Saturday, August 10, 2013


We have been home for almost three days...and I can honestly say this is the first day I do not feel exhausted...I am over these early morning flights...we never felt rested...ever...we played catch up for did Lucy and Roxie...I think all of us love our regular schedule!

Lucy's heated bed was turned off while we were away...can you tell that she missed it? My sweet Lucy...

Den's dad seems settled...when we called him yesterday there were lots of kids in his room...he wasn't sure where they came from...but he was happy!
This is from Den's dad's first sweet!

YouTube Video

Off to finish's really good! It's one of those relaxing books...lovely peaceful after another. I have massive cover love for this book. For some reason this book called to's not even out until March!

The last thing I want to do is go out to dinner...maybe not for weeks and weeks! I think we need comfort food tonight! Turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans...Rice Crispy Treats? S'Mores? I love endless possibilities!

Buona Lettura!

Friday, August 9, 2013

While Away...We Are Foodies...After All!

We had awesome was here...Fruition! Small, exquisite, fun! Exceptional food!

These were potato wrapped oysters! Yum!

Another was here...Squeaky Bean!

This was a liquid nitrogen something or other! Double yum!

We had dinner at Elway's twice...yes...The Duke! John Elway! Football! I missed jumping all over him by seconds Tuesday night! Darn!

We had this twice...sushi tuna, a block of avocado and amazing sauces! Triple yum!

While Den was moving his dad...I went here...sat at the bar and had a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio and a local roasted salad...North! It was wonderful! Then back to our room to read the afternoon away!

The only place we missed was this one...True Food! Everything on the menu is a good for you was too crowded...we had an early flight and we wanted to get to bed! So we missed out! Sob!


But I bought the cookbook and it is fabulous! Did you know that there actually is a healthy vodka? Oh boy!

Reading a book called Vintage by Susan Gloss...out of the clue when the review is due nor do I care...but the book is yummy! There isn't even a cover shot out yet!

Yesterday I was not granted a book from Penguin on NetGalley...which is really funny because I get books from Penguin all of the time...their reason...from the Penguin rep not blog is not strictly a bookish is about life, too!

To that I say...PHOOEY! Do you actually think I care?

Buona Lettura!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thoughts! Complaints! Memories!

Here is what I learn and relearn about travel...I tried so hard to keep up with everything...maintain my blog...comment on other was so difficult this time. It was exhausting...I failed!

The two hour time difference was horrible...even taking Advil PM to help us sleep...did not help...we were wired and awake at 3 every morning! We could not fall back to sleep! Both flights were turbulent and so early that we never seemed to fully recover. We left our house at 4 in the morning to get to Denver and did the same thing to get home! We have tons of travel points and usually use them to fly first class...that helped...but we never caught up on sleep! I am an uneasy flier anyway...and the turbulence...OMG!

Then I had the added worry of leaving Lucy and Roxie for almost 6 days...for the first time. I know people think that kitties are easy to leave but this was the first time that my girls were alone together without me to monitor and supervise their still shaky relationship! We have an amazing cat-sitter who came in twice a day and we have these teeny little cameras in the house...we could watch them and see what they were doing 24/7. That helped us relax a bit...the girls seem closer...and haven't left our side since we got in yesterday! Lucy knows this routine but I think little Roxie might have thought we were not ever coming home! My sweet babies! Not sure Lucy liked being the "kitty in charge"...

Then the actual time in Denver...we tried to spend as much time with family as we could...but it's always never enough...sigh...we do our best but always fall short of everyone's expectations...sigh...and Den's dad's move...took a toll on everyone...more worry...more stress...more exhaustion! Plus my eyes puffed up...I bought these special herbal pads to refresh them...and they did the opposite!


Den zipped out for groceries...we are going to make a yummy breakfast and do laundry and get our lives back on track!

I am so sorry if I didn't comment on the blogs I always comment on...but I know you understand!

Buona Lettura!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We Are Back!

We were in Denver! We took this from our hotel room in Cherry Creek! We stayed at an amazing JW Marriott where we could walk to almost everything...tons of amazing! The hotel was so yummy! Big comfy beds, big TV's, Starbuck's coffees on the Concierge Floor! Even ice cold milk and Starbuck's cake pops at night! Yum!

We needed pampering because we were there for a sad reason. Den's dad had to move from one assisted living place to a new one where he will get more care. No one could tell him that he was moving because of upsetting him. It all had to be done according to a finely tuned plan. Den's dad needed to be distracted so his sons could move his stuff. It all worked out but it was a really exhausting day for his sons. And another sad moment when Den's dad thought that he wasn't wanted at his first home...and another sad moment for a special friend he had there who was so sad that he was gone...but apparently he was ball room dancing this morning and he told us that he liked it there. He won't be so isolated at this brand new place and will be engaged in activities to help his memory...still so sad, though!

Grandpa and his one grandson...

I managed to read 2 books during the 6 days we were gone...I tried to stick to my review schedule but it was hard...I am so behind with reviews that I will never catch up!

Read these...

Will finish these this week...hopefully?

Buona Lettura!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Life This Monday...

Reading this...loved The this is such a smooth book to read in spite of the era and the place...midlands of England? It starts so intensely with the opening pages...detectives...Day and Hammersmith...and their forensic guy...just plain yummy stuff!

New books?

Just a few...I always have new books but I really want to read these...before the movie...

Buona Lettura!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's Happening Today!

Finished this...simply lovely!

Reading this...loved The Yard...hope to love this! I needed something totally different from beaches and Nantucket!

Buona Lettura!