Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh Yes...Shrimp And Grits...

Hmmm...I am not sure if this looks like what it really is Shrimp And Grits from the Tupelo Honey Cafe Cookbook!!!  It was amazing and my husband loved it and is begging me to make it again, soon!!!  The shrimp is cooked with roasted red peppers and a bit of fresh garlic and wine and a teeny bit of butter.  The grits part is made with grits and a little cream and goat cheese.  It was our Friday Night Lent Supper...and it was yummy.  The red part is not is just a yummy juice made from the roasted peppers and the wine and butter.  It was actually not even difficult to make.  I prepped everything early in the day...and dinner took minutes.

I love this cookbook!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Truly Is A Wonderful World!!!

I recently had the opportunity to review this exciting book by James LePore.
Amazon is now offering it as a free Kindle download!!!
James LePore has a new book...that I am reading and will review soon.  One of the most exciting things about blogging...for having the opportunity to chat with an author.  I am delighted to be able to chat with James LePore every now and then...a quick so much fun.  I think I have that "rock star" attitude about authors.  I am so amazed at what it takes to plot out and write a book...and to follow through and then wait it out while others read it.  James is one of the good guys...he works hard at his craft and is excited when people read his work.

Are you sort of smitten by the art of writing, too?

Angels All Around...A Review...

This truly was a wonderful book...for some reason it made me yearn for the catechism classes of my childhood.  The stories about having a guardian angel and Lucifer the fallen angel and the power of goodness.  I know...sounds silly...but this book was anything but that.  It had strong fascinating characters and a really intense plot and just enough bad girl stuff to make it fun.  I was lost in this book.  I was with Teagen as she struggled to be the light that defeats Lucifer...the source of all evil.  All of my childhood feelings about Heaven and Hell surfaced while reading this book. Even Brynn...the horrible bully bad girl of all time...was a riveting character in this book. Teagen...main character of both likeable and real and powerful.  What won't she accomplish with both Garreth and Hadrian watching out for her.  I don't know what was more mesmerizing...Garreth with his white softer than velvet wings and piercing blue eyes or Hadrian with black as night leathery wings and his own mesmerizing green eyes.  I have no clue if there is a third book in this series...this one ended with a few questions.  I put off reading this book but now after finishing both...I get it...I finally get why this is such an addictive series.  Jennifer Murgia did a fabulous job with this book.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Don't Trust My BFF!!! ( My Laptop )

I am not pleasing anyone today.  The best conversation I have had so far was with a Dell Sales Technician.  I had to buy new computers today for my husband and for me.  Ours are no longer trustworthy.  I am backing everything up and still I don't trust my laptop any more...sad sad day.  It won't start unless I scream at is doing very bad is on its last days.  My husband is second guessing my decision over a processer?  Even Lucy Grace is not happy with me.  I am in a horrible mood and I am never in a horrible mood.  Never...ever...except for today.  I think I need a very dry martini...yum!!!

When I was teaching I would always read Alexander and the Horrible No Good Very Bad Day to my students.  And we would laugh and feel better.  I even read it to myself...I am not laughing,  I still don't feel better.  I still want a martini...very dry. 

You can tell me if you are having a good day...I can deal with

what kind of day are you having?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Computer Had A Few Hiccups...

My beautiful dependable loveable laptop has had some major issues from last Thursday until just now!!!  I could see the amount of email I had,  I could hear it racing in but I could not read it.  It refused to show up in my mailbox.  I could read Spam, and old mail and deleted mail and any mail but new current real email!!!   And I couldn't reply to anyone!!!  I was going bananas!!!

I love using AOL...and managed to get tech help and I had to compact my PFC...personal filing cabinet and then back it up and then delete it and then restore it...everything worked except for seeing new I spent a good part of today uninstalling and reinstalling AOL...and now I can see my email again...however my toolbar is not loaded with my faves any more and I can't remember some of the faves I want on it...oh well...I can deal with a few hiccups but I don't want to go through this again any time soon...

I had no clue how dependent I am on my laptop...but I am...and another maddening thing.  I couldn't see my email in AOL but I could see it and read it in Internet Explorer.  Different operating systems but still weird to me.

So far...we are all fixed!!!

Any hiccups in your life lately?