Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Love Saturday!

We truly do! It's our day to play catch up with TV, watch some college football, read, and rest...especially Den. A haircut for Den, a quick trip to the grocery store for odds and ends for dinner...we are now snuggled in at home for the rest of the day. We had dinner out last night so we are happy to be at home tonight.

We just watched our first Dr. Who and we love him! We also just watched Almost Human and we love that, too. I love shows like these probably more than Den does.
But he watches them with me.

Just got this and I am so tempted to start it...but I just finished a book and I feel like I need a teensy book break...

Okie dokie...back to my Saturday!

Happy Reading!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Selfies! Books! Mushrooms!

Kitty selfies...they both look so tortured!

Hair selfies...after the Amazing Kevin Castaldi works his magic on my roots!

Must read mysterious thriller chillers this week. It's a Thanksgiving tradition! Thank you Edelweiss!

Just got this one's not a thriller chiller but I love this author! Reading it soon!

My little adopted town is known as the Mushroom Capitol Of The World and on New Year's Eve for the first time ever the town is dropping a huge light filled Mushroom!

Is this too funny for words?

Happy Reading!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What I Did Not Do Today!

I was reading and thinking and playing with the girls and waiting for Den to come home from a really long trip today. I was going to make French Onion's on Marcus Samuelson's blog...he is an awesome chef in NYC. But I didn't make it. Sigh!

Then I was going to make a Biga and make bread. I didn't do that either. This bread and Biga are from another blog I love called Tibeault's Table. Double sigh!

Then I was going to make the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Bread. That was nixed ASAP. Triple sigh!

The last thing I didn't do was actually make dinner. I was going to make these pork chops from Gimme Some Oven...but that was a no show, too. Quadruple sigh!

We actually had pizza for dinner from a great new place in town.

Oh well...tomorrow is a new day...except we are going out to dinner!

Happy reading!

Oh...reading this...yummy!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Red And Read!

It is almost the season for red everything!

Red lips...
My new favorite red just goes on so beautifully and is the best red ever! It's from Nars...Luxembourg and Hyde Park are the colors I love!

The sticks are yummy, too...the top four are the reds I love!

Red boots...Uggs!

Red clothes...Free People!

Red hats...

Red stockings to hang...


Happy Reading!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Finished this...scary, creepy, good!

Reading this...finally...

I love the deadlines for Amazon's one of the smartest things they have done and it works for me.

I have three days to read this book or I can't get new Amazon Vine books. And if a book is's red marked on my list...I didn't think I was the kind of person who needed this but "obvi" I!

And then I gave four days to read this...which is described as "a fun literary mystery"...yum!

Roxie and I are taking Lucy Grace to a kitty cardiologist today to make sure she does not have a heart murmur...not looking forward to this at all...sigh!
Neither is Lucy!

Happy Reading!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sleep Patterns...Denver Broncos...Cats...Books!

The Denver Bronco game did not start until 8:30 last night. The result of this was interrupted sleep patterns for everyone...every single one of us...with fur and without.

Tonkinese cats like Lucy and Roxie are very in tune to their "people". They rarely are off doing their own thing...they are very much in our faces all of the time. In our house if I leave a room...Lucy and Roxie leave the room. They love and adore Den but I have to be there in the actual room for them to stay. Even if they are tucked in their little kitty beds sound asleep...they only give me a certain amount of time to get back...or they are there! It's uncanny! They do not do this to Den. Football night causes issues. Lucy is not allowed we thought she would be happy if Den was downstairs watching his game and she could nap with him. That was not the case...she wandered and cried...most likely looking for me. He finally put her in the study and closed the door...this is where we keep her at night now.

That leaves Roxie...who wandered upstairs and downstairs...trying to herd us together. I must have fallen asleep during The Good Wife with Roxie next to me...because when I woke up it was 1:30 and Den was asleep in bed...Roxie was in her bed asleep and of course I was wired. I finished a book, began another, and then...still wide awake...I tiptoed to a guest room down the hall to watch TV...seconds later Roxie was with me and we promptly fell asleep with the TV on...sigh! This morning we are all grumpy!

Finished was written by a 67 year old first time author...his story is fascinating and while I loved the book...I strongly disliked almost every character in it except Rory the cat. It is truly a unique book.

Started this on the middle of the's a YA and so far so good.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

How We Spent Our Day...Lol...

Football...this two team thing is starting to really annoy me...the cats jump every time Den cheers and he is constantly talking about what everyone on the field is doing!

Thank God I have an amazing uncanny ability to tune him out!

We had about 40 minutes before the start of the Eagles game so we thought we would zip to this new market in our town and grab a smoothie! It's really sweet with just different little vendors...

Veggies and and locally sourced if possible!


Local wine...this winery is called Paradocx because two dentists own it! Get it! Pair of docs! Lol...

Smoothies and yummy foods but I am mad at them...irritated...and mad

The Market!

The winery...some of the wines come in paint cans...we love it...and you can return the paint cans for

The Market on a busy Friday...they have happy hour and music there on Friday afternoons...

The used to be a blacksmith shop in the olden days!

Off to tune out Den and read!

Happy Reading!