Friday, February 24, 2017

A Fun Friday...

The weather here is amazing! Sunny, warm, and of course that makes thoughts of flowers and gardens pop into our heads. Den has plans to work outside most of the day. Sun is streaming through all of the windows and we actually have windows open. It's lovely. It makes me think of fresh starts, renewals and an actual end to chemo gets closer and closer...hopefully.

My plans today...

I want to make soup out of the leftover turkey breast...we always get them from Trader Joe's...and they are always yummy. Dinner tonight is halibut...wild from Weggieman's and butternut squash veggie noodles...also Weggieman's...I have a spiralizer but it's so much easier to buy them! Prespiralized? Spiralized elsewhere? Less mess?

Butternut Squash!
Sweet potatoes!
Cauliflower Rice! Also fresh from Weggieman's.
I am using this to make Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowls!
From What's Gaby Cooking!
And after being so virtuous with all these veggies...there is carrot cake for dessert! Weggieman's, of course!

I seriously don't think I could live anywhere where there was not a Weggieman's. I can't wait to actually go inside of one again. Den went shopping yesterday and I went, too, but virtually. He calls...thank God for big iPhones...and we wander each department. Here in PA Weggieman's is running veggie noodle commercials so that department was packed. I wanted zucchini noodles but they were all shopped out! Who knew?


Reading this...

And this...

And this...

I always said I would never read more than one book at a time and now I am really reading three at a time...yikes!


See you on Monday! I love 5 day blogging!




Thursday, February 23, 2017

Books And Milk That Is Golden!

Golden Milk!

What I am learning about Golden Milk is that for the three days we have been using it...Den is our "Golden Milk Maker"...I have slept incredibly soundly. There are tons of recipes for it on the web but they are all pretty much the same. This is the recipe we used...

Den makes it in the afternoon...enough for two days and we microwave it at night and drink it...then brush our teeth yet one more time and we are done!

Tomorrow...when we need a new batch...we are going to try a different recipe. I also found a recipe for a Golden Milk Latte...using coffee...making this in the afternoon sounds interesting. It's all about the turmeric for me...that's the key ingredient. I don't think it even has a's all of the other gingery spices that make it taste so yummy.


Finished this...I thought it was a beautiful book. Divorce and siblings and dueling parents and an event that forever changes everyone.

What I am reading...and loving! And not just because there is a sweet kitten in this's one of those books that is so special and addictive from the very first pages...

Books I want right now! But don't have...yet! Right now...for's the covers of these three books!

Off to start my day!




Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Where Did Wednesday Go?

Today seemed to fly by! I roasted a turkey breast, went for a blood test, had a sopprasetta, very sharp provolone cheese and roasted red pepper sandwich for lunch and watched Den make Golden Milk!

Now we are waiting for a pizza delivery! Yum!

Golden Milk...there are about a million recipes online but I think they will all taste the same. It's a cinnamon chai like drink. We are making ours with organic coconut milk. We drink it warm...just before bed. It's supposed to be really great for insomnia...that's why I wanted to drink it. It's supposed to have anti inflammatory anti cancer effects, too. It tastes good...we had it for the first time last night and it is really delicious. Bonus...I slept all night long!

Finished this...a beautiful graphic novel for middle grades...with a message.

Now reading this...a YA novel about two families who share a vacation house...the families reside in it on alternate weeks...because of a bitter's really good, too!

Pizza is here...




Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nothing Hurts! And Books!


Today I am finally out of my Neulasta Slump! My body just aches after that Neulasta's not's just body aches that make me want to just stay still...and a weariness that makes me feel sorry So...I call my sister and cry...I hate doing it...but then soon we are talking about my parents and laughing. My sister Paula told me that she is more aware of ladies going through the same issues that I am going through. She is vacationing in Florida and saw a lady wearing a "chemo" cap like mine. She wanted to go to her and just say something...anything...encouraging...but she didn't want to bother her. That made us both think that if it was our mom...well...our mom would have gone to that lady and hugged her and told a complete stranger that she was in her prayers. That was our mom! Our mom went to Mass every day and prayed for everyone! I could call my brothers and cry, too, but it would just make them feel awkward. So my sister is my shoulder to cry on. Sorry, Paula! Oh...I do cry to girlfriends and my sisters in law, too...but Paula gets the biggest share of tears. I really don't cry often...just after Big Chemo and's bad for a few days and then I can be almost normal for over two weeks...hairless but normal! Advantages? My legs are silky smooth and my eyebrows don't need tweezing!


Reading's fantasy fiction and I am captivated by the cover. This is a new author and other fantasy fiction authors that I love are raving about this book.


Also reading this...on my Kindle...because I randomly started it and I have to have a Kindle book for reading in the dark!

My fave "chemo" cap...lightweight...easy to wear...I have every color! But I still miss my hair!







Monday, February 20, 2017



this one but I didn't really love it...Isabelle...the main character was the queen of bad decision making. Normally that is usually fun in a book but in this book it was irritating!

New books...

From Amazon...

"Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre retold against the backdrop of San Francisco's most fabulous—and dangerous—elites."

From Amazon...


"Bestselling author Georgia Bockoven is at her powerful and emotional peak in this novel perfect for fans of Nancy Thayer and Elin Hilderbrand."

From Amazon...

"A sparkling debut set in Mark Twain's boyhood town, Flood is a story of what it means to be lost . . . and found."

The weather yesterday was amazing! Den opened the French doors off of the sunroom and the door fell apart! Add yet one more repair to our list of growing repairs and replacements! Den needs a new desk chair, the ice maker stopped working...the list goes on and on! This morning our bedroom TV would not turn on until we realized that Roxie sat on the remote and switched something or turned something off...too funny!

Off to read!