Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zucchini Update...

Everyone in my neighborhood seemed to be dealing with the zucchini crisis yesterday.
I was determined not to join in.
Then zucchini guilt overwhelmed me.
I made two loaves of zucchini bread.
I read some comments on my blog.
I grated zucchini for future use.
I made zucchini pancakes today...Mario Batali's recipe from this month's Food and Wine Magazine...yummy...they have ricotta cheese inside of them...
really yummy.
I am going to put grated zucchini in pasta sauce.
Thank you, Kathy!!!
I am going to put grated zucchini in the freezer.
Thank you, Jen!!!
I am going to make grilled zucchini pizza.
Thank you random lady on Allrecipes!!!

I feel quite satisfied with my zucchini success.

Hmmm...what veggie should I conquer next?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Werewolves And Zucchini...

I have read so much about this book this week...both in ShelfAwareness and in the upcoming Sunday New York Times book review section...
And it will be sad and sweet...I am sure...finding out what happens in the last book of this trilogy.
And...why is it that it takes zucchini about five seconds to flourish and multiply!!!
What in the world will I do with all of them?
I have tried...cake, bread, fritters, pie, pancakes and simply sauteed and grilled but they just will not go away!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woodstock? Lost On Me...

On our way back from Massachusetts...while I had my head in my husband apparently mentioned to me that I could fulfill a lifelong goal of his if we ventured a bit off of our route and went to Woodstock.  I apparently nodded in agreement.
My husband says I did so enthusiastically.  I do not remember being enthusiastic.
What seemed like hours and hours of windy bathroomless country roads later...we pulled into this sort of huge grassy area.
I guess I was a little whiny.
who knew a grown man could cry over the Who...being there...years ago...I was clueless and speechless.  And Janis and Jimmi and Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young...and Grace Slick?   All of the above reverant names to my music loving husband.  He literally was once again  I was once again clueless...
My music involvement basically revolves around sound tracks...Dirty Dancing and Twilight and A Night At The my husband openly scoffs.

The above is a photo of Lucy and Patty at the head of the Woodstock bird.  I have to say I thought the Woodstock birdie was the one on Charlie Brown.  Lucy was not that happy and my hair is pulled back into a ponytail because the wind was really blowing on both of us.

We were supposed to have a lovely picnic there...this involved my husband wolfing down his sandwich to take more photos...and taking Lucy off to touch almost every plaque at Woodstock.  I just barely stopped my husband from driving into the famous farmhouse. 

I saw an entire scary side of him I never knew existed.
Apparently it is thrilling to see the pond where naked stoned music lovers had mud fights.
And a magical bus painted in all of the colors of the rainbow.
This is a much better photo of the Woodstock birdie.

While munching on my chips and organic tuna sandwich...I watched my husband take photos and movies of everything in sight.  I could almost see what he was thinking.
I could sense that he wanted to have been there.
I can't say that I even remember Woodstock or noticed that it was going on.
My husband is in shock at this statement.

Is there a moment in your history that changed you forever?

Monday, July 11, 2011

While I Was At The Porches I Read...

Our little jaunt to Massachusetts last week provided me with lots of time to read...I am more of a day time reader than a night time reader and I love reading in the car.  For some reason...after dinner...each night...we were vibrantly awake but the minute our heads hit our pillows we were comatose...I chalk it up to lots of fresh air and lots of walking...even Lucy was a good sleeper while we were away.  My husband and I woke up each morning asking each other what happened to whatever we were watching on television and neither of us knew...
We were only away from Wednesday until Saturday...but each night involved a lovely dinner at our favorite restaurants and a well deserved vodka martini and maybe one glass of wine with dinner...dinner was always local and fresh...often fish and lots of yummy early veggies...and at Mezze...our most favorite place...we even finished with strong pressed delicious coffee...and we still could not keep our eyes open...we are not getting older...we just appreciate sleeping!!! 

Anyway...whilst away...I read...all reviews are on goodreads, Amazon and NetGalley.

Ellen Morgenstern...The Night Circus...yummy!!!
Marcus Sedgewick...White Crow...interesting!!!
Sara Grant...Dark Parties...dystopian at its best!!!
Amanda Hocking...Hollowland...zombies really do freak me out!!!

Unfortunately...I bought a few new irresistable Kindle books...that I could not live without...
Meg Cabot...Overbite
Emma Michaels...The Thirteenth Chime
Julia Platt Leonard...Cold Case
Megan Abbott...The End Of Everything

I received a beautiful copy of
Felix J. Palma...A Map Of Time
and a lovely copy of
Ellen Hopkins...Triangles

These were both from ShelfAwareness...I love ShelfAwareness!!!

And the sweetest thing...this book was gifted to me by
Two Brothers Metz
Gypsy Knights

I am running as fast as I can and will read and review everything soon!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why I Love 50 words or less...


We literally just got back from one of my favorite places to take a road trip to...
I know I have told you about The Porches Inn in North Adams, Massachusetts.  I just love this place.  We have been there at least 4 or 5 times and I love it more each time we are there.  Here are my reasons...again...
It has tons of porches.  There was even a porch off of our room.
It has amazing bathrooms with rainshowers.  I love amazing bathrooms with rainshowers.
Lucy Grace gets to come.  There is one entire section for people who travel with their pets.  Other than the resident kitty, Sabine, I think Lucy is their only kitty guest.
It is across from MassMoca...this terrific museum with shows and performers and other amazing things.  One of our favorite restaurants, Grammercy Bistro, is in the museum.  It is just plain fun to have dinner there...always delicious, friendly staff and no surprises.

The inside of the inn looks like though you are in front of your house because they actually used to be old mill houses that were magically connected together.  I love this!!!
The rooms pretty much look like this...some are bigger...but all have the most amazing bathrooms with those rainshowers...have I mentioned just how much I love rainshowers?
There is a pool and a spa and a workout room but we always walk on this long lovely trail called a rail trail...the Ashuwillticook Rail can bike or skate or walk and even push a stroller with a noisy Tonkinese cat inside.  You can walk in the forest or by a lake and stay on this trail the entire time.  People are friendly on the trail and only every once in a while do I hear someone say...that's a cat not a baby!!!
And seriously...the museum is very cool.   I think it was an old mill or factory too and now it is just full of surprises with constantly changing stuff.
This was outside of the museum this year...the idea of a Prague artist who actually created a machine to make these weird black egg carton like things to make this...well...this...piece!!!
This bird has always been by the gardening shed where we park our car...unique and vibrant!!!

So...we sleep in and drink coffee while we catch up on emails on our iPAD2's and then we go walk or bike...we grab salads or sandwiches from Wild Oats and picnic in one of the many parks in the area.  I mean...we can't explain why we love it so much...we love going to Grammercy Bistro and Mezze for amazing dinners...we love the is actually in a sort of sad depressed area...lots of empty old factories in this oddly enticing town.  It is close to Williams College that this year has amazing theatre productions and The Clark and of course MASSMOCA...but I think our main attraction is this...
The Porches breakfast lunchbox!!!

Now how cool are they?