Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Notes...

I can't begin to tell you how good this book has tons of deliciously devilishly great bits in it. A "tiger mom" and not one you love to hate, either, but one who is so mean and awful and cruel that you just can't even believe such a meanie mom is even possible! Paula Daly knows how to write! The characters are interesting, flawed, and sometimes just a tad funny. I loved this book!

Now I am reading far I love it...

Our weekend was calm and peaceful. Den made a Sheetpan Supper of Grainy Mustardy Roasted Chicken and Tiny Baby Potatoes. He was so nervous but it was delicious.


It's not that I can't cook but it's as though for a while I have sort of lost my interest in cooking. We work through the cooking together. Before all of this happened to us I cooked everything for us...I cooked and Den cleaned the kitchen. I just don't want to be in the kitchen now and Den is amazing about it. It's weird for me but we know it's temporary. For this round of treatment I am craving peanut butter...on 12 grain bread with apricot jam, on Whole Foods English Muffins with banana slices and on toast. It's weird, I know. can only be this peanut butter...

I am off to do some tidying and some reading and some treadmill walking. Our goal this week is to finally organize the basement now that the workers are totally gone and the walls are painted.




  1. Hmm, I have some sugar free apricot jam in my fridge that I love to put on peanut butter!

    I am looking forward to The Trophy Child...I have loved all of Paula Daly's books so far.


  2. Those sheet pan dinners look so good!

  3. Den's dinner and your pb&j sound so delicious! Yum. The treatment probably killed your appetite; that makes the kitchen less appealing. Love ya! ♡

    1. I think so, too...everything tastes metallic this time...