Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I now have an official domain and my blog will post from Wordpress!  I am still working on formatting.  Wordpress is not at all like my beloved Blogsy but I will adjust!  I had tremendous help from friends with far greater transporting skills than I have...I was BLESSED!

I have no have no clue how to add photos, links, indentations...all of the things I love about please bear with me.  Thank you so much...this experience has made me realize how much I love to write about stuff and how happy it makes me when you read it and take the time to comment! 



My New Wordpress Blog is...
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Monday, October 2, 2017

No Clue!

Blogsy And Blogger both stopped working today.  Apple had a huge update yesterday that got rid of
them...they can’t work on the new am scrambling.  I will figure out something and be back as soon as I can!


Friday, September 29, 2017

What To Read Over The Week End!

Sometimes seasons affect what I read...Fall and Winter make me seek out hefty sturdy stick to your ribs chunksters...books that go along with the soups in my slowcooker. But I am really having a difficult time choosing the next book I want to read. I think that what I really want to do is just keep on reading all of the Miss Seeton order...I think. I have also been just a little tired and cranky...sorry, Den. And then Lucy is sick this morning and we are supposed to keep her isolated for a day or two while med's kick in. So she is in the bathroom upstairs while Roxie sits outside the bathroom door crying for her. I really do have a headache. We were going to walk on our trail today...go to the farm for produce and then go to lunch. We have done none of that. Right now we are in the family room, reading with Diagnosis Murder on in the background listening to both Lucy and Roxie crying. Sigh!

Oh...we are doing laundry, too...even more fun.

What I am reading are these...they are sort of thick and chunky.

We are making fish sandwiches for dinner with crispy baked oven fries...sort of a fish and chips healthy knock off...

These are from simplyrecipes...

I want to make a slow cooker soup on Sunday! It's chilly here!

I have this weird craving for a Beef And Barley the one I used to eat for lunch every day from Campbells!

Diagnosis Murder is getting pretty intense...the kitties are finally

is Den...I still can't settle on a book to read.




Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Cats Love Them Some Paula...Plus Book Thoughts, Too!

My girls refused to leave my sister alone on her visit. My sister is not a cat person. But they insisted on convincing her that she should love them. Roxie seriously somersaulted into my sister's arms about a hundred times. When she wasn't somersaulting she was nudging the back of my sister's hair. We would ask her where Paula was and she would get excited and prance around to find her. She followed Paula everywhere. Elder kitty Lucy just wanted to be next to her. Such is the mystery of cats! Den and I were not important to them while my sister Paula was here. Usually they sleep in my room and only come downstairs when they need food. But they both kept late hours...and commandeered the they were right next to her. At one point I went to bed and Lucy...who always is with me...stayed downstairs on a pillow next to my sister Paula!


Finished this...I am in love with this series...I thought I wanted a break from the quirky citizens of Plummergen but I sort of zipped right into the second one.


Reading this, too, but it's not a good idea to read two mysteries at the same time.

Other stuff...

I had this idea that one big bed would be better for Lucy and Roxie rather than their individual was a bad idea because all it did was provide Roxie with an easy way to somersault into Lucy's fragile bones and torment sent the bed home to cousin Izzy...who seems to love it! Luckily Amazon Vine tossed this massive bed in my queue. My sister's grandson loves it, too. He told his mom he was sleeping in it with Izzy!

Lucy and Roxie are sleeping on my bedroom reading chair on top of a kitty heating pad and 6 pillow shams. It seems to be working for them. We had to take their beds away because although both were identical...they were fighting over them and only wanted to sleep in one...but they both wanted the same one! I don't get it at all but with the beds gone they aren't fighting. But Lucy claimed the pillow and they won't switch sides. Kitties are complicated!

Garage doors are being installed...all day long today!

I am off to walk on the treadmill...then read and perhaps knit this from last year...a kit I never started! From weareknitters!




Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Football is highly conducive to knitting. My sister knits during football and talks to the TV...much like Den...without the knitting. We literally stayed in on Saturday and Sunday...other than walks and church...because my sister Paula loves football. Den loves football. Patty, Lucy and not love football but I read, played games and occasionally begged off and went upstairs to my room to watch the Hallmark Channel...I was desperate to watch anything other than football. I didn't even care how hokey it was. I also knew my sister wanted to take care of me. She had preprepped dinners...we had carnitas in a bowl one night...tiny ham and cheese sliders on Saturday and an Italian sauce that had a roast in it...she cooks it for hours on top of the stove until the meat falls apart. I have recipes for everything! The roast sauce involves chopping carrots and celery and garlic and onions but I have Weggieman's...and their prechopped stuff! I love it...Den and I also squirreled away all of the leftovers...we have a carnita dinner and two roast sauce dinners in the freezer. Plus...she brought us two Briar Hill's the pizza from our little Ohio town and it cannot be duplicated anywhere...they are also in the freezer!

This is a Briar Hill Pizza...the only cheese is grated Parmesan cheese and it always has peppers on it. It's kind of like a Philadelphia tomato pie but not really.

My sister bought more yarn today and started a new project. We went to a yarn store in Chesapeake City...on the water...we had crab cakes for lunch at the Bayard House. Chesapeake City is a sweet little town right on the water.
The town looks like this...everything is in these old old beautiful houses!

This is a view from inside of the yarn store!
My sister is making this and I am making one, too!

From Edelweiss...
I love Charles Todd mysteries!
From the publisher...this is her new YA Dystopian! It was a surprise in the mail!
From NetGalley...
Some sweet cozy mysteries...
We had a long wonderful day today!
Paula is leaving in the morning.
I miss her already!