Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've Got Ducks!

Ok...seriously? There were two ducks in our front yard this morning! Here they are!

Finished reading these...

The only one that I really loved was's so good...the good girl gets pregnant...gets kicked out of her house and taken in by her sort of eccentric neighbor...
Now I am finishing this one...and then...I am free to read whatever I want until June 7th...oh me oh my!

Totally hooked on Fallen Skies...we watched most of the second season this afternoon! Why is it so much more fun to watch these months later and in chunks?

Off to our first Farmers' Market tomorrow...fresh local veggies...local we come!


Friday, May 31, 2013

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Some planting is done...

It is unbelievably hot here...we planted for about an hour and then drank vast quantities of iced tea and showered...we are too drained to go to a movie...sigh!

Still reading this...I do not read as much with Den home...he distracts me! Sigh!

I plan to read the rest of the day away...staying as cool as I can!

What are your Friday plans? Do rising temps affect you?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Off Week...

This is such an odd week for me...because Den is home and we are just sort of both working on house stuff...estimates for the driveway and house painters, a tree that needs to come down, getting beds ready for mulching...a visit from Ron our favorite plumber guy...all are taking up tidbits of our time. Something was leaking in the basement so Den shut down what he thought was the water to the downstairs bathroom. When Ron got here he politely told Den that whatever was leaking had nothing to do with the downstairs bathroom. Den had it shut down for two weeks. Sigh!

We scored tickets to a Jackson Browne concert in Atlantic City and to an America concert there, too...I know...oldies but I love them!

Reading and loving's all about Maine...actually an island near this book!

Off for a hair appointment...then out for sushi!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


While grabbing a few groceries at Whole Foods last week...I saw a towering display of these cookies...they were lined up so evenly and the cookies were all the same size...but I forgot about them and didn't buy them...but...notice how they are actually on my counter...don't look at the backsplash...tiles aren't in yet...

Anyway...we bought them today...and...can I just say that after obsessing over these giant cookies for three days...they are worth it...big, crispy/chewy...yummy cookies! They are leaning because after our oh so healthy lunch salads...we each had a cookie...yum!

Obsession fulfilled!

Finished this...very sweet book about fantasy and miracles...

Up next...

Bought tons of yummy flowers today...we will pot them tomorrow. It ended up being in the 90's today! We caved and came watch movies!

Sunday we were it's hot and humid...yikes!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Who is the genius from The Kitchn who thinks of these things? A warm gooey deep dish chocolate chip cookie? OMG...

Still reading's so sweet...children at this orphanage have one find far they have tried catching them with they are trying to make them in a laboratory...

Going out to dinner this evening...Den is off all week long so in between yard work and flower planting and painting and movies we are dining out!
It's called Moro's...and they have great small plates...which I love!

Monday, May 27, 2013


We are having a relaxing day...Den is out digging in the garden beds, Lucy is napping and Roxie is in my lap while I read. The weather is lovely...the neighbor hood is quiet...and I always think of the parade that probably just finished in the town that I grew up in...sigh!

Reading this...

Thinking of them...they would have been sitting on our porch watching the parade...and afterwards there would have been ice cream and stick pretzels and RC Cola! I almost forgot that my dad had tats!

I never fail to miss them!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


One of my favorite shops in the entire The Cotton Garden in Camden, Maine.

My friend Jane called because my favorite gauzy dresses came in...I love these in the summer...I literally live in them...and normally we would be in Maine so that I could buy them but she took photos of them all and I bought them that way.
Here are a few favorites...there are skirts and tops, too! They are inexpensive summary pieces that can be thrown on without thinking about can toss them in the washer but I usually hang them to dry...I sort of bought all of these...I think! I can't actually will be a surprise when they come...won't it?
Definitely my style...easy, breezy, comfy to wear in the summer!

Happy Sunday!