Saturday, January 4, 2014

Zero Degrees! Yikes!


Getting nails done while Den snags some provisions...he is making me his special tacos for soon as he invents! We are not eating processed foods so I have been cooking way too much...he is hungry for tacos so he has to make go, Den!!!

Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for this photo!

Finished this...loved the troubled central character...Detective Andy Hicks...hated the grisly bits...oh my...but it was still an awesome book!

Danielle...from Witness Impulse at Harper Collins sent me this the other day...thank you, Danielle!

I started it at three-ish last night and could not put it down...another English mystery...I truly just love them...and it was so cold that both girls were tucked under the covers with me with their heads on my pillows! I could barely see over their heads to read!

Having these for dinner...we were going to have them yesterday but...I got out of the mood!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow...And Lots Of It!

It's absolutely beautiful outside and everything is covered in snowed all night long!

It's also scary cold outside...all I can hear are dueling snowblowers! Life in the burbs!

House is tidied...floors vacuumed...girls are day is clear...I will work out in a bit but right now...

I have a need to read!

I have to find out why these terrible killings are happening! I also need to find out why Detective Hicks doesn't really like his pregnant wife any more. I need to discover what the creepy yet lovely handmade candles have to do with anything. This book is making me crazy! Really truly crazy!

This happened last night! A major breakthrough! It helped that for the first time ever Roxie sort of shimmied up to Lucy instead of somersaulting into her and often over her. Lucy reacted sweetly! They didn't fight until 10 minutes!

Happy Day!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


It's selfie day! Lol! We are slap happy around here prepping for snow! We can't wait! I think...unless we lose power and then it won't be fun any more!

We spent yesterday freaking out because Lucy had a huge lump under her chin...all of a sudden. We are all just back from the vet's...Lucy had an infected hair follicle...she is fine...on antibiotics...and grumpy with her I have to give her a blood pressure pill, a teensy bit of phenobarbital because we are weaning her off of it and an antibiotic twice a day...for ten days! She runs from me whenever I even look at her!


As promised!

Bad hair day selfie...

Cute Roxie Blue selfie...

Grumpy Lucy selfie...

My first book of the year is so awesome...I can't stop reading!

Happy Snow Day!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Have a wonder filled year everyone! I want to cherish every single day...Den and I don't really make resolutions...we just try to try harder...except that this year we want to eat as clean as we can...Roxie and Lucy are joining in our quest to eat clean!

Cheers! This is my totally organic morning drink...including the think!

We are eating foods today that will foster health, wellness and prosperity! I am so superstitious about mom and dad always made massive pork roasts, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut...a hard and fast tradition.

I just did not want to start the year laden with are having an Italian dish called...Lentils With Sausages! Ta Da! This recipe is from Epicurious and the sausages are not processed...but freshly made. The lentils stand for little coins!

I have stuff ready to make either one of these...potstickers...and sautéed dinosaur kale?

Chinese long noodles with cabbage?

Both foods eaten today bring a prosperous year...I am not at all I?

And just to be on the safe side...I have a black eyed pea salad at the ready! This one is from a blog called Tomatoes On The Vine...I found fresh organic black eyed peas at Whole Foods yesterday.

My first book of the year is waiting for me...

Happy Day!

Oh...and what a door to Whole Foods is a little shop that sells Pandora everything...I actually got my New Year's Charm! See! Too many open spaces...sigh! I have gone from never wanting one of these things to being obsessive about getting charms that tell my story!

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Totally changed our plans for tonight...opted to stay home instead of going is freezing cold here and we just feel like being inside and at home tonight!

Making shrimp and grits for dinner...this recipe is from Saveur Magazine...

We are...of course...going through the Good Will drop off today...I have been very good about collecting giveaways but one of us has put off the actual removal of all of this stuff from the basement until now! Actually until this very minute...he is bagging and putting stuff in the car now...I am

We are grabbing some groceries for tonight and tomorrow...lunching out...then home!

It is supposed to get even colder! Tonight is the big mushroom drop in our town but we are not going...the town will be full of people and food trucks and music and fun! But we would rather be at home...cozy and warm!

This is the about to be dropped will be lit and dropped from a crane for the first time ever! Yikes!

Reading this...

Want this...

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Lovely Books On A Monday Morning...

Eye doctor appointments this morning...I am totally out of contacts...wearing cool but not prescription reading glasses...I hate going to the eye doctor! Could he possibly find eye damage from too much reading? OMG! Den loves these appointments we go to Not so much...they are twice as long!

New books from Amazon Vine...yummy...a great way to start the new year!

Yummy...I love these translated books!

So excited about this one!

More mystery, mayhem and murder!

Can't wait...

Love Tessa Hadley...excited by this one, too!

I think this will be the book I read first on New Year's Day! Yum! Ta da!

Freaked out last night when my Kindle Paperwhite froze and refused to charge...but I fixed it! Ya hoo! I need all three devices to maximize my reading Kindle, my iPad2 and an old fashioned handheld real book! Lol!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's Raining! It's Pouring! Life Goes On!

It's a football/nacho kind of Sunday...but that's later! We are reading papers, watching BBC's Atlantis and relaxing.

We were going to go to a movie BUT the pouring rain just made us want to stay inside where it's cozy and warm...

Reading this...I have seen only sort of ho hum reviews of this book but so far I really like it! Plus I tend to love the books that Laurel-Rain loves and she gave this one a lovely review! Laurel-Rain and I are dangerous for each other...we tend to lean toward the same kinds of books!

Lucy...seems so much better...after her nightmarish health scare...we try to appreciate having her with day at a time...she takes a high blood pressure pill daily...and we are weaning her off of the seizure med...she and Roxie seem more loving...Lucy seems as active as ever. Lucy is the kitty my parents knew and loved...the kitty who stayed with me when I helped my sister take care of them...the kitty that went to their assisted living. My attachment to Lucy is deep...sigh!

Happy Sunday!