Friday, November 13, 2015

What A Day...

Den and I spent most of the day going through the upstairs closets...piling up clothing and sheets and towels and bags and hats all to give away to Big Brothers and Amvets or Saint Vincent many things...every fall we do this cleansing. The closets look clean and ordered. I love it.

Then the Paris terror attacks came on TV so now we are riveted and saddened...watching what is happening. I don't understand this kind of hatred...I really truly don't. So...we watch and we pray...

Reading this...description from Amazon..

This New York Times bestselling author of America America and other acclaimed works of fiction, explores the nature of genius, jealousy, ambition, and love in several generations of a gifted family.

It's a chunkster so I may just be reading this all weekend!

Pet brother came home from London and met Luna...she's staying!

She has a forever home!

I may pop in over the week end but if not...have a safe one!
Hugs from Patty








Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today Is A Day For...

Our friend Ron the Plumber came today...he makes house repairs almost painless and fun! Den did comment on the fact that it's exhausting to schedule and actually be around during repairs...yesterday it was window the tankless water heater and fixtures and pipes and softeners. We are herding cats and unlocking doors and going upstairs and downstairs and moving things. We are doing nothing for the rest of the day...except binge watching TV. I reminded Den that for 95% of all home all of the homes we have owned...I was the one here for all of it. The roof, the deck, the kitchen, the bathroom, painting, any repair ever was always on my time or in the summers when I was not teaching. This is why he owes me...big time...this is why I sat on the sofa and read while Den chased after Ron! Heeheehee!

Reading and loving this is quirky good!

Reviewing these for a coloring book artist/author...I love these! I love books with bold unique drawings!
I love the holiday ones in this book!
Thank you, Anna Winky! I love her name!
Today is Pasta Thursday...Den and I are having Veggie Wraps from Country Butcher for lunch so that we do not have to worry about more veggies with dinner.
We just want a big bowl of pasta for dinner! Maybe with a side of garlic bread?
This is Rachel Ray's recipe...I just bought her spoons! I love them!
They sit on the edge of the pan! They scoop perfectly!
Off to scoop soup!
We are having tons of cold rain today!



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Practically Wordless Wednesday!

Today the girls and I are holed up in our room while Den is downstairs with some Amish workers. I think I prefer not to see the chaos in my sunroom...they are working on outside window flanges...not sure what those are but Den said he had to move everything. Help!

My quilted quilts...being inspected! Now I have a yearning to make quilts again...because I only have to do the top! My quilter is working on my last's a log cabin. I hope my inspectors like it!

I think Luna The Kitty is staying with my niece...the test was how their beloved Buckley would deal with her...what do you think? Heeheehee!
Baby Luna! This sweetie is tiny!
Baby Luna petting Buckley!
Finished this...the last quarter was weird and made me strongly dislike all of the characters.
Reading this...
The girls and I have been released from our bedroom. Now I get to see the chaos while Den is out grabbing lunch and dinner...stuffed pork chops and stacked sweet potatoes! The chops are all ready for roasting...thank you Country Butcher!
The stacks are from!
Happy Wednesday!




Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'm Back...Again?

Yesterday was so Amish quilter is so sweet but so exacting about times...she needed us at her house before noon yesterday...probably because lunch is a big meal for her family...and although we started out early...there were detours and detours and detours! I was freaking out! But we got there with time to spare. My quilts are so beautiful with her quilting. Her quilting puts mine to shame. She is so pleased when I tell her how beautiful her work is...I think that she is proud of how she can do this and earn money for her family. So...what's cool about driving to her house is...we had lunch in Intercourse, PA...and pass through Bird In Hand and Lititz and Strasburg! These names delight us...and Amish carriages and scooters are everywhere! We drive so carefully just to keep everyone safe! We had a great lunch in Intercourse...heeheehee! Here is the pink quilt...

Reading and loving this book...two strangers have to spend two hours a week together for a year...if they do they each get half of a million dollars. One is a high powered attorney, Elizabeth, the other is a very handsome sort of slacker...Richard. First Elizabeth was opposed to this offer...but now she is in...they could not be more un alike in their thinking!

New books from Vine and NetGalley and Edelweiss...a mix of YA, contemporary, psychological suspense and fantasy!

Just got Winter...I love this series. It is wonderful...the best fantasy ever...
I have read the first two...but need to read these! Love this author's writing! to tidy the entire upstairs! It needs it!
Have a happy Tuesday!




Monday, November 9, 2015

Busy Bees!

We had such a busy weekend and I don't even know why! We put together the kitty trees and both girls have tumbled off. Lucy did a total somersault from the lowest perch...and landed flat on her back. Roxie fell from the tippy top. They don't have experience with these and can't figure them out. Roxie fell once on her neck...and then again the next day but I caught her. So...we moved them close together and we moved them close to the yellow sunroom sofa so if they fall at least it's a soft landing. So far they both seem afraid of these trees! Oh my!

Helping with the assembly...

Roxie fell off of that perch!
We put them side by side.
Kind of getting used to them...
We were out of the house early this morning...we had to zip to a town about an hour away to take my Amish quilter some binding fabric. When we got to her house she surprised me with two of my quilts...bound and finished...they were beautiful! Quilt tops that I made and never had time to quilt and bind...
I have run out of time today! I will share quilts and new books tomorrow!
Over the weekend if I finished these...
Started this...
I am reading this when I can't sleep at night...
And for no real reason I just started this one...
I remember when I thought I could only read one book at a time! Yikes!
Off to bed!