Saturday, August 18, 2012


What is this? A coyote? A wolf? A fox? It is making us really sad!

This poor creature was in our yard this morning! It is making us really sad!

Reading this...

And this...

I am now able to read two books at a long as one is on my iPad2.
Let me tell you...I have missed fantasy...I love Julie Kagawa's books and this one has sucked me right in!

But Infinite Tides is really good, too!

Farm dinner tonight, watching Hunger Games soon...
Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dining Out And Reading In...

In our quest to find a favorite new restaurant we are going to try a farm to table dinner here at a restaurant called Brandywine's really a sort of steak and sea food restaurant but they are holding a dinner that will profile local foods!

Kind of excited!!!

Here's is the outside...very historic...

Here is the inside...very bistro ish...

I will let you know if it rocked or not.

Still reading this...quite a weirdly fascinating kind of way...hmmm.

Watched my heron fish today...he caught quite a few...he's the little gray stick in the pond...I took this from a bedroom window but later I sat on the deck to read and he was still fishing and totally ignored me!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Am Savoring Saveur This Week!

Last night's chicken was simply marinated a cut up chicken in olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary...a fresh squeeze of lemon and then just roast was delicious.

Tonight I am making this...from the same Saveur's a Southwestern Turkey's made with chilies and tomatoes and all sorts of other yummy flavors.
The topping is Ritz Crackers!
Oh my!

(Credit...Todd Coleman)

Finished this...really good...a cute son, a sort of mixed up dad and what can happen when you aren't really sure where your life should be directed.

Starting this...

I am feeling unenergetic and actually lazy today...I had to get up early for a garage door repairman and I feel sort of off of my schedule.

I want to grab someone and do something without a plan...a picnic, a surprise lunch date...anything that is random.

But no one is around...sigh!

Oh well...

Happy Thursday!

I guess I should pick a room and organize a closet or something...hmmm!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Have Learned About Kale...

It is very chewy.
It grows if you don't watch it.
It is not as good as I had hoped...we pitched ours.
It's not good to buy the ruffly does not cook down at all.
It is going out to the pond so the geese and ducks get more fiber.
It's not coming into our house again.

What a disaster...I had three huge bunches because I thought it would cook down to nothing just like spinach and Swiss Chard. Now I still have two cleaned chopped bags and no clue what to do with it. It never got soft...just chewier and chewier.
Double ick!

Finished nightmares yet...thank goodness!

Reading this...stay at home dad who is sort of losing it when he sees his wife with another man...good so far!

Bought these...I am excited by sweats! From a really neat store called "Licensed To Bling".
But I love comfy! And who doesn't love a good bow?

The sun is shining now but not for long...according to our weatherman...I want to do a quick house tidy up, dinner prep, and then the day is mine!
This is dinner...from Saveur...a lemony rosemary is marinating be roasted later!

(picture taken by Andre Baranowski)

Happy Wednesday!

Kale...It's What's For Dinner!

The problem is that I have three times the amount that I think I need!

And the moral of the story is...never tell "someone" to pick up kale if you don't specifically state...not the curly kind...and exactly how much!

No matter how many pans it takes...I am sautéing every bit of this stuff tonight...I think it is multiplying in the vegetable bin!

In fact I know it is...

Reading this...werewolfie, a little scary, a lot good!

Lots of pounding rain's weird because our new roof has a different sound...rain pounding sound...than our old cedar does!

I just read an article that said people hate it when you say Happy Whatever Day It Is...but I can't resist...

Happy Tuesday!

I am off to wash a mountain of lovely kale!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Such Lovely Surprises!

These were lovely surprises in the mail!

Family secrets, sisters, a grande dame with a sense of humor...I love just saying grande I love this author...thank you, Mark Lee, for remembering me.

Plus this one...I loved her first book...When You Reach Me...this one s described as a fun book that will keep us guessing!

This one, too, mysterious, magical, sad...yummy! English manor house, English countryside, and again...a sad choice plus a bit of magic?
Oh me oh my!

So many lovely books to read...I know I have asked this before...but...what are you reading today?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mums The Word!!!

Out with the with the new...dead dried up summer flowers gone...bright yellow mums are the replacements!

And I am so proud to say that my ducks/geese are all in a row! They are on their way to a nap near the shady part of the deck!

I made peach jam today for the first time ever!


Enough for two pieces of toast!

I guess I should have quadrupled my recipe?