Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brady? Tebow Rules In This House!!!

Lucy and Den decked out in Bronco orange!!!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Date Night...

Tonight is date night!!!
In our house it means getting just a bit dressed up and going off to our neighborhood gem...
Sovano Bistro.
We love this place.
It is always crowded.
The chef is amazing.
The martinis are icy and cold.
We usually know what we will have before we even get there.
It's a relaxing time for us to talk and connect.
That is what we will do.
We will share a starter... tonight it will be calimari...
made with deep fried lemons and chili peppers and an amazing aoli.
That is as far as I am thinking.
Often I have a starter for dinner.
I would kill for Sovano Bistro's pommes frites.
They come in a metal cone that has white parchment paper on the inside.
But Dennis won't let me have that for dinner.
There is still time to think about it.


I finished reading Val McDermid's The Retribution...excellent.
I also just finished Ellen Potter's The Humming Room...really different and really lovely.
The Retribution was complex and hefty...but I loved it.
The Humming Room short and sweet...but I loved it, too.

I just started reading this book...from a small Indie press. 
YA...a wealthy hidden family...
 their future lies with the abilities of an estranged daughter.
Loving it.


Tomorrow is GAME DAY for this house.
My husband is from Colorado.
He shall I put this...
extremely excited for this game.
He loves this team.
He has passion for this team.
Lucy and I might be in another part of the house while the game is on.
He is incapable of watching it without major histrionics.
He will be all over the place.
We cannot have people over nor can we watch the game anywhere but safely in our house tomorrow night.
Too stressful.
Too distracting.
I don't get it.
Do you know anyone who has this kind of over the top extreme passion for a sport?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do You Like Good Music? Do You Like To Dance?

Now that I do not work full time any more...I have time to explore ( or obsess over ) a lot of things...
a random song on my husband's iPOD that woke him up in the morning on Monday turned out to be Billy Idol's "Flesh For Fantasy".

Then the next morning "Rebel Yell" woke us up.

Then the morning after that it was  "Eyes Without A Face".

Now I am looking for Billy Idol concerts and downloading some of his songs on my iPOD.

I've watched YouTube videos of him, read about his life, and learned about why he took the name Idol...ultimately he is this week's passion...

My husband hums Flesh For Fantasy while he shaves and I even saw him dance down the hall to "Rebel Yell".

This is Billy Idol in his prime.
Note the sultry sneer.

This is Billy Idol now...not so sneery...
still cute...still the bad boy.
Sigh... it's time to tell all...
who was your fave musician when you were in high school or college?
I can't wait to hear all about it.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Say I Want Some Resolutions...

Mine are simple and hopefully fulfillable.
Use the word erudite soon...preferably correctly.  I read a review that WriteMeg wrote where she used erudite in an easy flowing manner.  I am forever in awe of her now. 

Wear my new white Feel The Peace amazingly lovely long sleeved stirrup hands tee somewhere...I have an intense fear of spots on clothes.  I carry Tide sticks everywhere.

Wear the right shoes to the right event...without blistering my entire foot.

Make pasta from scratch...maybe.

 Decide what I want for dinner without changing my mind three times...and needing the odd ingredient...truffle oil...that can only be found at the grocery store near my husband's office.

Stop preordering books for my Kindle...
they really do come in...they have to be paid for and like clockwork they all come in on the same day.

That's enough for me...I am a one day at a time kind of the above list is a biggie for me.

Happy Wednesday!

Is anybody watching The Bachelor?
Heaven on Monday nights.
Drama...dysfunction...even a blogger...but she didn't get a rose this week!!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yesterday Was Lots Of Fun!!!

Apparently lots of people like the idea that I elaborated on profusely in my post yesterday... freaks me out to even say this...but...
and I know it won't last...
I had about a billion comments...really funny clever ones.
I was in comment love.
I think I hounded down and thanked every single person.
But here is what I don't get.
If I respond to your comments in my you ever see it?
I should have asked that one a long time ago.
Some people can respond to comments on their blog right under the comment that a person makes but I don't think Blogger has that option...

This blogging business is tricky stuff.

Not only do I try to comment in my blog but I then track down the person who commented and thank them personally.
What am I doing wrong?

The result of yesterday is that I am playing "Words" with 4 more people and I am commenting on 6 more blogs!!!

I must be doing something right?

I am reading Val McDermid's new is so good I can't see straight.
I think that some of her books were a PBS series...the one with Tony Hill and Carol Jordan...detective and psychologist.
This one involves a seriously evil serial killer...sometimes there is nothing better than an English mystery and hers are fabulous.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Hear Me Out?

I need every blogger and writer out there in the world to just slow down and stop writing and blogging and posting.

I need to catch up!!!

I can't unless everyone stops writing.

Forget your deadlines and posts and go out to play...

Go to lunch with a friend.

Go get a coffee.

Go shopping with your mom.

Take a nap.




You can start again in one month from today.

Does anyone out there feel the way I do?

And thank you Alec Baldwin for my newest big distraction.

Words With Friends!!!

I can only read one book at a time and yet I have 7 different games going and I think I am being whooped by everyone out there.

Is it my fault I attract only vowels or a Q without a U?

Happy Monday!!!

I have so many books to read...
I just put myself on a reading schedule.
I have stopped talking to my husband unless it is necessary.
I just bought those glasses that have lights in them...really ugly but I can read at night without bright lights on...that part is cool...

Again...Happy Monday!!!

Mine...All Mine!!!

I have yearned, threatened, pouted, ranted and cried over these shoes. Silly me... But now they are mine...and on sale at endless shoes!!! The fit is amazing...the sole is perfection...they are comfy and cute...

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