Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Stuff...

Finished this...enjoyed it but a little somethin' somethin' was definitely missing...I continue to think about this one and wonder why it was a bit of a disconnect for had all the elements in it that I love...but I just wasn't feeling it? Sigh! I really think it was a character issue...there were three cousins to feel passionate about or not...and I was in the "or not" group...even though I liked the book!

I really feel as though I need to read this in anticipation of the movie...I have never read it...and since today is a college football watching day...even though CSU isn't on until 10:45 tonight...this might be a good one to get me through the long hot afternoon! There is Penn State to watch...I think Ohio State, too. The movie looks awesome but you never really know...

Love this toss on toss in a suitcase dresses so much...I actually bought this one...

New napping space...gets every bit of afternoon sun...seconds before I took this I heard a thump and Roxie was knocked to the floor...they both want the exact same spot!

So after Lucy refused to allow Roxie anywhere on the sofa...Roxie took to the skies...

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Scattered Thoughts?

A new kitty tent...right now we are sharing...they had one fight inside of it...

Roxie Blue proclaimed herself the winner of the "Battle Of The Tent."

New books! Thank you publishers and NetGalley!

I still want to make this's from a blog called Pickles And Cheese! I need to stop reading for a bit and just do it!
 Free People!

It is a foggy rainy steamy irritatingly wet day today! Binge watching some TV and laying low!

Made this for brunch! So delicious!

Den wants to go to Costco, Whole Foods...I am not in the mood...maybe tomorrow?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pieces Of Life! I write this title I realize that I never stick to a set list of post would be ten times easier if I did...wouldn't it? Sigh!

It's 92 and humid here and I am dreaming about cooler weather...sweater weather!

Love these from Anthropologie...

Love these from Free People...

Just got this! Much love for Amazon...

Sad news...yesterday I thought that I got the newest John Grisham book...this one...but I didn't!

I got this one! They were both "kinda" blue...they even sort of look the same! My bad!

This is the book I want right now...more than anything...

Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday's Woes...

I had no clue that so many things that we own needed a fixin'. Some stuff is just routine (yet expensive maintenance) but some stuff just surprises me. the difference between Den and Patty...or Patty and Den...and I truly think it's why we remain balanced? Even? Most of the time,!

For acquaintance came to our house yesterday...complimented the craftsmanship on our house...and mentioned that houses similar to ours built within the last five years have issues with the stone and stucco. "we" are a tad worried about our stone and stucco...sigh! While I am just basking in the compliment!

Den worked at his office all day I assumed that today we would relax, catch up, etc...but electricians were here at 8 this morning because of something they forgot to bring a ladder for the last time and which they forgot to bring a ladder for this time! Sigh! So they are coming back again!

Oh well...not to mention the driveway surprise last week and the gutter surprise that is pending.

Double sigh! I know we need to do stuff but I need long breaks between the fixin'...

Finished this...what an interesting book this is! Big words, small words, unusual words...this book fascinated me! I kind of loved it!

Have you heard of this one? I just got it from NetGalley. It's about an autistic little girl who loves synonyms and her puppy...but it's going to be sad...I can sense it...I hope I can read just has a sad feel to it...doesn't it? Sadness mixed with hope would be good! I think I can manage that...

These were surprises from publishers...I have not read a John Grisham book in ages. But this one looks ever so good! Downsized high powered attorney who moves to a small town...hmmm!

I have heard amazing things about this author's new book...and I loved the first one!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This is the time of year for soup...even though it's humid and in the high 90's here...I still want soup!

These look so amazing...I love this is truly one of my fave cooking blogs!

 you think read more in the fall? A few new ones were in the mail Saturday...beautiful lovely books!

Den is at the office...the girls and I are going to clean and play and read...not a day for staying's hot and humid!

Sometimes I am amazed at how close they have become...and then I get sad by their age difference...sigh!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Love Labor Day!

Although when I was teaching...I did not love it so was the final day for me to add touches to stuff I needed for school and put on that happy face for my second graders! Now I have a happy face for a different

Reading both of this one...

Worried about this it's good.

Finished both of these...not so much love for either of them...this one is too formatted for me...too predictable...

This one had too many stories within a story. I loved the story but not the

We are tossing a steak on the grill for dinner...and I am making a yummy Caesar salad to go with it. And making's called "Aunt Nora's Siesta Keys Key Lime Pie."

It's from a Mary Jane Clark book that I read years ago but it's the simplest easiest most yummy pie ever! I mean...incredibly simple! The recipe is everywhere!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Hot Sticky Sunday!

It is just not nice's so humid that the windows were foggy this morning! But...we actually have lots of fun foods for the weekend...local apples are popping up...crisp...juicy...and we don't have to go anywhere. It's a wonderful feeling!

We are having Stuffed Peppers for dinner...something that my mom always made and that I don't usually make. I am stuffing the most beautiful purple peppers. They will look something like this...only PURPLE!

I am mildly addicted to this is so delicious and totally clear and not sweet! Den hates it.

Finished good...I love this authors writing...I am JoJofied!

Reading this...YA but fun...

Then this...

That's it!

Happy Sunday!