Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taking A Plunge Into The Kitten Pool!

One of these is potentially Lucy's baby kitty brother!!!
I am thinking it's that light colored feisty one!
We need a spunky kitty in this house to match the spunky kitty we have!

Lucy sort of looked at them...sort of interested!
I have since found out that there are two boys and two girls.
These babies are 9 days old!
I have three months to prepare...Lucy.

Happy Sunday!!!

Reading this...oh me oh my, how I love this series...they just get better and better and even though it has been awhile since the last one the characters and the story's essence are clear and vivid from the first few pages.

Wishing everyone a relaxing fun Sunday!

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Sushi And Chocolate Cake?

This is why I love Saturday!

Lucy and I sit on the deck while Den is on his big green tractor...mowing! We do not go inside until Lucy decides she doesn't like the sound any more...and that takes a long time!

This is not our tractor but I know someone who wishes it

Ours is smaller but still the green kind.

Dinner is whatever we feel hungry for...we had reservations but we have decided to cancel and either grill something or get something. We have the Saturday lazies. Den brought home slices of what looks like a yummy fudge ridden chocolate cake. Not only do we have the bread lady but now we have a cake lady!

Oh boy!

Soon we shall be showered and in comfy clothes sipping on my newest summer drink...Grey Goose Vodka, soda, twist of lime and a splash of cranberry juice!!!

Let's see...sushi or a hamburger on the grill? The hamburger is grass fed and I have a huge fresh salad to go with it.

And don't forget...

there's cake for dessert!!!


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Friday, June 22, 2012

A World Without You...A Giveaway!

I read this book a while was yummy...complex family issues and a summer home in the to of my favorite areas.

It has just been published and the lovely Joshua Henkin will send a copy to one of my lucky winners!

Just comment and I will a winner on Sunday. This book will enhance your summer reading stack! Why am I using as a verb?


Finished this...yummy but these really need to be read in order...intense character development...

Finished this...sweet, delightful, will love these characters and you will delight in this sweetly told novel. A summer must read...even the cover is lovely and inviting.

I thought I had lost my reading skills this week but maybe I didn't?

I think I am going to start this today...I need fantasy...I love this series!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love All Of These!

Dishes galore! I love this place! Our favorite pasta bowls came from here. And look...they are at the New York Library!

I know...I most likely will not love this dress...but I adore it! I have also seen it in a color called geranium...I have not bought it...yet!!!
It's a Rachel of my favorites...slip on dresses...I collect them!!!

And this one...a circle dress!!!
It's from a shop called Bona Drag...I seriously could curl up in this know that now you are seriously questioning my comes in sweatshirt gray, too!
This is it without a person.

This is it on a person.

Finished this...yummy but not until a third of the way into it. Could have been the pounding...

You may have noticed that I haven't been reading much this's hot...I am restless and distracted from the roof my pace is sort of tiring me out. I need to start my summer promise to myself...and just read my own stuff for a while.
I want to read this...and I am not!
So sad...I used to read all of my favorites the moment they came out. I love this series. I miss fantasy...I am just a tad tired of reality! I love everything I am reading but I sort of feel tied down.

Has anyone else ever felt this way?

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iPads And Cats...It's A Good Thing! I Think!

Ok...I may have mentioned that Lucy amazing Tonkinese tv...favorite, the Puppy Bowl and anything with dolphins. She will also watch certain animated movies...Lion King...and Puss In Boots...but only the one with Antonio Banderas...and her new fave is the one where the animals escape from the zoo. She is better with trailers than actual movies...attention span?

I have noticed that she has shown an interest in my iPad...
Of course Den and are always on the lookout for YouTube videos that we think would enrich her...ha ha ha...are you believing this?
I showed her one where a cat is being petted and when the petting stops...the cat actually gently taps the petter's arm to get petted again!
A few weeks ago Lucy started doing this...I was reading and absentmindedly petting her...when I stopped she gently reached for my arm to start petting again!
She has been doing this for a few weeks now but clever little kitty added her own touch.
If I am not responding fast enough...she now gently bites pet her more...
My question is this...did I teach her or did she teach me?
We have been told that Lucy's potential baby brother was born last Friday!!!
This is not him...he will have a similar look but hopefully less attitude.
Little Oliver Watson Whatever...our names have all gone out the window!
Purebred Tonks can come in all of these colors in the same litter...all we know is that there are 4 babies!
This could possibly be Lucy's most expensive cat toy!

We are going to take Lucy out to dinner to break the news gently...
TEASING...sort of!
We have no clue what we are doing about this kitten thing...floundering...I am sure!
New thought...
this feels like a post I have written I losing it?
Let's blame it on "da noise".
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Day!

I am so close to being on my regular summer schedule...which isn't all that different from my regular winter schedule...that I can't see straight...

I am exhausted...I think it's just from getting up at 6 open the garage...doors...etc.

Right now it is raining but everyone is still roofing...yikes!

This was the front of the house yesterday.

My plans for later...

I have a blueberry coffee cake in the oven for the boys...and icy cold tall jugs of milk...
Then I am going to sit...and do nothing...for just a little bit!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Well...This Is A First For Me...The Roof Goes On...

I can't read, focus or remotely concentrate. I am on edge from 7:00 until 5:00.

I can relax from 10:00 until 10:30...break we had amazing doughnuts from a local orchard and milk...

Then more pounding until 1:00...we have lunch for an hour...I say "we" but I am not bothering the boys at all today...there is stuff flying everywhere and am staying in the house. Our house is literally three stories and at any given time I saw a face in every window...I was upstairs at the top of our stairs and there was a face in the window at the tippy top of our entry way...I don't even know what he was standing on...he appeared to be floating. And I looked out of a window over our vaulted sunroom and favorite right now...was walking down the roof...without holding on to anything...walking straight down a roof...

I found a hidey hole spot for me in one upstairs bathroom...I fed Lucy tuna so that she would sleep...if she is awake she just looks up and cries...the entire downstairs was dark for two hours...they covered all the windows while more old shingles were ripped out...that is the really noisy part...yikes!

I can almost stand the nailing part...almost!

I wanted to tell you about this book that I am trying to's so good but I can't focus enough to finish it a few days...hopefully?

And then I have this...I love this cover...I want to read and I can't!
This is not my normal!

It's quiet head hurts...I hope everyone else is having a lovely Monday!

My poor little angel...she is totally stressed...

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

French Bread And More!!!

So...barely 5 minutes from our house...we found bread!!! Lucy Grace and I could ride my bike there!!! Well...she would be in her bike basket. I would be peddling.

It looks like this...sort of...only real!!!

It's a neat old house and a neat lady makes the most amazing breads...whatever kind she is in the mood for and not regularly. If you see a tri colored French flag hanging outside her door you know she's made bread and sometimes other goodies. Sometimes if you can't stand it and you really need their bread...she most likely wasn't in the mood to bake that day. But you can call and beg!!!

I will be good at that, I think!

Oh...and the bread sells on the honor sign in and pay $4.00 a loaf for the most heavenly bread on earth. Today she had brownies...for one dollar each. And French bread...everything is organic, too.

And she had herbed bread for $6.00. We bought that, too...everything was still warm and the space smelled heavenly!

She bakes on one of these...a Vulcan!

And walk into the lower level of this yummy historic house...and buy bread! I tried to call upstairs to the ladies that I have never seen but Den yelled at me...

spoil sport!

Have a happy day everyone!!!

The winner of Island Apart is....Ti!!! You lucky duck!!!

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