Saturday, April 13, 2013


We had the air conditioning on for over two days this week...but...last night we needed the heat!

What's up with the weather?

I am still going through the "I got no kitchen" blues...or should it be the "I ain't got no kitchen blues." Is that even a question?

Den is still telling me to get over it.

Lucy and Roxie are still sliding paper plates all over the floor.

April 25th still seems a way long time away!

Do granite cutters take bribes? Hmmmm...

Is that bad that I am even still thinking about bribing my granite people?


I am not a nice person when my life is out of kilter!

Still sighing!

Reading this...still really good...I love John Grisham like court dramas where the case that everyone gives up on can possibly be won by the attorney who has lost everything and needs massive amounts of Scotch to get through the day! It's the perfect formula!


I think I read almost 4 books this week! I have to read 8 Amazon Vine books by May 15th...that's not so much of an issue for me since I have no life right now...but I have lots of egalleys from Edelweiss and NetGalley...all are yummy and all are must I am on a reading rampage!


Happy Saturday!

Today is "Appreciate Your Kitchen" Day! Cook!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Trish...from Desktop Retreats...posted this today...isn't it perfect?

Open a book and start reading. Don't move until you've reached page fifty. Until you've buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve.
~Carol Shields

I find that when one part of my life is in disarray I become sort of mind says...I can't clean...I don't have a kitchen! Do laundry? I can't...I don't have a kitchen...see how my mind works? I am far too regimented!

The only thing that I can do is read...and that's what I have been's rainy and chilly here today so we can't go's an indoor broody kind of day!

The other thing...takeout is not as much fun as I thought it might be...I want a salad...crunchy homemade dressing...and I wasn't insightful enough to prep that ahead of time!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It Actually Wasn't So Bad!

It helped that Den was helped that Lucy and Roxie stuck to me upstairs like glue...except for one mad dash that Roxie made downstairs to investigate...she couldn't resist...Lucy knows

It helped that the two men working were neat and careful and meticulous about their work.

I love my new island! It's not even painted yet but I love it! It will get knobs and be all white...granite is blackish...I think! The no water in the kitchen thing is old already. Our Marie Callender's turkey dinners were not as yummy as I thought they would be...Lucy and Roxie slide their paper plates all over the kitchen floor...and the 10 days doesn't even start until tomorrow! Oh...there is a vent there that we just taped shut because we were afraid Roxie would try to slide down it to the basement. They are both having fun jumping in and out of all openings! Sigh!

Finished this...

Reading this...

No cooking allows for tons more reading time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Bad At All!

Den is downstairs in his study working...all of the old counter tops are gone...Den's study looks like a kitchen girls and I are up in our room...they have to be contained because workers are in and out.

No cooking starts today! I am kind of thrilled about this!

So far we are going to a wine dinner next Friday...Moro's!

Japanese tonight...Kyoto's!

Marie Calendar's frozen dinners tomorrow...this is really Marie! She's kind of cute!

And we just got one of these...

This is our life until April 26th! Our food life anyway...this might be a good time to fast or go on a raw food diet but I can't wash any fruits or veg...

Reading this...light hearted really good chic lit to take my mind off of things...kitcheny things!

I am not worrying about recycling right now...and for the next ten coffee in my favorite mugs, no setting the table, and no flatware...even Lucy and Roxie are using paper and plastic!

Any tips on how to get through this? There will not be running water or a cooktop in the kitchen until the 26th...I guess we could grill but then I have to find somewhere to wash grill utensils...ick!

On another was so hot here yesterday we turned on the air conditioner!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day Before Kitchen Deconstruct...

It's's lovely out...birds are is an awesome day!

Finished this...and it was alternated between 1931 and 1938. It took place in Manhattan or Seaview...a beach community in Rhode Island. It was that era where everyone smoked something called Chesterfield's and got dressed up for everything...oh...deviled eggs were big, too! Yesterday was a laundry I sat in the sunroom with Lucy and Roxie and Jakie...and read and folded and folded and read...until before I knew it the book was done. It was lovely!

I actually finished this early this morning...very apocalyptic...very creepy...very scary...not as good as Hunger Games for me but still good.

Now reading this...I plan on more quiet reading in the sunroom today...I truly do need peace and quiet before tomorrow.

The one good thing is that I have convinced Den he needs to be here for this...I am a bit worried about all of my stainless appliances...we do need to keep Roxie and Lucy contained in a room...and I just don't want to monitor all of this by myself...I normally do this stuff on my own but I want his help with this one...

Have an awesome day everyone...I hope you are having a yummy sunny day where you are, too!

Monday, April 8, 2013

This Week...

Counter tear out, island redo, template for new dark yummy exciting...

Bad part...trying to feed two fur kids, one feather kid, and the two of us for 10 days without water in the kitchen...yikes!

This week...I am going to try to stick to a reading plan...ha ha ha!

I will finish this...and it is so good...this author wrote you remember that book? This book...starts in preppy colleges in the 1930's, goes on to a beach community in 1938. It's the kind of beach community where you get dressed up at night to go and have a lovely gin and tonic at the club with dancing later! Sigh!

I plan to read these later...this week...

We worked on the sunny deck plants yet but a new outdoor rug...the sounds from the pond and the birds this time of year are delightful!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Haze Of Shiny Stuff...

We went to the sink and faucet store armed with our measurements and detailed notes from Mike our contractor guy...he is tearing out old countertops and building me a big new island...and directions from our granite guys...and we were still confused...we have a lovely pull down faucet but no sink...who knew sinks could be so confusing? Who knew faucets could be so varied...and shiny...and do so much cool stuff other than just spout water!

We should have moved...seriously!

Oh me oh my...

But we did go to lunch...I had a lovely yummy ahi tuna burger with an amazing pale ale!

Then...we threw caution to the wind and got Rita's Water Ices...which meant that Den had the disgusting combination of root beer water ice and frozen custard and I had frozen custard in a waffle cone...then we couldn't eat dinner...not one bite...which always happens when we have a boozy beery lunch which really means for us a one beer lunch but I love saying boozy...and I actually love saying beery...then while reading the paper we discovered that someone that I had taught died of an overdose...which really makes the day sort of a sad one. She was sweet and smart and funny as a second grader and lost as a 23 year old.


Our plan today is to forget about the kitchen until we have to think of it on Wednesday morning.

Mike said we only have to empty out the cabinets under the sink and old island. Den says we have to take down my huge IKEA industrial shelves so that Mike's guys can get in and out more easily...grrrrrrr!

I need any mess contained to one room so that I keep my sanity so everything is going into Den's I have a few days to get mentally geared up for this...

Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue will be upstairs contained in a bedroom until the guys leave! Yikes!

I think Lucy is pleased by't that look like a smile? And I think Roxie looks worried! Lol!

Happy Sunday!