...I feel as though I am headed for one heck of an ending. There is a really bad soul less little boy in this book and everything is sort of coming together in a very chilling way!

Up next...another British the first three chapters...loved it.

New books...lovely delicious new books! Thank you publishers and Edelweiss and NetGalley!
Do you love this cover? Look at her lips!

This one looks like one I have already read...but I think it's just that I know I have read other books by this author...probably way too many!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


We are in that calm before the storm period...the good luck shirt is ready...we fought the crowds at the stores and the shrine is set up...see? That's my Santa wearing the knitted Bronco stocking cap that Den cherishes. The helmet...we are in total disagreement about how we got it...sigh!

And it's supposed to snow all day long tomorrow!

Super Bowl foods today...we are going with an Italian theme...

I am making a Big Italian Salad and oven baked toasted ravioli...that will be dipped in red sauce.

The salad is a Food & Wine recipe.

The toasted ravioli comes from a blog called Plain Chicken.

When I am not watching the am reading good!

Happy Sunday!