Saturday, October 12, 2013

So Sorry...

I have not had the time to comment on my favorite blogs...please forgive me...we have been so sick with worry about Lucy...

She is home...we are taking one day at a time!

She is wobbly...does not see well...and confined to our sunroom rehab! No steps!


Yesterday at the sight...could not walk...very sad!

Today at home...wobbly, walking, seeing, noisy!

I finished a shoot 'em up good in San Francisco!

Reading this...not into it yet...but it's good!

Happy Reading!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Trying to finish this...

Two things happen to me when I am stressed...I can't eat and I can't read. Hopefully Lucy will be home later today and we can try to be us again...Den and Roxie and I were not happy campers yesterday...Roxie was glued to us and we were just down...

We try to think about other things but that gloomy cloud just hovers. Lucy is my last link to my mom and dad...I know that's silly but it's just in my head that way...

Off to read and try to put myself in a happier place...we won't know about her night until later today.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reality...It's Rough...

Reading's really really good...takes place in San paced...crime drama.

But I really want to read this...fantasy...illustrations and escape.

Lucy Grace is very ill...she had seizures this of the blue...and you can imagine how equipped Den and I were to deal with it...all we could manage was to wrap her in a blanket and hold her...she has never been sick...I will admit to being obsessed with her. She knew my mom and dad and I see her as my connection to's silly...I know's true.

They don't really know what is wrong with her...she hasn't lost weight, she usually races around with Roxie, her coat is sleek and gleaming...the vet mentioned the nightmare stuff...brain tumor...MRI...the decision. Roxie has been walking all over the house an attempt to find her.'s raining, too, and life pretty much bites today...

So...this is when I pull out the fantasies...the books where everyone gets a happy ending...maybe.

I am fine...just sad...have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lazy Laundry Days!

No cooking today...on and off reading while folding laundry...the job I hate the most in the world! Sigh!

Den is picking up bistro salads and artisanal pizzas from Sovano Bistro on the way home from work.

One of our little pies will have figs and pancetta...the other one butternut squash and goat cheese! It's our midweek survivor dinner. Plus...we have nothing here and I did not feel like going to the grocery store all.

We also decided on a Pumpkin has arugula, local pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, roasted hazelnuts...mmmmm!

The perfect dinner when I am not in a cooking mood! The table is set and we are ready.

I just finished is the last of my overdue Vine books. I was so taken by this book. I think it is one of my favorites ever. Sisters involved with an artist and lots of lies, secrets, and sadness. It was so beautifully written. It was touching. It was memorable. I have seen it around but I never truly paid that much attention to bad, for sure. I loved this book!

Up next...

Off to fold...

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday Cake! Yum!

I's silly but I made Roxie a from scratch yellow cake yesterday for her birthday! Actually I made it for Den and disguised it as Roxie's Birthday Cake. It was so moist and yummy...with butter cream icing!

See! can sort of see. In Roxie's attempt to help me frost it...she was slightly crazed by the butter cream...we had icing everywhere.

Back to the cake...I saw it on a number of sites but I believe it originally came from a blog called CinnamonSpice&EverythingNice. It's called a one bowl cake because everything was plopped into just one was yummy! Moist and creamy! A light crumb and smooth vanilla tasted like really good cake.

Finished this...

So good and so disturbing...a mother who lacks a true mother's heart but is determined to show the world the astonishing and selfless things she does for her children. The ending was so well thought out and so surprising.

Reading this next...YA deliciousness!

Happy reading!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh My...Monday!

Today is my designated do nothing but clean day...boring!
I am off to tidy, spray, dust, vacuum, wipe down and otherwise do things that prevent me from reading for the next few hours.
I don't even make fun plans on Monday because I am so compelled to get things done.
So...I am dusting off the pumpkins right now with one of those swiffery things.

I am also making chili and baking a cake for Roxie's birthday! She is two today! I haven't even known her a year yet and she is already two!

Reading this...did not love it at first but it has gotten so delicious. A mother who is so hatefully diabolical to her three children...anyway...I can't put it down and yet I dust! It's secrets and lies within a supposedly loving family! So good!

Happy Birthday to my sweet as a pumpkin Roxie Blue! She is taking a much needed nap after chasing Lucy all!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Selfies...I Am Starting To Love Them!

This is me...after the Hall And Oates concert...sitting at a way high up bar stool at the Long Bar...perusing the drinks and snacks menu! Why am I gripping the menu so hard?

I settled on an icy cold one of these...yum...while we people watched.

And there were tons of people to watch...old ones, young ones, about to be married ones, about not to be married ones...Atlantic City was a zoo on Friday night. At the same time that the Hall And Oates concert was going on...there was a Frank Sinatra, Jr. concert at the Borgata, too...all different kinds of people were everywhere. And the constant ringing sound of slot machines...they never seem to stop.

This was my first win from a slot machine...and when I opened my email yesterday...I had one from the Borgata...a coupon for $25.00 to play slot machines again and a room rate of $59.00!

I've been comped!!! So much fun!

Still reading's really good...

We have a dismal dreary hot and sticky day ahead of us...loaded with football!

Happy Reading!