Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh My...

I have a feeling that I am going to be hooked up to this book for a long time but this is going to be the last time I am going to post about it...until I cross the finish line. Yesterday I read 155 pages. It's not fast easy reading but it is totally fascinating and absorbing. It seems to revolve around a mystery in a park on New Year's Eve in NYC...there are perhaps six core characters...all of them pretty much living messy lives...some are homosexual, some have addictions, some are divorced, some are adulterous, some feel the early 70's. This author has a penchant for using big complicated words...Kathy...this book would fill up your Wednesday word posts for a least.
He divides this book into sections with interludes...interludes that look like these...
I have to figure out a way to read this so that I stay sane...I think I am making it my day book and I am going to read this at night on my's the only way...The Rumor will be my reward. I will go from dark to light and back again.
Other stuff...
I have always loved quilting but I have not quilted in about three years...I was sorting some things the other day and realized that I have three unfinished quilts!
Now...three years later...I have no clue why I chose those colors but I am determined to get them finished. I was gifted with the name of a lovely Amish woman who is going to finish them for me. I am so excited! We are driving to her house to drop off my quilts and batting and backing and binding...all of which I have to buy today!
Have an awesome weekend! I will be back on Monday!



Thursday, July 16, 2015

Really "Heavy" Reading!

I was really worried about reading this's about the lives of people in NYC in the 70's...just before that huge blackout. From its opening grabbed me...hooked me...drew me in...
The only stumbling block is its heft...its actually hurts to hold it. I have tried propping it on a pillow and on the sofa arm but I still need to put it down to get feeling back into my fingers...927 pages!!! Plus really full pages...really small margins...sort of a smaller I obsessed with the size of this book or what?
Den is home and this is our official rest day...well sort of a rest day...he is at the orthodontist and then will pick up stuff for lunch and dinner so we don't need to go out any more today...I have the house in's a beautiful day and after a nice walk we will chill! After a hectic few days we are winding down for the rest of the week. Some deck time is in order, too...the kitties are craving real sunshine!
Happy Thursday!



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Den...Man Of Steel!

Yesterday when we arrived at home from NYC at would think we would have the day to relax...unwind...chill out...and that did happen for me. However...Den had a business meeting so he showered...again...his bag was prepped and packed...different suitcase and everything...and drove to the airport to catch a plane to a place that was almost in South Dakota! I could not believe that he was doing this! He is on his way home now but these past two days have been a whirlwind! He just called from the airport to tell me that he doesn't want to move tomorrow! Except that he has an 8:00 orthodontist appointment...which I can't believe he made. When we were both working full time our life was often like this...there was family to visit and work trips that included me and our life was crazed...and now it's still sort of that way. Den's brother asked me if it was hard for Den to get back into work mode...but I don't think it is...I can see him get back to his business self in minutes. After today he won't work for three weeks...which we will savor and enjoy until he works again!


I read two YA books last two for a while...both good...both easy reads...have you noticed that YA books seem to have a bigger font?

Now I have a week to read this chunkster! It's almost scaring me! It's huge! I know nothing about it...which scares me, too!
I love airport days...Den is bringing home dinner! Pizza? Japanese? Chinese? Five Guys? Red Sombrero tacos? Burritos? How do I decide?



Tuesday, July 14, 2015


OMG...I am so tired! We left NYC at 7:17 this morning...after a total of 9 cab rides! So...from Sunday afternoon to early Tuesday morning we were in and out of cabs 9 times! The train coming home was not a fast Acela and I could read and not feel was clean and lovely...we ate an awesome bagel and drank juice and by 9 this morning we were home...getting scolded by the kitties for daring to leave them for barely 2 days!

I have barely read a book since Saturday...I hate when that happens...I have read bits of this book...I woke up wired at 1:58 early this morning and read for awhile to fall asleep. This is a fun light breezy book that I am really enjoying.

I have tried to keep up with blogs but these few days in NYC knocked the wind out of me...
I will be more diligent tomorrow!
Have an awesome Tuesday evening!
Just me...



Big City Fun!

I am in a very busy people filled cabs, rushing people, people everywhere! Really tall buildings...very dirty sidewalks...I just ran out of hand sanitizer! We got here by train...we took the Acela fast train which did not seem very fast at all. The train was so dirty...I used all of my wipes just trying to clean my area...I thought that I could just read the entire way but I started to get train sick? The sitting backwards seat thing? Ick...

I took a shower the moment we got to our room...and another after dinner but this is one big dirty city...and yet this city is so much fun!

Dinner was here...very French...very good!


Tonight we are eating at our fave place ever...We are meeting Den's sister and her husband for dinner...they are taking a cruise up the Atlantic and this city is one of their a meeting was arranged!
Breakfast today? Trekking here...Another fave! Soft boiled eggs in ramekins...with soldiers! Mmmmm...actually I had eggs en coquette...and there were still soldiers...and coffee in bowls!
Today should be all about books but it isn''s about the city!
NYC! Den just took a walk...I am trying to get the dirt and grit out of my hair...a cab driver had a back window open and particles of NYC flew into my eyes...
Cabs...OMG!!! Cab drivers...OMG!!! How do they do what they do here?
I have been here for only one day and I have been In a death defying cab ride 6 times! Bikers, jay walkers, skateboarders...everyone in the world is in the streets of NYC right now!
Home soon...three more cab rides and one train ride and I am home! I am taking a shower the moment I walk in the door! This was a short trip but an exhausting one!
Happy Monday!!!