Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

We are totally is laundry day...we are still just a teensy bit tired...

We still can't forget how much we loved the Beach House...
during the day...

and again at night!

It was just so cute!

Plus Lake Erie is MAJESTIC...seriously!

This is the view from the Beach House deck!

The girls have forgiven us...sort of...

We are having tuna salad sandwiches for lunch and literally staying home all day! Hamburgers on the grill for dinner with a Greek Butter Bean Salad!

Reading this...

Missing brother's dog...he was a good doggie at the lake!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

I'm back...and we were away...but I couldn't say it because it was all tied in to a huge surprise for my sister Paula and my brother Jimmy!

Tons of family were coming in and she wanted us to come in, too, but we kept saying that we were way too busy...but...we drove in and surprised her! The surprise was awesome! She had no clue! It was freaking amazing! It's about an 8 hour drive from us to her lake we stayed at an amazing inn about 30 minutes away...and just drove to her house daily. We reconnected with family, ate, drank, and talked! My neck hurt on Tuesday from chatting so sister and I see each other every year but we have not been with my brother all together since my dad died!

I am not normally a person who can pull off surprises...but my sister wanted me to come and I just kept telling her it wasn't possible...but I did it!

Plus we happened to find a gem of an inn...on Lake Erie...and we had the Beach House! I loved the Beach House! I want it for my own! Lol!

Geneva On The Lake is so special to us's Madsen's donuts and Eddie's grill and finding blue glass on the the lake? It's a piece of my childhood!

Big view! The Beach House is right there!

The Beach House again!

The view from our deck...the magnificent Lake Erie! Lol!

More Lake Erie!

Our room...that's me who would take a photo of me sleeping? Lol!

Madsen's Donuts...

Lake Erie beach glass from cassieandpete at etsy!

A bracelet from the beachglassshop at etsy!

I even read tons...while we were gone...I finished The Moon Sisters, The Heiresses, and I read We Are Not Ourselves all the way home yesterday...and cried for half an hour! OMG is this book heartbreakingly good! I hate telling people what they have to read but this's brilliant! I am still thinking about it!

Den is mowing...I am cleaning, doing laundry, unpacking...the girls will not leave my side...they were well taken care of with two times a day was my very first time leaving them for more than one night...but Lucy got her meds...and it was good...I am not ready to leave them for a plane far away trip yet but this was a good step for me.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yo! We Are Not Away!

My post on not blogging for a few days does not mean we are away...we are home and I am reading and enjoying everyone else's blogs without writing mine for a few days...but here is what I have learned...

I must not have written my post clearly yesterday because everyone thinks we are away...we aren't...and I miss posting daily! Lol!

All I was doing was not posting for a few days because we have a busy week...lots of running around town!

I don't even care that three people still love blogging!

Reading this and it's so lovely...quirky family issues, fascinating characters...and I have that feeling of being lost in this a good way!

Later, Dudes!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Lazy Monday!

We are taking a few days off! We have some concerts, little projects and other things to work on this week.

We are all very busy! Lol! I will be reading and commenting but not really blogging for a few days...will you miss me?


We will pop back up later this week! This is Roxie's idea of a pop up!

Lucy isn't into pop ups...

I caught them the other day...almost holding hands!

Happy Monday!