Friday, September 15, 2017

So...The Week's End Is Here!

So...Den and I can be very lazy! We put off errands until we can't put them off any more. Today we needed to get this stuff done... landline phones and a bunch of other stuff we probably could live without. kneees are hurting and so are my ankles...Den has shoulder need Rothman and their sports medicine doctors.

T.J. Maxx...a quick run through for just never know when you will be lucky there! We found one set of 800 count ones...they are in the dryer now and feel yummy! We also found coffee is so delicious. The aisle on your way to the register is filled with yummy things! It's dangerous!

Trader Joe's...their pumpernickel bread and sour dough are our new faves. We also love their eggs and their turkey bacon...

Honey Glow...a new restaurant that only serves fresh and local stir fries and salads. Get this...there is no refrigerator order on a laptop and can customize anything. It was our first time we were AWKWARD...getting started. I ordered a Tuna White Bean Salad...Den had a Red Curry Stir Fry...both were amazing. So everyone told us to order the Honey Glow...fresh fruits topped with coconut or granola or chocolate chunks...some how either we goofed or they did and we ended up with a bowl of granola topped in coconut pieces! Unreal!


Reading these...

I haven't been reading tons this week...not sure why...sometimes it's sort of nice to have a book break!

The weekend is very low key...just football and popping something in the slow cooker...and getting a slice of carrot cake from Magnolia Bakery...a walk and perhaps lunch out?

See you on Monday!




Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bookmarks? Hmmm...

One of my goals this year is to comment on more blogs. I must admit to having my regulars. I read tons of blogs! Bookish ones and foodish ones but I don't comment on all of them! I am going to try to comment more! Bloggers work so hard on their blogs...we get frustrated, burned out, tired of them...I don't want that to happen to me. I am really only blogging on Monday, Wednesday and Friday right now. That works for me. I love my blog commenters...both here and on FB. And every once in a while I get a personal note from a reader...that warms my heart. This past year I worried about reviews and books and my blog. I didn't want my blog to be just about the really rough year that I had. But I could not help writing about some of it. I have another close family member undergoing cancer treatment life is even more fragile. Prayer, hope, strength...I need it all.


Carol's Notebook posted about bookmarks today with a place to link up...that's why I am writing about bookmarks. Everyone has beautiful bookmarks. I do not. I live with two tiny minions who destroy mine. We play a game called "Would you please stamp my ticket" and both kitties take turns "stamping/chomping"...

I have one good bookmark...but it won't last very long.

This is the most ferocious "stamper". OMG...that face!


I think I am reading these...I love Flavia DeLuce!

This one is a big family saga...loving it so far!


I need these! The recipe is on They are loaded with seeds and chocolate and oatmeal...they almost look healthy!




Monday, September 11, 2017

So Disorganized!

I am normally such an organized person. a fault. Ask Den. I even like the cats' toys organized. But I cannot get a grip on organizing what I read and when I read it! That's why I mostly don't commit to reading anything that locks me into a time...mostly. However...I did tell the lovely Melanie that I would "talk" about this book on Sept. 9th...of course not remembering that I don't even look at my blog or think about it on the week ends. So I am talking about it now...I love books where lives are forever changed and this one sounds really good!

In this one..."a heart is broken, a cruel truth is revealed, a secret is shared and a love is betrayed."

You can't ask for much more than this in one book!

I truly think I am done with even this kind of book tour...way too much pressure!

So...over the week end I totally fell in love with this book. Out of the blue...from NetGalley. Miss Seton is a yoga loving, bike riding, retired teacher/artist who lives in a tiny English village. I think this is the 23rd book in this series and I also think the original author has died but I think there are two more authors involved in this series. I hate reading books out of order and I was a little scattered in the beginning of the book...not only is Miss Seeton quirky but a lot of her neighbors are, too. I can't even figure out the time period...there are cars and it's after WWII but I don't detect any sign of cell phones or iPads. Miss Seeton works for the police in that she draws stuff for them and this helps them solve crimes. Again...I am just into this book and I plan to read more of order. Her neighbors always seem to be talking about what Miss Seeton does...especially the yoga! But it keeps her very limber! The town she lives in is called Plummergen! I love this cozy mystery!

Here is the first book in this series but I can't find it anywhere. See! This one has a different author. Oh...and Miss Seeton always carries a brolly/umbrella.


I am also reading a very cool book about mermaids and oil spills...sort of a fantasy...could be dystopian...maybe? The author found me and asked me to read his book...he produced tons of Disney I am reading it. It's very mermaidish but they get legs when they are on land. Three mermaid friends get caught in an oil spill and are separated...and found separately by a marine biologist, a famous model and fraternity brothers...I have no idea where this book is going next...but it's kind of addictive.

Perhaps my reading is so disorganized because I have books coming in from so many different places...and every once in awhile I add an ebook from the library and that throws everything out of control because I push the library book to the front of my disorganized stack. Plus dates sort of mean nothing to me...I just read what I want to read...without thinking about the publishing bad.

Oh well.

A few new books...

Now to get them into my haphazard reading schedule!
I am starting to add my pumpkins into all rooms but I am not ready to put away my starfish...soon!