Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cinderella? a pumpkin! Isn't it beautiful? So regal and coach like!

Here is another view.

It's real, too, a real pumpkin!

Today is a day for a little bit of yard work...Den...and tv catch up...Patty and Lucy...we are watching Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, and Vampire Diaries...yum!

We are off to a concert later...a sort of Indie kind of an old theatre called the Queen...we can sit at a table and listen to him and eat hummus at the same time...I call that perfection! We could actually eat more than hummus...we might have pumpkin cheesecake, too...I am not sure who came up with this concert format...but I love it!

Ok...back to Stephan, Elena...and the other vamps...

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday...It's Finally Friday! A Giveaway, Too!

Here is the weird thing...I only miss teaching when Friday rolls around...but that's because Friday was the last teaching day of the week...a teacher friend and I would forego our healthy salads and take turns zipping to Wendy's for lunch. We would chat during lunch rather than work. And we would sneak in a longer recess...I would come up with a really fun learning activity...or I would reverse our games...whatever! And then go home and promptly fall asleep before 8 o'clock!
If we had an event or dinner or anything on a Friday...I was a sleepy irritable mess!

Now I watch Den fall asleep before 8 o'clock! And I think that I love Friday even more because I am still seems as though going out to lunch on Friday or taking a mid day walk or sitting on the deck reading is so delicious! It really is and I am so thankful!


I read this lovely gem this was sort of a cozy mystery romance mean girl irritating about to retire detective nasty husband kind of book! All of this yummy activity took place in and around a diner! I loved it.

The author is providing a signed copy to a lucky commenter! That is all you have to do...comment! I will a winner on Wednesday!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Thursday Edition Of Stuff I Want!

This bag...a cross body bag...perfect for hands free shopping!

Inside...ooh la la...I love me a bag with compartments! This bag is from Sundance and comes in two colors.

These very baggy sweats from Wild Fox...I just want the bottoms.

This tunic/tee from Free People.

This Rachel Pally tunic/tee.

These mug warmers from Etsy!

This kitty painting from Etsy!

Whew...and this square pumpkin from Etsy.

And...thinking ahead...a turkey stamp! Also from Etsy.

Reading this...

and this.

I am a woman of few words and lots of pictures today!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hair Day!!!

Today was color, trim, foil, highlight, stain, nip, tuck...whatever it takes to cover those pesky grays day! Whew! I am growing my hair long...I want a Katniss/Hunger Games braid...I want some bangs, too, but I am still pondering that one...we did do a teensy weensy side bang but it is sort of making me crazy...I would be better off with full bangs. Another hair issue I am having is that I am becoming slightly allergic to my hair stylist/counselor/colorist uses only organic color...which was good for a long time but lately it has been bothering me. Sigh! And I have a lot of get a braid I have to grow my hair really long...otherwise I just have a really thick short braid that is very unKatniss like. Double sigh!

Finished wonderful...a funny smart stylish dragon quest. Repeat...I loved this book!

Finished this...lovely lovely lovely book! A diner and its staff and customers...a sweetly told heartwarming novel...I will have a signed copy as a giveaway on Friday!
Stay tuned!

Reading this...I just can't wait...I loved the first book...and although I thought I was in the mood for mystery...I think I am more in the mood for fantasy!

Winner of my Jackson Keene Giveaway?
Ta is...Stephanie!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am cold!!! How can this be? My body wants soup and bread! Specifically chicken soup and hearty bread. Yummy chickeny soup with carrots and celery and chicken!
And my mom and dad used to mom would start soup early in the morning and we would have soup for lunch...I come from soup loving parents...can I stop here for a minute and cry a teensy bit?

I miss my mom and dad's so hard not to have them to call...ever!


Bread...I come from bread loving mom baked bread...she was known in our little town for her homemade breads! Her lovely loaves would be at bake sales and other events and be snatched up first...lovely white loaves that we craved!


I love this Jasper Fforde is too clever...I am in love with a different character every day...Tiger Prawns, Jennifer Strange, today it's the last dragon...I love the last dragon! The Quarkbeast...I love the Quarkbeast!

The Emerald Atlas was one of my favorite books ever and just today the second book was released!

And something new from R.L.Stine was released today, too!

Both are Kindled and ready to read!

Off to make chickeny soup with noodles!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 8, 2012

What I Want To Do Today...


We had a busy spite of a fun Sunday...there was cooking and shopping and dinner out and more running around. Here is the annoying thing about where we live...every single thing that we need is from a different store and in a different town. And since we are boycotting our most favorite date night place...dinner was so horrible they would not even let us pay...horrible...they knew it...they still served it to us...and called us asking us to come back...but we just can't.

We tried one more new date night place...drinks were a disaster...dinner was yummy but for us it has to be atmosphere, too...we felt as though we were eating on a cruise ship or an assisted living dining is such a cool place and they totally screwed up the remodeling...but...there was a huge bar and outdoor patio...that was the total opposite of the dining we will go back but to the bar! the time they served us the third set of $12.00 martinis...yep...they got it right...sort of...they were making our very plain very dry Grey Goose martinis with currant flavored vodka!!! Sip...shock...sip...more shock...unfreakingbelievable! Needless to say we did not pay for them! And it happened to other diners around us!

The only time that we can ever get most of what we need in one place is if we go to to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and those stores are not close by. But even then...we zip to Target for paper stuff and cleaning stuff...and if we need wine that is yet another stop. Lucy's food...another stop. I don't know how I did all of this when I taught.

So this is where division of duties comes in...certain needs are on Den's route home...other things I do during the week and if we need something extra...someone zips out to get it...which brings me to these...which I want to make and have none of the stuff I need...sigh! Why am I craving quinoa patties?

Books...almost done with this...I dislike listening to books but I am betting this one is amazing to listen to...JuJu...this one's for you!

In spite of having books I should be reading...I just Kindled these books...I want to read mysteries! Is it Fall? It's the season to cozy up with a suspense filled book.

Plus...the prices were irresistible!
I think I spent under $20.00 for all of my cozy mysteries.

Have a great Monday! The Jackson Keene giveaway winner will be announced on Wednesday!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sunday means...The Philadelphia Inquirer...Den...the New York Times...Patty...heated kitty bed...Lucy!

All three of us will be in our spots in the family room...Den and Lucy are in big red comfy chairs...I am on the sofa...we all have cozy quilts and pillows everywhere...and some of us take naps before football starts. Not me...the other two do.

But Sunday is a carefully planned day...first comes a big we are having cheesy grits and eggs...bacon...probably...2 or 3 cups of coffee...then...for dinner...chili...a new recipe topped with sour cream, grated cheese and tortilla chips...and in the middle of the day I am making Queso Dip...with more chips...yum!

This recipe came from SweetPea'sKitchen.

Football does not entertain me at all but I can read while Den and Lucy hoot, holler and run around the house. Den will try...yet engage me but I have mastered the art of saying...great play and love those!

Decked out in matching Bronco gear!

My plan is to finish this book...which I love more and more with each page read.


Go Bronco! Go Eagles! I think they are both playing today!

Happy Sunday!