Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekend Fun! We Are Ready!

Wineries, shopping, craft beer runs, eating, dinners! We are ready! My sister better be here soon! Heeheehee!

Finally finished this...I am tired of posting this photo but I loved this book! As was enchanting!

Reading next? No clue...I might not read a thing until after my sister leaves...
I will see you on Monday!




Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bears And Whales And Guests...

I have been totally absorbed in this can watch bears and whales and all kinds of things...through live action cameras. Then Rangers and Explorers talk about what is happening and you can chat with them, too. It's amazing! There is sound, too! Lucy and Roxie were freaking out yesterday looking for the birdies! Plus you can hear the bears and the Rangers explain the sounds. So far I have just watched whales and bears...but there is so much more. There is a mother bear with three fascinating!

And then there is guest prep...Den vacuumed and cleaned the guest bath, I added fresh soaps and towels, lavender sprigs are tucked away and pillows are sprayed with fresh lavender spray. I had nails done today and tomorrow I am hitting the dry bar for pampering. I am making Chicken Tortilla Soup in case they are here for lunch...and Molly Gilbert's Sheet Pan Supper Of Roasted Chicken And Mustardy Baby Potatoes for dinner. And sister Paula loves peas. We are going out to dinner on Saturday...and they will leave on Sunday. Whew! We have stuff for breakfasts depending on our moods and gelatos for desserts. And always a box of sister Paula eats Cheerios with a banana on the side. It's her fave breakfast for forever. The banana can't touch the cereal and it's the only time she drinks milk. I have a bag of Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies tucked away for her, too.
Still reading this book...which is so good and so hard to read...I have a book and ebook and I have to read it on my Paperwhite because I have to look up too many words. But it's magical and funny and there are fairies and dragons and spells and issues with the Royal Sorcerer because he is a man of color! Truly this book is wondrous! I will be done with this book tonight!
Until tomorrow...



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday's Whims?

I am triumphant! Thanks to Kathy (BermudaOnion) I have convinced Den to not tear the house apart by washing windows. After a calm conversation or ridiculous shouting match...depends on your view...Den is succumbing to my wishes. Whew!

Still reading this...

The rest of the day today is yard prep which we have to do anyway...and we are planting mums and getting pumpkins and I am putting out some of my Festive Fall stuff...for Paula and the Pope...wink wink!
Off to buy pumpkins!
I can already tell this is going to be a one book week...I am distracted!
Happy Fall!



Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Sister Paula And The Pope!

Both my sister and the Pope are coming here on the same week end? Heeheehee!

We actually have commercials here with the Pope advertising himself!

Our entire area is on alert for the Pope's visit. We are about an hour away from where the Pope will be but everything will be shut down. Bridges...train stations...schools...offices...either shut down or people are working from home or rerouted. It's amazing! Thankfully it won't start until Friday night. We were at dinner on Saturday night and the hostess told us she has school on Saturday but her school is closed on Saturday because of the Pope's visit and she has to drive into the heart of Philadelphia to make up her class! And that's the weekend my sister is stopping by! She and her husband are in NYC and they have to drive through this stuff to get here!

Paula and the Pope! Oh me oh my!


Reading this and it's so magically delicious! I learned a new term.


thaumaturge /ˈθɔːməˌtɜːdʒ/ is pronounced "thawmaturge"

(rare) a performer of miracles; magician

thaumaturgy, noun

thaumaturgic, adjective

Word Origin...from Medieval Latin thaumaturgus, from Greek thaumatourgos...miracle-working.

The thing about this fantasy is that Zacharias is a magician/thaumaturge. And magic is disappearing and he has to fix it. It's just really engrossing and just plain good! I do love a good fantasy!

Then Ti reviewed a book that sounded so good and I have it and I want to read as soon as I finish my thaumaturge book I want to bump it up!


But my sister is coming and Den thinks we need to wash the sunroom windows and we need to tidy the guest room and how can they sleep in a double bed so should I get two bedrooms ready? And my brother in law is allergic to cats! And I have to cook something and I hate cooking for more than two people and I am mildly freaking out. Whew! We need to make sure everyone closes toilet seats and buries dental floss in the trash can and doesn't leave out string or tape or accidentally open a door without looking!
That's what I am thinking about today!







Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm Back! With Books!

Seriously...what I love best about my blog free weekends is how exciting it is for me to blog on Monday! It's just a nice refreshing break for me! Most likely for you, too! Heeheehee!

What I read over the week end...especially the Style Section...

Read this during the Eagles' game...this book was sweet and lovely!
Finished good but really graphic stuff that kind of surprised me!
Some new books...
What I hope to read this week...
The book I want and just can't get!!! So frustrated!
Read and loved this why can't I get the other not fair...sigh...
That's my book filled Monday!