Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I Like About You!

We are headed to another concert!

The Romantics? The Romantics!

I think that their most famous song is...What I Like About You!

But every single time I try to sing it for anyone...they are clueless.

It can't possibly be my singing...or can it?

We love the theatre where we have been seeing all of these groups...they change the seating for every performer. Tonight we are sitting downstairs at a two person high top table...we can sip cool drinks, order something to eat and watch everyone rock on...I am sure that there will be a good bit of dancing in the aisles for this one!

How are you spending this lovely warm Saturday?

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Finished...Whew!

I feel as though I have been reading this forever...I loved this book...seriously loved it but it was not my usual fast turnaround on to the next book reading experience...I lingered, I perused, I reread, I rested, but ultimately...I finished! I miss it already!

But...on to the next book...I have to finish this one by tomorrow...and I will!

On another note...

Our staycation is humming along and we quite like it! We watched all of Boardwalk Empire Season 2 in two days...the three of us have had deck time every spite of the heat.

We have had fun lunches and in house of us got her nails done while one of us caught up on bills and paperwork and the rest of us napped in the sun. Two of us got a bit of sun while one of us did yard work. Two of us napped and read while one of us mowed the lawn. Two of us have consumed two yummy root beer floats while one of us had a teeny taste of ice cream. One of us continues to round the rest of us up to bed by 9 each night with loud meows and a very piercing stare.
And one of us feels compelled to wake the rest of us up at 6 each morning...we have no clue why. She seems to want to wake us up so that we might realize that she is up so that we might watch her fall asleep again. Or else she wants the middle of our king sized bed all to herself.

Back to my book...

Are you staying cool?

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love These...

I made this yesterday. It's called Loaded Potato Salad or Twice Baked Potato Salad.
It was so good. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it has everything in it that a twice baked potato has. We loved it!

Love this top...from a site called Yours Truly...I just checked out the site. The shirt comes in green and purple, too. There are some cute summery dresses there, too.

This is from Pinterest, too. I love this idea but probably not doable...look at the size of this frame! It is full of photos!

I am on the last 100 pages of this...I usually fly through books but this is a slow meandering stroll...very historical but I love it.

Still very warm here...we are purposefully "staycationing". Movies, a concert on Saturday, yard work, and dinner out...that's what we are going to do...we are seeing a really odd group called The Romantics. Next week we are seeing Stevie Nicks in Atlantic City...not too far from us!

That's our staycation agenda...anything exciting going on with you?

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!!!

Hat on!!!

Get this hat off of me...wait...I can do it myself!

And so she did!

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Happy July 4th!!!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th...Just A Bit Bittersweet...

The town that I grew up in had an amazing celebration for this fact it still does. It's usually a festival that lasts at least three days. Of course it starts with a parade! And ends with fireworks!

There are rides and games and a pancake breakfast and bingo and everyone is there! And as we grew up and went away to college...we still met friends there over the years. You just knew that people made it a point to be there for July 4th.

My dad loved this holiday and spent the day cooking and prepping the back yard and getting ready for his own fireworks display. There was a refrigerator in his garage that was stocked with fireworks. My mom hated dad could not wait to set them off. And every year his stash would get bigger and louder.

When we were all home for that holiday and he had my brothers and Dennis to "assist" the smoke was so thick we could barely see. And every single year my dad bought sparklers for me...they remain to this day my favorite July 4th tradition. I still remember the pinches of pain from the sparks on my arms...which brings me to this...found on Pinterest...a safe way to hold sparklers.
Who knew? our little family for tomorrow...we have flags out and our menu is set and we are going to set up our kiddie pool by the hammock by the pond and grill and have root beer floats and maybe light a sparkler or two!

I want to set up croquet but it's too too hot!

I think I will always love the Fourth Of July!

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Monday, July 2, 2012


Leisurely reading this...still...

It's one of those massive huge heavy hard to hold books...thank goodness it's on my

These were added to the stack this week. I am being a bit of a rebel with the stack...I am not making any promises about when a book will be read. What's the worst thing that can happen? An army of publishers email yelling at me?

That might be fun, actually!

These beauties are from Amazon Vine...I love Vine's system because I have time to read them, post a review easily and move on to the next one! Every one of these is the perfect summer book.

We finally sighted one of the ladies who bake bread!!!

Sunday at approximately 12 noon...she was in her yard when we popped in to buy bread!

Of course I annoyed her with far too many questions like how did she get started and did she need an that point Den was dragging me out..harrumph!
We bought French bread, sun dried tomato bread and the most amazing brownies I have ever had! We freeze them and eat them as needed.
And they have been needed lately! to the dairy for farm fresh milk...and cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers and butter and cheeses...all made and grown there.
I do have a fondness for cows...and tomatoes. Right now the tomatoes are tunnel grown...but still really good!

Tunnel grown? Grown in a tunnel?

This post has exhausted me!
I probably could have made three posts from it...sorry!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday...And It's A Steamy One...

We went to a concert last night...we saw Chris Robinson...who used to be married to Kate Hudson and who is still in the Black Crows but loves to play with other musicians in his off time...whew!
Did you know that he performs barefooted?
Dennis told me that he plays Southern Rock. The music was good but loud and...did I say LOUD? Really really really loud!
My head is still sort of humming. We did not last the entire concert...he played a long set...took a long break...and came back for another long was almost eleven when he started the second after a few songs...we left.
We were tired...and this concert place is so cool and so weird at the same have set seats but you can move around to tables and eat if you want to...drink lots if you want can sit on sofas or at high tables or stand and dance in the aisles if you choose to...there were lots of people sort of dancing by themselves...
which sort of freaks me out...because I am such a rule follower...I like to sit and listen and other words I behave!
I am not a get up and dance around kind of person...I listen and I count stuff...last night I counted faces in the ceiling of this theatre...I counted 54 human faces, 10 sort of not human faces and one horse!
Do I know how to have fun at concerts or what?
Totally wiped out right now...watching tv and is so hot can barely breath outside.
Still reading this...I am still loving it...

We think Lucy is mad at us because she has found a new friend in one of the other bedrooms.
She has been with her new pal all day!
I can't figure out what I think she is thinking.

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