Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

Kitty fights...

Interesting foods...individual layered nachos from Everyday Foods.

Little tiny chicken bites from Barefeet In The Kitchen.

Lake Lure Cottage's Quinoa Egg Frittatas.

Want's from a site called BootsNGus...for my fireplace mantle.

Focusing on finishing's so good!

Happy Weekend! See you on Monday!

Friday, March 21, 2014

I Love Being Random!

Lunching out with some old school! It's a fun gastro pub!

Last night's dinner was freaking amazing...this is by far the easiest best lasagna I have ever made...I think using Rao's sauce was the key! Thank you Pinch Of Yum!

See this Merry Go Round? It's from Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio! It's now under the Brooklyn Bridge! My dad would take us to Idora Park almost every Sunday. We rode that, ate foot long hot dogs, dribbled Isaly's ice cream all over us and put pennies in machines in the Penny Arcade! Oh my!

This is the cake I want for my birthday! Except I don't get how baby stuff and thick books go together! Do you? So...Den...skip the rattles and pacifiers! It's from an organic bakery called...The Flour Shop!

Finished this...

Working on this...

Starting this...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Book Stuff!

I hate my post titles lately...I really need to work on them...I am in a title slump!

Denise! It's yours!

Hand picked the old fashioned way by Roxie Blue! There is a tiny little folded piece of paper in her needs

Reading this...I love Jane Green's books and this one is already fun!

Making this for's called Skinny Spinach Lasagna from Pinch Of Yum! I love that it uses no boil noodles and fresh spinach! Yum!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's Stuff...

Just finished absorbing! Loved the NYC location...
Grace finds out her husband is not the person he portrays himself to be..ok...what's new about that? In Grace's case she has just written a book about the choices that we all make in our lives...and that we innately know that these choices were wrong for us from the start. As a therapist, this is what Grace preaches to her clients. But when it backfires in her face...when one nightmarish thing after another about her husband is results are shocking! I loved this book. It was so good!

I am gathering up the contestants for Bittersweet and will announce the winner tomorrow. Oh boy!

I love this next part of the day...deciding what to read next! The contestants are...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So Many Books! is yet one more thing I have learned about me as a reader...I can read two books at a time and I sort of like it! But...I know I have said this is a real book and one is on my Kindle Paperwhite...but it works! It really works! Except that my Kindle and my book can't be on the same floor. My book stays downstairs and my Kindle stays that's not too it? This rule can not be broken...ever!

So...I am alternating these two...this week.

Upstairs book...

Downstairs book...

Both are so good I can't stand it!

On a sad note...there is nothing in this house to actually I am going to read for an hour and then trek to Whole Foods for provisions! Whole Foods has these amazing veggie potstickers that I sauté...then make a dipping sauce for...Den is a boy who lives for sauces. Then I sauté Dragon Kale...with a teensie bit of olive oil and fresh garlic...and voila...we have dinner!


I also want to make these...later in the week...both are baked...this one is roasted Italian cauliflower from

This is totally baked fish and chips from

Den just called. He forgot his Invisaline braces...did I mention he is wearing those...and his meetings are done so he is meeting me at Harvest...a restaurant near Whole Foods and taking me to lunch!

Now I get to read longer and still get groceries!

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Bittersweet Giveaway!

I loved this book...I know...I have said it a million times...sorry! I have a beautiful shiny new one to giveaway to someone! Simply leave a comment here...that's all that you need to do! However...if you already left a comment on my FB post about this...not to worry...I will gather those and drop them into the virtual hat, too! Thank you Miranda! Thank you Random House! I will draw a name on Wednesday!

Miranda and I have spent some fun Twitter time casting the movie...there simply has to be one!

Yummy new Kindle Paperwhite is so heavy this week...I could not resist buying's the covers and the summaries...they get me every time! Fantasy, witches, long hot summers, cup of reading tea!

I have some new ones to review...I will share those tomorrow!

In the middle of this's so good...NYC and wealthy moms in all of their glory. Private school, privileged children and an event that tears life apart for one family. I love reading books that take place in NYC.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Stuff!

Reading this...a women with a successful career and popular book on relationships finds her own marriage totally messed up...I love this book!

Making a vegetable side for dinner.

Nails and glittery!

Waiting for

Playing with her...

And her..

My life right now seems to be all about playing, chasing, reading, cooking, and organizing. I went through clothes, shoes and bags last week for another closet cleansing...I had three massive bags of stuff for Big Brothers And Big Sisters! I am determined to be ready just in case we decide to live elsewhere.

Have a wonderful Sunday!