Friday, February 19, 2016

Not Sure But...


Not sure but...

I think I am just a teensy bit tired of wintery gray overcast skies. We feel cold. Everyone wants to snuggle or stay under the duvet. We aren't very hungry, we don't feel like going anywhere and we just realized we never got flu shots. Yikes! We have the east coast wintery blahs/blues. My skin is dry. I have been vaselining my heels like crazy and drinking tea and thinking about warmer weather. But nothing is cheering us up! Sigh!

Not sure but...

I think I have enough colored pencils now!


Not sure but...

In spite of the crazy woman serial killer...who did something very naughty with a toy shark...I really liked this book!


Not totally sure but...

This book is up next...

or this one...

Not sure but...

this is one huge quiche!

Not sure but...

these two could win a cuteness award! Oh yes!

Have a great weekend!

I will see you on Monday!






Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just A Mixed Bag Of Goodies?

Have you ever awakened with an idea in your head about what you just have to have, do, or get? ASAP?

Well...that's me today while I am watching Catfish on MTV...wondering why people are so gullible...until I become the gullible one! Life lately is about avoiding one scam after another! How many times do I have to say NO?

Oh...and anyone who even watches Catfish a few times should know that the amazing blonde you meet on line is actually not an amazing blonde or even a girl for that matter...

Now that my rant is done...I am onto the "goodies"...

Starving for Teriaki Chicken! Making it tonight!


Interested in making an upside down pizza in a bowl!

I think!

Love this guy on American Idol...he sang an amazing Billy Idol song!
Love these coloring books! At Amazon!

Want this over my fireplace! From Pottery Barn!

The hissing is over! I told Lucy to tell Roxie she is sorry!
Obvi...she did! And Roxie graciously accepted! Sort of...

Reading these...real book...Part 2 of my YA Dystopian Trilogy...probably better than the first. This is the series where I forgot that I read Part's all watery fishy creatures from the sea sort of good!

Kindle...just your average run of the mill female serial killer who escapes from prison because she seduced the female warden and convinced her to abandon an impeccable career and a family to go on the "lam" realistic books like this one...heeheehee!

Both are kind of yummy...

Okie dokie...right after I watch "My 600 Pound Life" and not eat again ever...I need to tackle my Thursday List. I also just read an article about the 51 foods you should never eat ever and now I have nothing left to eat.

When did a turkey platter become a dinner plate?


Den and Roxie seem to be good today so...that's good! No pain for Den and no sighting of plastic for Roxie. Anywhere!

Lucy can look so sweet...

And yet be quite unkind to her baby sister...

I leave you with that thought!

Have a good one!

Any thing you need to get today?



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Day After Plus This Post Is Loaded With Random Thoughts...

Den and Roxie seem better today...Roxie seems " normal" but I am still really watching her. We found a strange pice of plastic on the stairs yesterday so I don't know if this is connected to what Roxie ate or whether Lucy has sneaky plans and clever tricks and is planting traps for Roxie. Sigh!

Last night Lucy turned her back on Roxie even though I doused both of them with perfume. Cats can not really be reasoned with!

I am starting to be really annoyed with this book. This backwards forwards thing is making me crazy. What's worse is that I don't even know if I like this book any more! It is irritating me!


A funny thing happened on Valentine's Day. I think a network announced that it was going to show romantic old black and white movies all day long. Den was excited but I wasn't. The first one was something called

"The Philadelphia Story"...

Den falls asleep. I watch and am riveted to it. But...the best thing is that at some point Katherine Hepburn mentions a little house she owns in the country in Unionville. She says its full of streams and trails and meadows and farms. What's so funny is that we live right next door to Unionville! Unionville is filled with big houses and horse farms and BYOB restaurants and Farmer's Markets. It's a cool place to live! And I am thinking that where the main characters lived is somewhere in Mainline Philadelphia which is barely 45 minutes from Unionville? Too funny!


I kind of want these...from Zara.

I kind of want this creamy Dijon chicken for dinner...from Simply Delicious. With creamy mashed potatoes, too. And a creamy pudding cup for dessert.

Cream be my theme!

Kind of loving "block" heeled shoes! These are from Free People!

Kind of loving this silky top from Sundance!


Ok...I am done with my randomness.

Have a great day!



Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's Been That Kind Of Day!!!

So...Den had to have two way back teeth pulled this morning...but he is fine right now.

Roxie ate a minuscule clothing plastic tab...we watch everything that comes into this house that could be a potential hazard but somehow we missed this...we wrap floss in tissues to throw away. We put toys away...even cat toys when she is unsupervised. Tape, rubber bands, plastic wrap, plastic bags, hair ties...all are hidden and yet she found a tiny piece of plastic and ate it and immediately coughed and choked.

It was pouring rain today...wind so fierce I could barely see the road but Roxie and I zipped to the vet. We were there for about two hours. Every pet in town decided to chew and swallow a foreign object today. And they were all ahead of Roxie.

Roxie and I waited and waited and waited and waited. They took her off for X-rays and I waited some more. She's so cute and tiny that the vet carried her all around to show her to everyone. X-rays seemed ok. And as soon as we got home we found a tiny plastic piece on the stairs. Hmmm!

Both patients are resting comfortably. I am, too! Lucy won't stop hissing at poor Roxie because of the vet office smells so I have sprayed both of them with my cologne...hopefully this works. But so far it's not working! The fierce hissing continues!

Still reading this...


But I can't help thinking that there could be a part of this plastic piece floating around in my Roxie!

How was your day?




Monday, February 15, 2016

So...The Week Begins!

Finished both of these over the weekend...loved them both but I especially loved Perry! Perry T. Cook! He has been raised in a prison. His mom is an inmate. His room is next door to the warden's office. Perry is remarkable...bright and responsible and clever and just simply lovely. He is so happy until a DA comes along and doesn't like where Perry lives and wants him out of the prison! It's a sweetly sad story that had me cheering and crying for Perry! It's the perfect middle grade book for adults!


Firstlife was really good, too. Different and unique...with a great female leading character...Ten...she thinks with numbers!


Reading this now...I seem to have a huge stack of sort of middle grade books to read...this one is about a contest for new wizards! This author has written tons of these!
And...lest I forget about all of my "grown up" books...I am reading this totally absorbing grown up mystery on my new unnamed Paperwhite in "bookerly" font...which I love! It's a story of a missing girl...something that happened a while ago...but it appears to be unfolding in 15 days starting backwards! Needless to say until I get a grip on's confusing!
We saw Dead Pool today! OMG! So good! So funny! So cleverly done!
But these bizarre action movies are my faves...I am weird like that...Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America! Love them all!
We were at AMC Cinema Suites for our movie. I ate some really awful pretzel bites while Den noshed on chicken strips, French fries, Cole slaw and two baby biscuits! I didn't realize he ordered lunch! Mid way through the movie we had a huge coffee...that tasted so delicious! Cinema Suites has those big comfy chairs with foot rests! I love those foot rests! I will see anything as long as it's in Cinema Suites! to read Wizards and have a baked potato for dinner. It is snowy, icy and not very warm outside!
Tonight it's The Bachelor or The Grammys...they both call my name!