Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday Flowers!

From my two favorite family Birthday To Me!

It's a beautiful day...age is just a number...right?

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Friday! I Have A Giveaway!

This is the book that kept Lucy and me up until after three in the morning on Wednesday!

Here is a yummy description...from Carroll's website! And...this book was all that...and the juicy bits were tasteful, too! That's from me!

To the outside world, Azimuth Point looks like an idyllic enclave for the rich and beautiful, but lying not far beneath the surface is a world of greed, power, unrequited love, unsavory lust, betrayal, and ultimately murder.

Azimuth Point elite live apart from those of lesser means, the residents of nearby Azimuth Village and the town of East Meridian. A physical barrier, The Ledge, extends into the sea and is passable only at low tide, underscoring the distance between the two worlds. Their only common bond, and perhaps the only good thing the people of Azimuth Point ever supported, is the East Meridian Hospital.

But now, handsome and tyrannical Brax Montgomery, whose career to this point has consisted of living off his wife’s money, is Chairman of the Board of the Hospital. Silver-haired Sadie Brockwell, long-time Azimuth Point resident and board trustee, suspects Brax and his immoral sidekick John Lansdowe have a hidden agenda.

The beautiful surgeon Diana Manning has never stopped loving her childhood sweetheart Robb Wells, a successful, married architect. And why did the cute young waitress at the Ebb Tide Inn sneak into Azimuth Point that summer? Longing and fulfillment ebb and flow in time with crashing ocean waves on Azimuth Point.

This is Carroll...then and now...her history is fascinating! This is Carroll at her Deb Ball in Austria. She is first in line...taken in 1961!

This is Carroll now. She loves cats!

Carroll told me this yesterday...

My childhood friend Holley Flagg did the watercolor map of Azimuth Point. She is a well known New York and Narragansett RI artist.

My son Teodor (nickname Tidge) did the interactive webpage. We have received many kudos on this electronic way of peaking peoples interest in reading a book.

You can find more information on Carroll's web

Carroll is giving one of my readers her book! This one! So exciting...

A comment is your will help me choose a lucky winner! Contest runs for one week!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh Me Oh My... are the winner of...ta da...

The author will send it to you ASAP!

Lucy and I were up until threeish reading delicious! It's a sort of year round beach community, lots of mystery, angst, people you love to hate...juicy bits...this book was a surprise that I could not put down! On my iPad you can click on each house and find out more about much fun!

Den was away for work for a few days...thus the reading until the wee morning. I have not done that in a long time. Kind of tired now, though...need more pumpkin spice coffee...I know...sounds awful...but the flavor is subtle!

What does today entail?

Freshening up the house, a walk, and a trip to the grocery store so that there is some actual dinner other than yogurt, soup, cheese on toast, and salad! My kind of But I need more returning warrior husband kind of food. I need to slay something...

Reading epic adventure and quest! Oh boy!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debating Debates...LOL...

This is how Lucy saw it...

What? Another debate? Yes, Lucy...sorry, Lucy...

It's not polite to point...right? Looking at Patty for confirmation!

Say what? OMG!

Undecided yet intensely!

Attempting my first zombie book for Amazon Vine!
The setting is the city of brotherly it won't be too flesh eating! Yikes!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday...Stuff In My Head!

I feel the need to make these. This recipe is in the Whole Foods Newsletter.

I really want to make this...this chef was on the Today Show yesterday. It's braised sausages, potatoes, apples, baby onions and prunes. The prune part might be a bit iffy...

I want to finish this today. I am sort of savoring it. It is such a pure and magical book.

I thought I bought Lucy a pumpkin hat for out it's a carrot!
Who knew?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Really Do Love Books!

I am so excited by these...

All new releases from a new imprint and all yummy! A note from their site...

Lead by New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline Mitchard, Merit Press Books has one monumental goal in mind:

"When they close the books we're going to publish, I want young people and adults to feel changed forever."

Thank you so much, Leyane! I will be reading these for December and January!

And now...

The minute wizardry was mentioned about this book...I knew I had to have just sounds so good! Thank you Amazon one

So...that's my stash and I am off to read! Whoopsie...

Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it...but...first...I have chores! Then I am going to sit in the sunroom and read on this very rainy Monday!

My sofa and book are yearning for me.

Or perhaps I will try the chair today!

Happy Monday!

Breakfast, Papers, SNL, Football, Dinner, Amazing Race, Bed!

That's our day...dinner...a Sunday roast of beef with carrots and slow cooking away. A request for mashed potatoes and gravy has been since gravy is not my forte...I have to figure that one out. Hello, Gravy Googling!

Our concert last night was good...but I have discovered that I get bored, restless and antsy at concerts...much to Den's dismay!

This place delightfully surprises us every time we attend a concert there. We were really close to the stage at a comfy table for two. I had an excellent martini and this salad...arugula, roasted golden beets, goat cheese...mmmmm...really yummy!


We split a baby pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread crust and cranberry compote...really delicious.

Reading this...and it's so good...but I loved the first one...this one sort of grabs you right breakneck speed. This has to be a movie...seriously! It is that good!
Right now...all I want to read is fantasy...

With that said/ er...ah...typed...I am off...
Happy Sunday!