Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time For Tile!

In spite of my angst about getting the kitchen still isn' still looks like this...
I am in a state of...hmmm...inactivity? I am thinking about where to place things way too much...we did buy drawer we are finally choosing tile...I am rethinking my industrial shelves, too...I am putting baskets there and organizing my pantry think and think and think and then actually change something...and in spite of buying a second round of knobs...we still miscounted and need one more!

It's awkward to walk around to the side of the island that you see to put flatware I am rethinking that, too...and Den wants to take all of my stuff down from the top of the cabinets to dust and wash...hmmm...that's a novel thought...

Normally we would be prepping for a jaunt to Maine and all of the places we love...but...I don't feel comfortable leaving Roxie Blue and Lucy Grace home alone with just a catsitter yet...and traveling with two kitties is unimaginable. The plan is we get to go and they stay home and they are not lonely because they have each other. So far that's not working...

This is the new big heated kitty bed...meant for both girls to share and snuggle and cuddle! Lucy has claimed it...Roxie sits on that pillow and watches Lucy!

That is a Roxie sized space!

I tried putting her in it with Lucy...but we had disastrous results! So sad!

Still reading this...really lovely...lake houses, old friendships, old loves, new loves...perfect for this time of year!

This is my next book...

Hopefully you are all having a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fun!

Finished this lovely...oh so good...tense, scary, plus you can't beat those furtive YA much better than any gray might be a cougar!

Reading this...

Friends, dysfunction, a lake community, lovely old Victorian homes, unlikely friendships...I could not begin to ask for more on this lovely day!

Either grilling or zipping out for sushi...but I think grilling...I am hungry for a "burger" based dinner...can't decide if that "burger" will be buffalo, turkey, salmon or veggie! In our house we always eat what I am hungry for!

Life is tough when you are a!

Still have not purchased my unlike me...but I know if I wait there will be a sale or special promo...this shoe comes in 35 colors! I can't come close to deciding! I don't know what I love more...the sandal or the name...Wolky Jewel!

Want this dress...I know...only my quirky tastes would yearn for's from a shop called Ilana Kohn...

Happy Friday!

The winner of this book is...ta! Email me and we will talk!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New And Old...

I want to go rummaging rummaging a word or is it something my mom used to say that just now popped into my head?

Here is my favorite spot to "rummage"...

The MilkHouse! Ta da!

Look at the entrance to their garden spot! Every time I line our walk with vines and flowers...someone thinks they are weeds and kills them! Grrrr!

These are from a shop called The Stepping Stone. It is in a beachy town...just a few hours away! Calls out for some serious rummaging!

I want that fish! It fulfills my dangerously quirky needs! Lol...

So...have a happy healthy Thursday! I feel the need for an avocado today...I have to go out and hunt for a ripe one...I really want this salad that I saw on Pinterest! Avocados, tomatoes and soft mozzarella cheese...olive oil and a few herbs! Yum!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ho Hum...Mid Week Blahs!

I have got to stop letting days of the week determine my emotions! Speaking of days of the week...did you have those underwear when you were little? I was one of those kids who could never wear Sunday on Monday...hmmm...

Finished this...two men from different backgrounds become friends in college...until they stop being friends...this is a really long book and I still don't know why they stopped being friends...I mean I sort of do but it doesn't seem as though this should have stopped their friendship. The book was good...and I liked it...I just wanted to love it...

Finished this...cute, funny, anyone who remembers Bobby Sherman would love this one...

Reading good I can't see straight...but it has all of my key elements...English countryside, secretive boarding school with lots of wealthy students, dysfunction and mean it's the first in a trilogy! Love this book...can't put it down!

Dinner tonight...Mini Enchilada Pies! I love cute food! This is the Recipe Of The Day from Chow! is your ho hum hum drum Wednesday going? Off I go to the store to get all the stuff I need for these babies! Yum! The crust is this stuff!

And you get to do this to it...

Oh boy!

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Loves!

This Indah All In One! It's a grown up onesie!

Haagen Daz Gelato...OMG! Especially this flavor!

These shoes...They are called Wolky's! There are about 20 more do I really want black? Reviews say they are lightweight and comfy...perfect for summer fun!

These baby tomatoes...they come in all different shapes, colors and sizes!

Whole Foods Fresh Pasta Bar...ours comes from little family shops in New Jersey!

These are mine...can you tell me one of yours?
Oh...I can't forget this new my yogurt...and our hearts...even Lucy's!

That is a kitty smile on Lucy's face...I just know it is!

Monday Thoughts...

Finished this...not so crazy about it...

Reading this...not sure yet how I feel about it...after I finish this...I will have read all of my Amazon Vine books...or at least the ones for 2013! Yahoo! Ready for the next batch!

Then I should read these...

But will I...hmmm...when I want to dive into this...I have no clue why I love boarding school books with or without vampires...

Happy Monday! I leave you with a photo of Roxie Blue trying yet again to smoosh next to Lucy Grace...this breaks our hearts!