Friday, August 7, 2015

Knees And Bread!

It's sad...Den and I have some issues...probably from the misspent days of our youth...hiking, biking, pogo sticking, rope jumping? I have knee stuff going on...and Den has tendinitis in both was our morning at The Rothman Institute for X-rays and shots of stuff...Den gets cortisone and I get cortisone and something else that fills in the cartilage in my knee...I get a series of these shots and then my knee should feel so much better...sigh! The Rothman Institute works with our sports teams and keeps everyone moving. But...I have never seen so many limping people in one spot in my life...including me!

On the way home we pass right by the house of "the ladies who bake bread". I cannot begin to describe to you how amazing their baking area is. I have talked about them before but...they hang the walk in to this amazing room that smells beyond, warm, yeasty...and today was Brownie Day! Here is what I carried away.
And for a dollar each they sell these...

little warm rolls with a pat of butter inside!
Off to ice my knee and read...this book is so appropriate for today!
Have an amazing weekend! We are home this weekend and enjoying every moment!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quite A Day!

This was a day when small irritating tasks consumed our day...yep...ate it right up! No more space on an iPhone, disappearing photos, tons of laundry, zucchini fritters that resulted in pieces of zucchini getting lodged everywhere! Whew! I am sipping a lovely glass of this...and relaxing...

Look at the beautiful colors! I wonder where mine matches up?
Reading and savoring this...I almost forgot how lovely the first two books were when I read them years ago...I always want to make bread when I read these!
Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cheese Curds?

Loved this book! I laughed, I cried, I craved cheese curds and before this I never even knew I could crave a cheese curd! But now I know about everything Milwaukee from this sweet book! Cheese curds deep fried, Brewers Games, Summerfest, Sendik's and more...I spent tons of time googling every place mentioned in this book. I was in love with this book! It was so good!
Cheese curds...
The benches are rumored to be shaped like cows? This was the first date place for Lou and Al...chief characters...
Lou and Al shopped at this market.
Lou and Al went to Summerfest!
And the Italian Festival!
And the State Fair!
Lou and Al went to ball games here...
Sigh...on to finish this!
Happy Wednesday!



Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Betwixt And Between?

I was reading and loving this book on my iPad mini on the drive to New York...I am still reading and loving it but...we opted to take a bus from our hotel to the concert. The bus left two hours before the concert so I brought my Kindle with me...and discovered that Baker's Blues wasn't on it...for some odd reason.

So...I was forced to start another book...this one...which is also really good.
So...that's why I am betwixt and between! I really don't like reading two books at once but both of these are so good...and not really similar!
We remain exhausted today! Den is at the office and the girls and I are lounging and reading and cleaning. Both kitties seem to be reprimanding us for leaving them for an entire day...Roxie is literally flying around the house and Lucy is just yelling at us...constantly...Tonkinese cats have a way of sharing their feelings like no other cat! I think Roxie is learning way too many things from
Off to unpack...did I really need three/ four outfits for an overnight trip!
Yes! I like options!
Happy Tuesday!




Monday, August 3, 2015

What A Weekend!

We drove about 3 hours yesterday to get to Bethel Woods to see Peter Cetera...original group concert. It was wonderful...his voice was amazing...he was accompanied by the Hudson Valley Philharmonic...the last time we were there we saw Keith Urban. The venue was brimming with people...wild crazy country loving fans. This venue holds 18,000 can sit in covered seating or on the lawn. This crowd was older and much more well behaved than Keith Urban's fans. The worst thing people did was to sing along with him all of the time. We love concerts like this where the artist tells stories about the songs...and again...his voice was amazing! Bethel Woods is a beautiful area...sidewalks and flowers and beautiful green grass. Workers smile and chat and help with every need. The weather was and breezy!


Now...still cute and cool!
Exhausted today...seriously exhausted...hungry, too...the moment we got in Den hopped on his tractor...the girls and I played, I showered and we fell asleep!
Reading this...soooooo good! I will share more tomorrow!