Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Hanging!

We really are just hanging out today...Den has been gone and he will be gone again...we are staying at home all weekend...having pasta tonight with gorgonzola cheese bread...thank you Thibeault's Table! I sent this recipe to my brother in London...he is making it today, too. He is living in a little town outside London with great shops and having great fun gathering all of his provisions. So funny. My mom would have been tickled pink with his descriptions...we may even have persuaded her to visit...sigh!

Tomorrow we are making...Mo's Sticky Ribs...from F&W...the sauce is a combo of ketchup and peach cool is that?

And...I have finally decided on the Pioneer Woman's Layered Salad. Yum!

So...we are set. My game plan is to read through the game...perfection...

Finishing up this...good but there are tons of characters tossed in just when I think I know everyone. It makes me wonder if I should have read the other books in the series in order to get this one...I mean...I can't stop reading it but every once in a while I have to stop and reread...and I hate that!

Next up?

Stay warm!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Soooo Goood!

Sometimes...I just want to slip into a yummy book that is filled with characters you love and characters that you love to hate...Jane Green totally hit the mark with this one!

I literally did not put it down yesterday...Den was in South Dakota...I was free and I randomly picked this from my Amazon Vine good...two families on separate coasts with one thing in good!

It is a blustery day here! I need to zip out for provisions...and then settle in and try to stay warm and toasty! Tea? Perhaps a fire? Another good book?

I have spent any down time I have this week archiving all of the books on my old that Dennis can have it...uncluttered...after spending time putting books into collections...only to find out that the collections are sort of useless on my new Kindle PaperWhite. But the PaperWhite is awesome for travel...light and small...easier to read on a plane and at night...and no buttons...I love a touchpad. But right now...on my Paperwhite...archived or read books are mixed in with unread books...I needed a separate archived section because I read so much...but I am now just keeping a folder on my laptop of read's my temporary solution until Amazon comes up with one...also books can only be archived one at a can't archive collections...and I have one last collection to archive...whew!

Old Kindle...

New kindle...

A bit more lounging and I am off to the store!

I want to wear this but it's too cold and blustery!

I will most likely look like this!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Randomness...I Love It!

Dressing up kitties...

Reading a mystery...

I need to read the first two...

Craving a layered salad...

Need to read soon...


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Much Laundry Can One Girl Handle?

My laundry dilemma...and I don't know how this happened...but...and I know I have chatted about this before but...

I have a bin for regular clothes but then those have to be separated into darks and lights. Right?

Then a bin for sheets.

Then a bin for towels.

Then the dreaded fine washable bin...which also must be separated into darks and lights and then I hang those on hangers to dry. further complicate this laundry process...there is a meshy bag within the fine washable bin that holds Den's fine washables which he likes finely washed but not hung! Help!

I truly don't know how this happened other then I am bin crazy! In my mind...if it's in a's almost done. I like to think about things in a compartmentalized sort of way...I wonder what this says about me...hmmmm!

And in addition to my laundry blues...I can't fold until the clothes are cool...guess why?

She literally races me to the laundry room when she hears the dryer go off! And...she knows the difference between the washer beep and the dryer beep!

I wonder if I only had one bin if I would have less laundry? But then I would have to sort?


this's so good...I love it! Prague...magic...mystery...suspense...danger!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Am Still Tired!

Travel exhausts truly does! I have not unpacked yet...there are still no groceries...I feel as though I am playing catch up with everything. Laundry? I will be folding all day long...sigh...

The two things I really need to do today...treadmill and grocery getting...are the last two things I want to do!

Long's a good thing you can't hear me!

Plus I fell asleep before I saw who got kicked off of The Bachelor!

And woke up wired at 2:30AM!

I am trying to decide what we can eat without me leaving the house...eggs, pasta, soup? Hmmm...

I am still watching Lucy for signs of a concussion...she is a bit subdued...for her...and she won't tell me how many fingers I am holding is helping...I am going to focus on laundry...and I am going to breathe!

Pudding cups with Cool Whip help! They help all of us!

Monday, January 28, 2013

I Am Tired!

Seriously...even short travel is draining...ask Lucy...she did a backward flip off of the island yesterday and I thought she really hurt herself...she missed and totally flipped was frightening!

She is resting

It's's hard to believe it was 60 degrees warmer in Houston and we are in full blizzard mode right now.

We totally kept away from our iPads this week end...we didn't even bring them...I read The Taker on the plane and did not love it...I am reading The Sholes Key now and really do love it. The downside of no IPad was sorting through a kazillion emails last night but I just deleted like felt so good! I think someone was mad because I missed a blog tour...but I really didn't even care...I can't do deadlines any more...I really can't!

Today...there is no plan...thank goodness! Just unpacking, laundry, tidying, and snow watching! I need to get out and get provisions! I love that word...provisions!

I would love to read these before Feb.1st and I probably will...maybe...hopefully...possibly!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Did You Miss Me?

We are back! We spent the weekend in Houston! It was a chance to see my brother before he moves to London. Found a new fave restaurant in Houston called Perry's...romantic and fun! Great food and awesome soft piano music in the background.

My favorite items on the menu? The wedge salad was amazing...

We split a Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie for was so good...lemon pudding, gingered blueberries, shortbread pieces and a meringue mountain!

And it only took an hour for Lucy to forgive me!

I read two of my own books!

We are home safe and sound! We didn't check in luggage and that made the trip even more perfect!

It was 80 degrees in Houston...and 13 degrees when we left here on Friday!