Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

We wanted to get wreaths and bows at Terrain. Terrain is such a beautiful store...especially at this time of year. But it was too wet to took ourselves to Target and Whole Foods and then we had lunch at Harvest! And we had a "Dirty Chai"...yum...Chai tea with a shot of espresso...very warming!

There are so many beautiful things to see at Terrain...

I want to wind these teeny lights around everything!

Now we are relaxing...soon...tea and a cookie! We are blessed!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Fun! Or Maybe Not So Much Fun!

We had to have the bags of giveaway stuff outside by 7:00 AM...the window was 12 and I fell out of bed at 6:30 and started hauling massive bags from the basement to the front 7:15 we were done and exhausted...but lighter and happier! I had tons of Halloween candy that I bagged for the workers as a treat.

Next we waited for Ron The Plumber and Morvent Guy.

Ron The Plumber came...Morvent Guy cancelled...and then we were starving and meatball sandwiches from Giordano's while apparently Den was thinking hot meatball sandwiches from Capriotti' called Giordano's but Den went to Capriotti's where they said no one called in an order so they made one for us specially. Den walks in and realizes that he went to the wrong place so he hops back in the car and races to Giordano's! We felt badly about not picking up the order.

We are the proud owners of 4 meatball sandwiches and 2 orders of beach fries...OMG!

Needless to say? No cooking tonight...I don't care what we eat!

Finished this...did not love it...

Reading this...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday's Tribulations...And Not One Of My Rants Is About Books!

I have bags and bags of clothes in for pickup by Big Brothers And Big Sisters...and I am making yet one more foray into the bins to get more...pick up is tomorrow with a 12 hour window...everything has to be outside by 7:00 AM...Den is home and we will either put all of this stuff out tonight or tomorrow...I cannot wait to get these bags out of the house! They are filled with socks and boots and sweaters and pants...coats and jackets and gloves...once they were sorted and in the bags...I forgot all about them...I don't need them nor do I want them! I want them gone!

Den is working heavily this week and next all the fun stuff I wanted to do is all messed up! I wanted to go to see lights and Christmas Villages and just spend the entire month doing Christmassy stuff and I think we are not going to be able to do half of hoo...I still have pumpkins out and the only Christmassy thing we have done is to buy a Hammond Organic Candy Cane at Whole Foods.

New Hope at Christmas...

Peddlers's Village...

Hershey Park...

More New Hope...none of which we will get to...

At this rate...we have a schedule to get our wreaths and our tree...wreaths this week end...tree next week end...Den keeps asking me for a list but I really don't want anything...( well maybe a bracelet or two )...Bah Humbug! I just want a festive fun filled holiday! I want to get rid of the pumpkins and pull out the Santas and snowmen! I want a field trip! Oh my!

It doesn't help that everything in this house is complicated...the Holiday Bins are in the crawlspace and I can't get them out on my own plus the crawlspace is scary...and if I open the basement door Roxie and Lucy race down there...once Lucy got into the crawlspace and jumped into the insulation beams...and Roxie is so tiny she just puts herself somewhere and as careful as we are there are taped boxes down there and tape draws Roxie to it like a magnet. We can't even put the bags of clothes in the entry way until tomorrow because both kitties chew plastic bags and can die!
They look well behaved...don't they? But do not be fooled!

Breathe, Patty, breathe!

Happy Thursday!

Remembering last year's tree...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's All About...Soup!

Hmmm...I may be overdoing the soup making...I have a multitude of unrecognizable frozen bags of soup in the freezer...of course I didn't think to actually label them. I always think I will recognize the soup but I have learned that when soup is frozen it sort of looks like every other soup that's frozen...the unwritten soup law?

But that isn't stopping me from wanting to make these...from Bon Appetit...they just look so good!

Plus I get to use chopsticks with some of them!

Reading this...

Breaking it to Lucy that we have to venture out in the cold icy rain for her cold laser treatment plus assessment! Oh boy!

Explaining to Roxie that she will be alone for about an hour...

Waiting for Den to get home early today from...the wilds of Minnesota!

That's my day! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday's Trivia!!!

The first thing is that my plan for today is ruined...I was going to go walk at Longwood...the beautiful DuPont Estate gardens that are right next door...but it's raining...starting right now you have to have a scheduled ticketed time to get into Longwood at night...because of the Christmas Lights. The cool thing is if you want to have dinner in town...again minutes can leave your car there and a shuttle will pick you up at the restaurant and drop you off at Longwood and then bring you back to your's a zoo of cars! A plethora of parking and shuttles and people!

Oh...the new movie FoxCatcher? It's about one of the DuPont's and took place near me, too. This movie is supposed to be amazing! I think it was a book first!

I am crazed over Hue's "relaxed week end leggings". They even have pockets!

Also crazed over these comfy tees from Urban Outfitters...

And obsessed with slouchy beanies...this one is from Nordstrom's...

Kind of obsessed with these...they are so pretty...

Totally obsessed with this app...PicPlayPost...for photo collages!

Reading this...totally science fiction and I am really enjoying it...a huge switch from the book I read yesterday. I am beginning to think that I am actually a fan of this genre...I am totally riveted to Doctor Who, Star Trek and now BBC America is showing Battle Star Galactica...I don't actively seek this stuff out...but when it's on...I watch it!

Happy Tuesday? Anything you are obsessed with lately?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Mumblings...

A day to heating/cooling checkups or Ron The Plumber 'til Friday. No spa days for Lucy until Wednesday...two days of peace filled quiet adventures! Roasted salmon for dinner...I love my Sheet Pan Dinner book but this one is from bonappetit...

or perhaps this Martha Stewart one...

I just want an easy dinner tonight!

New books...

This one is a bit happier than the other two!

Reading this now and it is so good! Every once in a while a book is just simply perfect and totally magical. Polly leaves her life behind...or rather her life leaves her...she is without a home, a job, a fiancé! All she really loves to do is bake breads! Fully carb loaded amazing breads! She travels to a little island where you have to know when the tide is in or out to actually get to it and she finds a little loft on top of an abandoned bakery. She meets fishermen and a beekeeper and a millionaire, a wounded puffin...Neil...and a mean and nasty landlady! What is so much fun about this book is Polly and the banter between everyone. This book is fun, quirky and dare I's adorable...but not in a sickening kind of way. If I was Goldilocks I would pronounce this book...just right! Plus I love portly Neil The Puffin! He loves brioche and tea!

What a book!

Happy Monday!