Friday, March 10, 2017

Beautiful Snow!

It started snowing really early this morning...a beautiful kind of blustery snow. It was the kind of snow that falls down in big fat flakes but only sticks to grass and melted on the roads and the sun kept coming out! But it's cold here...the coldest it has been all winter and we had another huge blast of snow just now. Den went out for supplies this morning...I made The Pioneer Woman's Sesame Noodles for lunch. They were easy as well as amazingly yummy!

Reading this...really good...two girls are in a sandwich shop at the time of a robbery. One girl is taken...the other isn't. The girl taken is the popular mean girl...the girl not taken isn't the popular mean girl. Needless to say the girl not taken has major issues.

Probably...hopefully...reading this next...I loved her first much!

Have a great week end!




Thursday, March 9, 2017

Yesterday & Today...

I didn't post yesterday. It was Big Chemo Wednesday and it literally kicks my butt! Nothing is really just the length of time we spend there. The TV's were not working so it was even longer...usually the Food Channel gets me through it. We were there at 8:15 and home at 3:00! I walked upstairs, took a shower and fell asleep for 2 hours! Ti! We had Cheerios and bananas for dinner. It was all we could manage. Neither Den nor I can read over there. We are in our little private suite but it's still hard to concentrate. Once I get the baggie of Benedryll I am in constant motion for an hour. My legs twitch, I can't sit still, even my words are slurred. It's crazy time. Den sits and laughs! I don't! The bags come in a certain order...steroids, antinausea, Benedryll and then the big guns in scary big bags...taxol and carbo...the stuff that made my skin soft, my nails long, and all of my hair fall out! Sigh! I was really nervous and scared yesterday. My amazing oncologist and baseball fanatic...Dr. Costello...says I have two more Big Chemo treatments which take me to May 10th...of course I embarrass everyone and cry. But I think he is used to it. He wants me to stop my SELF IMPOSED EXILE and go out more. I cry some more and remind him how vain I am about well...about everything about me. He looks at me and tells me I don't realize how beautiful I am. He looks at Den and asks if he minds that he is telling me that and I cry even more. Sigh!

That was my yesterday!


Finished this...really good...high intensity newsroom, missing woman and well developed interesting characters and their relationships.

Reading this...a really good start...really really really!

Just got this from Vine...I really wanted this one and it just appeared in my queue! Probably it's up next...yummy! I love book surprises!

Today...back to Oncology for the dreaded Nuelasta shot...the one that makes every joint in my body ache but keeps away infections! And fixes stuff! The next few days have the potential to be a little rough! But I am used to it and I can deal with it!

Today I feel really really good and I will treadmill walk soon!

My babies...

always a source of comfort...they have a sense for that...they are on my lap as soon as I come home...watching me...well Lucy does...Roxie falls asleep!






Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday...And It's Still About Books...Mostly!

Loving's about a mysteriously missing woman...she is having dinner with her husband...walks out on him...and is not seen again! It's Washington and TV news...the pace is fast, the characters are interesting and it's just really good!

More new books!!!
I cannot resist books like this...just the word "sweeping" draws me in...this one is from Ecco through Edelweiss.
From Amazon...
"The Hearts of Men is a sweeping, panoramic novel about the slippery definitions of good and evil, family and fidelity, the challenges and rewards of lifelong friendships, the bounds of morality—and redemption."

From HarperTeen and Edelweiss...I love a good retelling...especially now with Disney's Beauty And The Beast coming out soon! The music video for this movie is amazing!

From Amazon...

"Fierce and luscious. Wander into these woods and vanish inside this splendid fairy tale." --Stephanie Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Anna and the French Kiss

"A rich, Russian-influenced retelling of 'Beauty and the Beast.' Building upon a familiar tale, Spooner creates a detailed world populated by complex characters... reminiscent of Robin McKinley's and Patricia McKillip's novels, concerned with the power of stories." -- Kirkus, starred review

It's a rainy day here today...tomorrow is my "Big Chemo" day...every three weeks seems to come really fast! We are there most of the day, we need drinks and snacks and the next day is my dreaded Neulasta shot which brings aches and pains and more fatigue. That's my complaint for today...I am sorry.

For some reason I have been craving lemonade all throughout this process...lemonade, lemon drops, and sour lips! This recipe is from SimplyRecipes...and we are trying this one this afternoon. We have been buying an organic one and personal lemonade maker...adds tons of ice and fresh squeezed lemonade to it so that it is tart...I crave the tart part!

These are a staple...thank God for Amazon! Just one or two suits me!

And these...I had a tiny bag of these from a delightful candy store in Lewes, Delaware...and I needed more of them right now! I had to wait for these...they came from a candy store in CA. They are so good! I really don't eat tons of these...perhaps one or two a day? It's really hard to deny a "Chemo Craving"... Den packs snacks in little baggies and water and lemonade and pretzels and crackers and string cheese and off we go! Sigh!

So...I will finish The Cutaway today and I think I will start this...I am trying to whittle down my very big stack of real books...ebook stacks don't count for me because I can't really see them...or am I just fooling myself? Oh my!

Have a great day!




Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday...It's Really Just About Books Today!


This book is a library ebook...yep...that's what it is...a library book! I randomly downloaded it...started to read it and subsequently could not put it down! I just checked Goodreads to see if I ever read any other books by this author and I did...just one and I loved it, too. This author has written tons of books. What I loved about this book was the clever humorous banter with all of the characters! I loved the quirky characters. I loved the situations. Darn it...I loved everything about this book! In a nutshell...Ainsley and her stepsister Kate are going through breakups. Ainsley's cancer surviving drama king boyfriend has dumped her to find himself in Alaska. Kate's husband of four months tripped fell and died. The sisters are left to deal with their anger and grief in highly unusual ways. This book was just what I needed! Have I told you how much I loved it? I loved it!

I think next I am reading this's described as a "fast paced scandal and cover- up" kind of book.

I have a ton of new ebooks and books to read...I think I will share them throughout the week.

This one sounds really good. I loved the first book. I love this cover. I don't know why covers are so important to me but they are.

I am off to start my day! I hope your Monday is a great one!