Friday, February 3, 2017

Today We Shop...Tomorrow We Clean...

Den is out shopping...he has a specific are printed...menus made for the week end. It's Super Bowl! We don't really care who wins and we just want to be comfy and eat. We are making these for lunch...from Skinnytaste.

And these for dinner from Anna@crunchycreamysweet...slowcooker barbecued ribs...

And we are making an organic white cake with white buttercream icing that is not as organic...

And I finally found a recipe for an oil and vinegar cabbage salad that we love!

It's a really simple one from Rachel Ray.

So...I plan to stick with fantasy all weekend...


Unless I grab this one...

from Amazon...

and just the kind of book that I love!


"In the vein of Richard Russo and Tom Perrotta, a gripping, suspenseful, and gorgeous debut novel--told hour-by-hour over the course of a single day--in which a husband and wife try to outrun long-buried secrets, sending their lives spiraling into chaos."

See you Monday!



  1. That cabbage salad looks like what my mom used to make - yummy! Y'all need to root for the Falcons.

  2. Yummy food! Enjoy, and I love the look of Small Hours.

  3. Can I come over to watch the game and eat your food?????

  4. Small Hours!! Looks so good. Is that on NetGalley?

  5. Good food, and a good book (Small Hours)...yum!

  6. Yummy fare planned. We're going up to my mum's Sunday for turkey, Portuguese bean soup, mashed potatoes - white & sweet ones, sausage stuffing, and I'm bringing food for a charcuterie board and icebox pumpkin mousse pie.

    1. What fun! Your menu sounds great, too! I know how much you love going to your mom's!

  7. Small hours looks like fun! I'm putting it on my list to look for.

    We don't care about the Super Bowl this year but we do have a few platters of yummies, homemade guac. and chips, turkey "dog" pigs in the blanket dipped in spicy mustard, cheese platter, fruit bowl, etc. Comfort food always make a drab day special! Enjoy your weekend-- glad you are feeling a bit better.

  8. Looks like you have some tasty food on the menu this weekend. Hope the football game is entertaining and the books are good. :)

  9. Enjoy the game today... food and commercials are definitely the best parts!