Saturday, October 15, 2016


I thought I would be finished with this book yesterday but I am only a measly halfway through...I will finish today because Home is waiting for me...or it should be waiting for me!

I love Overdrive...but I have to wonder about the people reading books ahead of me...I am next to read Home...shouldn't that be soon? I have been 17th to read Elin Hildebrand's summer book for over 4 months! You can only keep ebooks for two weeks! So what is up with that? I read my books and return them right away! But apparently not many people do that. I really would love to talk to the person who is hogging the Elin Hildebrand book!

And that's the problem with Overdrive and libraries. I...naively...thought that reading ebooks through your library online meant instant access...but it truly means unending waiting!


I am still craving all things PUMPKIN! This is a Pumpkin Slab Pie! Who knew there could be such a wondrous thing?

And this...Butternut Squash Gratin!

And's a White Cannelini Bean Gratin!

And from Simply Recipes...little meatballs and raviolis!

We are desperately trying to have a normal weekend...planting some mums, sitting on the deck, watching some college football...




Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Book!



I am in love with this book!

It is truly every single thing I love in a book. Quirky writing, unique and engaging yet thoroughly dysfunctional characters. However it is the kind of dysfunction that seems fun and harmless at first but the more I read the more I realize that husband and wife Don and Viv are truly messed up. So sad! Don is kind of named after Donald Duck! That's an entire story in itself!

I love their quirky kids and friends, too. Not sure if I love where the story is headed...kind of due to an amazing horse that Viv is enthralled with...that would be Mercury!

A magnificent horse that will change these lives forever!

Oh my!

I need to read more of Margot Livesy's books!

This one!




Wednesday, October 12, 2016

First Day Of My Altered Life...


So...I wrote this last Thursday and never posted it...


Ok...I am not in denial any more...chemotherapy is a part of my life for the next 6 to 8 months. I went last Thursday for the very first time. I have to admit that as kind as everyone is...I was a mess...tears, fears, and a total lack of any kind of hope and courage. Men are there hooked up to Iv's...sleeping, reading, or watching tv. Woman are knitting or reading or napping. Everyone was eating something that they brought or something that was there. Nurses are so kind and attentive. They see my tears and come running to hug me and tell me it will be ok. They share stories and try to make everything ok while you are there.

The routine will be the same for a while...Benedryl, steroids, anti nausea drugs and the chemo drugs. I am getting a milder dosage of chemotherapy drugs. Every Wednesday...I just pop in...get blood work...and get chemo...the place I will go to has little booths, comfy chairs, your own tv and heated blankies. Den will not have to come with me every time. I have friends who want to "sit" with me. I have been told that the first few days I will feel amazing and the last few days I will feel fatigued. But by that time it's Wednesday and we start all over again.

People lead normal lives...they go to work, church, etc. but I feel as though I want to stay close to home. You are supposed to stay away from "germy" places...schools, kids, crowds. Den has placed Purcell everywhere in our house. I find myself thinking about long walks in forests and sitting on beaches staring at the ocean. But I have to get strong enough to take long walks. I look as though I am strong but am not there yet. I can't even talk about hair and hats may or may not happen. Everyone says it grows back and it's nothing but I am just not there yet. Mentally or physically. I am collecting hats just in case.

So today...I feel good...there are usually sweet cards and surprises in the mail from family and sister Paula sent this knitted shawl...Lucy and Roxie's vet sent the most beautiful prayer card. I don't need these things but it breaks my heart that people even think of me. Kim K...your cards in the mail are a joyful note for me! I am missing my niece's wedding in Milwaukee...we have had reservations for months...and I can't go. Den just cancelled everything. My heart breaks again.

Hats! I am prepping...hats!


The shawl my sister made me.

So...that's my is Wednesday and I go again today.