Friday, August 4, 2017

The Week's End!

It seemed as though we had a lot of stuff to deal with this week. House stuff never ends. Now it's the gutters! Who knew? I actually showed my hair to my neighbor, a nurse at Oncology and my Oncologist...I have been out and about this week wearing a baseball cap...with a buff wrapped around my wrist in case of a hat emergency. I feel good...strong...hopeful...peaceful. That's enough for me for now. I have been hurting and scared for so long. I didn't realize the toll this takes on everyone.

Lucy remains the same...we aren't even sure what that means. She can get to her beds, litter and food. She is far too weak to walk downstairs and she sleeps much of the time. It breaks my heart but I have to be at peace with her and accept where she is. This may sound awful but I pray that she would just peacefully die in her sleep. I love her too much to decide her fate...I don't think I can.

It's amazing how much I love walking outside as opposed to my treadmill. We are researching bikes...even if we have to drive to a bike trail...since we aren't moving we need new stuff to do. Walking at Longwood Gardens and exploring bike trails should keep us busy.


Loving this...

Confused but fascinated by's told in reverse.

Eager to read this...

And this...

Hooked on these Italian hard candies with a fizzy center! Yum!





Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lost In The Sandy Beaches Of Nantucket And Martha's Vineyard!

Twins, Beaches, Feuding, Affairs...this book started off really good. Who writes a beach book better than Elin Hildebrand? I really shouldn't say that because there are so many good beachy books out there but...this one is good. Plus the twin factor makes it even better than just simply good.
I walked outside today...all by myself! I can now walk down my street and back up again. I continue to forget to wear my Fitbit and measure steps. I am bored with my Treadmill but I love walking outside. Once I can walk my street 3 times...Den and I will pop next door and walk Longwood! That's my goal! That plus a little more hair creeping out of my baseball cap!
Everyone here is holding their own. It's been determined that Lucy has colitis...she is on more meds...she's had more fluids...we isolated her last night for her own good...which she hated...but she seems a little better this morning.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Books Finished...Books Begun!

This book was sooooo good.

I think everyone should read it!



It was good!

This just popped in from the library...I have to read it asap! It's already good.

It's beachy! And no one does beachy the way this author does beachy.

Hungry for vegetables...we are addicted to roasted soon as it comes out of the oven we sprinkle it with delicious. I think I used Ina Garten's recipe.

I have to make this salad...

I have to make these...whatever they are...

And now I have to read!





Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Lucy Saga...Day 2...

Literally when Den walked Lucy into the vet's arms yesterday...he was saying goodbye to her...he told me that on the way to the vet's office he was talking to Lucy about the "rainbow bridge". Roxie and I were at home just sitting together...I was crying...of course. Den did not want me with him for the thoughts were that we would leave her there and go back later in the day to say goodbye.

But it was not to be...while Lucy isn't running races she is still eating and drinking and purring and cuddling and kissing us. So we are going to take one day at a rainbow bridge yet. If you aren't familiar with this bridge it's where all beloved pets go when they die...they are happy and painfree and they wait for their beloved owners to join them...I bet that brought a tear to your eye!

She unpacked her bag for the rainbow bridge! And Roxie helped her. Of course I spent today looking at photos of her.

She loved our hotel in Camden because of the double sided fireplace. Any Marriott chair was her fave. Den is holding her while he watches baseball in our hotel in the Berkshires. I always loved her in her hoodies. Sometimes she just needed alone time on the deck...heeheehee!

Roxie was exhausted today just looking after Lucy!

So...we go on...

Oh...finished good...really really a good book!




Monday, July 31, 2017

This Week's Books Plus A Close Call!

These are what I hope to read this week...if I can calm down enough after our kitty scare from yesterday.

On my Kindle is this...and I am half of the way into it. It's kind of like a comedy of errors except there is no comedy. A British family is in quarantine when their doctor daughter comes home from Liberia after treating people with Haag the book it's a highly contagious disease but I have googled it and wikapediaed it and it's a made up disease based on a real disease...I think. Anyway...the Birch's are stuck together for a week at Christmas but a ton of outside influences are affecting their quarantine. I originally thought this book would be clue why...but it's just really intensely good.

So the kitty scare was with my sweet Lucy...our elder kitty. Both of our kitties are Tonkinese and that's a breed that is extremely social. They love people. We have taken Lucy on car trips with us lots of times. If we could walk with her in her stroller we would bring her with us. Farmers' markets, shops, galleries and pet stores were her faves...heeheehee. But that was a while ago...she is fragile and more delicate now...sometimes sweet but often cranky. She is still devoted to her family.

Yesterday afternoon she was not acting normally. She wasn't eating or drinking or even moving. We isolated her last was painful but we had to and Den was at the vet at 8:00 this morning. She has had fluids and meds and the vet said...not yet. She thinks perhaps a illness of some sort. So...she is home and we are on guard...and sort of waiting. And of course Roxie sat outside of Lucy's room last night...softly crying for her...all of us had a rough night last night. Both kitties have been sleeping all day. Lucy has a way of looking directly into our eyes. When we talk to her...she appears to listen. Roxie is more of a squirmer...she does not look into our eyes the way Lucy does. They say if your cat stares at you and blinks it means they are saying I love you...Lucy says it all of the time.

Roxie is now watching over her...

Today was a long day...